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Written by Double Dragon
Monday, 09 June 2014 17:22

1966 CHRYSLER 300 Convertible- Brothers, OR


Writing and photography copyright D. S. Brown

66 300 conv red kee

This red 1966 Chrysler 300 convertible is part of the Charles Kee collection which was auctioned off in May, 2014 following Kee's death in 2013. Most of the Kee cars were collected in the 1980s on a 50 acre property in Brothers, Oregon for storage outside in the desert.

Kee amassed several hundred cars stored on his property but would only sell to people he liked. Money was not the issue when he sold a car. See the full story in the 20 YEARS PLUS story on one of Kee's personal drivers; a 1967 Chrysler New Yorker.

This 300 has quite a few options and performance style interior items to augment the heritage of the fabled 300 name, but is running with a 383 and automatic in the heavy convertible version of the already hefty full size platform body so it's more of a nice image car than a brutal performance machine.

66 300 conv red kee 383

The 383 is missing its air cleaner which seems to be a perennial problem for cars left outside. Someone who knows nothing about cars removes the air cleaner because they know how to undo the butterfly nut. Then the carburetor is exposed to dirt and grime and the air cleaner is left in the back seat or trunk and eventually lost for all time. Note the power steering pump and booster for power brakes on a single master cylinder. Domestic vehicles switched to the safer dual circuit master cylinder for the 1967 model year.

The VIN is unknown but the fender tag fills in some details:

66 300 conv red kee fender tag

Starting on the bottom row of the fender tag the 'SO NUMBER' provides the shipping order number. The first 3 numbers read 324= March 24, 1966 build date/ CH27 tells is the first 4 digits of the VIN. C= Chrysler 'C' body- H= High price class- 27= convertible/ TRIM W4X= Black interior/ PAINT PP1= Red/

Line 2: AB62= 383- 4 Barrel 325 HP/ C5= Torqueflite/ K= power windows/ R3= AM/ FM Radio/ Y1= White convertible top

Line 3: a3= console/ b4= bucket seats

66 300 conv red kee int

The bucket seats listed on the fender tag are gone. The carpet is so dirty its hard to figure out if its a dirty white carpet or a dark carpet turned ashen grey by sun exposure. The footwell portion of it is much darker which suggests those bucket seats were pulled out a long, long time ago. The ruined convertible roof  doomed everything inside this car to destruction by the elements. The power windows and remote driver's outside rear view mirror are still present.

66 300 conv red kee R

This 300 convertible has Oregon yellow plates dated March which would immediately follow the build date and is suggestive that these are the plates originally issued to the car when first registered.

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