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Written by Double Dragon
Tuesday, 10 June 2014 19:41

1962 FORD Galaxie 500- Vancouver, BC


Writing and photography copyright D. S. Brown

62 galaxie 400 vancouver logo

The popular Ford Galaxie line competed directly with the Chevrolet Impala which was the king of family cars during the 1960s. The Galaxie first appeared in 1959 as a model on the full size Ford Fairlane lineup. In 1962 the Fairlane name dropped down to the intermediate bodies and Galaxie became the name of all the full size Fords. The 500 name denoted a top line Galaxie with plusher interior and more external chrome.

Ford briefly revived the classic name 500 when the replacement for the Ford Taurus appeared for the 2005 model year. Ford decided to try and bring back the 500 nameplate. This time it was spelled out as 'Five Hundred'. The 'Five Hundred' lasted 2 model years and by 2008 the Taurus name re appeared. One day it would be nice to see Ford come out with another full size car worthy of the name Galaxie or 500.

This ALLEY FIND Galaxie 500 4 door seems to have passed through several hands to end up in the 'Day Two' condition it is in now which combines a few different car sub cultures.

62 galaxie 500 vancouver F

The younger retro hip kids dig the big old land yachts. Many of the rockabilly/ punk rock set favor the big full size cars. Part of the appeal is the low price and gigantic size for transporting amps and musical equipment. The other part of the appeal is the semi 'hot rod' old school feel of a car that straddles the fence between late 1950s and early 1960s greaser tattoo culture.

62 galaxie 400 vancouver Pass F

The true car nut guys generally gravitate towards the two door hardtops and musclecar equipment. Aside from a rare handful of 427 Galaxies and the fastback 2 door Galaxies car guys aren't chasing after the Galaxie. The regular 4 door Galaxie holds less appeal for the heavy hitting type of car nut. The collectors preferences reflect the performance bias of the 1960s and pretty much overlook the 4 door bodystyles. The guys who like the 'feel' of the era can get into this car despite its lack of credentials as a storming street machine or the 'right' bodystyle.

62 galaxie 400 vancouver side

At some point in its past this Galaxie was used as a budget cruiser. Guys who couldn't buy a 2 door hard top muscle machine could usually come up with a 4 door from granny or an uncle or some estate sale. Slap on some mags and away you go. This Galaxie also sports dual exhaust.

The hotted up daily driver trend continues to this day with 'tuner' kids putting the big loud exhaust and a low restriction air cleaner onto a four cylinder 4 door Honda or Toyota family car they got through the usual family channels. I think the generation that tried to trick out a 4 door Galaxie ended up with the better deal. Not only does the name Galaxie carry a lot more meaning than Prelude or Civic but the car itself has major presence.

62 galaxie 400 van c pillar chrome

The Galaxie represents an era of style and excess. Look at the chrome decorative work on the C pillar of the roof.

62 galaxie 400 van cragar ss mag

The extreme age and wear of the Cragar SS mags on this car indicate that the car was made into a cruiser probably in the 1970s. It was likely a street cruiser throughout the 1980s. It seems to have been in the hands of a car guy who mounted raised white letter B F Goodrich tires on the car before it eventually found its way into the hands of the retro hipster. Owning a big black full size car was virtually mandatory at one point for punk bands and alternative bands in the 1990s.

62 galaxie 400 van int

The column shift red bench seat interior has been mercifully left alone for the most part and seems pretty much original. The hot rod set would usually go the extra mile past the mags to put on a Grant racing steering wheel, bucket seats and steering column tachometer. Some of the 1970s guys also redid the interiors in tuck and roll. This car seems to have escaped modification and even retains the factory original radio.

62 galaxie 400 van trunk

The rear trunk is long wide and low. Modern cars create nearly as much space in their trunks by piling up space vertically, but there is nowhere for 'overflow'. The Galaxie can carry much more than a modern car with the same cubic foot rating in its trunk simply by using a bungie cord and not closing the trunk lid. With a Galaxie trunks can hold items piled wide, long and high.

62 galaxie 400 van R

This ALLEY FINDS Galaxie 500 has regular insurance good until Feb, 2015 which means that it somehow passed the Aircare inspections which tells us the engine is in very good shape.

62 galaxie 400 van back



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