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1968 PLYMOUTH Sport Fury 440 4 speed- conv- Brothers, OR


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68 sport fury conv 440 kee logo

This blue 1968 Plymouth Sport Fury is part of the Charles Kee collection auctioned off in May, 2014 following Kee's death in 2013. Most of the Kee cars were collected in the 1980s on a 50 acre property in Brothers, Oregon for storage outside in the desert.

Kee amassed several hundred cars stored on his property but would only sell to people he liked. Money was not the issue when he sold a car. See the full story in the 20 YEARS PLUS story on one of Kee's personal drivers; a 1967 Chrysler New Yorker.

The Plymouth Fury name had been around since 1956 when it was a special edition of the Plymouth Belvedere. Fury had gold trim and twin carbs and was considered a specialty car.

In 1959 Fury became a separate car line as the top full size Plymouth and expanded to include 4 doors and other bodystyles. Fury was downsized to intermediate for a few years but restored to full size for 1965. This was the first year for the stacked headlight style as well as the Fury I, Fury II, and Fury III names which just depict ascending levels of plushness. The Sport Fury was a top model in the lineup and carried some reminders of that first specialty model way back in the 1950s.

68 sport fury conv 440 kee F

This ALLEY FINDS Sport Fury still has the remnants of its factory white top and white buckets and console. The original factory Electric Blue paint is starting to fade a bit, but the car is still in original factory ordered shape. It was ordered with the 'High Performance' 440 Super Commando coupled to console mounted 4 speed. It also has a tachometer and the new fangled 8 track tape deck.

The 4 speed transmission was ordered on a mere 0.2 % of the Fury cars built for 1968. This demonstrates how few performance demons were still looking to get their fix from a full size car. They were rowing the gears in the intermediate or ponycar supercar segment at this advanced stage of the musclecar wars.

Those full size cars weren't that heavy (Fury was under 4,000 lbs) and because of large engine bays the big engines benefited from less restrictive exhaust which was choking the same engines in the smaller engine bays of the more popular musclecars.

The VIN PH27L8(D?)300794 decodes as:

P= Plymouth Fury

H= High price class

27= Convertible

L= 440-4 Barrel 'High Performance' 375 HP version (K code is 'regular' 440-4 350 HP)

8= 1968 Model year

Digit for final assembly plant is illegible if it is a 'D' it means Belvidere, Illinois.

300794= Sequence number


68 sport fury conv 440 engine kee

The Super Commando block is usually painted blue with a black air cleaner and breather on the driver's side valve cover. The engine currently in the car might be a 440 repainted red or replaced with another engine. The engine bay in a Fury is so large that even a 440 sits low on the firewall, so any engine looks diminutive in this car.

On a car this big it seems incredible to not install power steering brakes or steering but underhood there is no brake booster on the master nor a power steering pump. Neither power option shows on the fender tag. H1 is the code for power brakes. The original order for this car was placed by one serious musclecar fan.

The fender tag shown below tells the tale of this all out musclecar monster:

68 sport fury conv 440 fender tag

a6= console/ b4= Bucket seats/  h7= Fender/hood mounted turn signal indicators/  u1= Sold car (Car was ordered by customer, not a generic dealer lot car).

RO= AM/ 8 track radio/ T7= Tachometer/  X1= Tinted glass all/ Y2= White convertible top

14= Sill molding  30= body belt molding  78= Wheel lip moldings (AX)38= axle  (TRM) H6W= High trim grade, white buckets on black/  (PNT) QQ1= Electric Blue Metallic, no stripe

PH27  83  3  96= Sport Fury 2 dr conv 440 w/ 4 speed  /531= May 31 build/  559861

68 sport fury conv 440 int

The Sport Fury is actually somewhat sporty for a full sized barge of a car. The full size musclecar was a dying breed by 1968. Its uncommon to find a full size musclecar with bucket seats, 4 on the floor and no power assist this late in the 1960s musclecar game.

68 sport fury conv 440 R

The Oregon 'Yellow plate' with black letters indicates that the Sport Fury was last insured September, 1981. It saw 13 years of driving, and we can be sure a lot of it was hard driving! The final auction results state that this Sport Fury convertible sold for $2,800.00 in May, 2014.

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