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Wednesday, 11 June 2014 14:54

1966 CHRYSLER 300 Gold Kee- Brothers, OR


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This beautiful Gold Chrysler 300 is painted a color named Sandstone Metallic. If the fender tag is correct this car had a special factory buffed out paint job which may have contributed to its survival so nicely over the years. It stands to reason that if someone ordered a buffed out paint job extra attention would be paid to the initial paint job. Many factory paint jobs of the 1960s were notorious for runs and thin spots which breakdown more quickly when exposed to the elements.

66 chrysler 300 gold kee brothers or F

The color is hard to make out in the harsh light with the desert sand as backdrop since it blends in. In different surroundings the paint job would surely be impressive. This Chrysler 300 is part of the Charles Kee collection which was auctioned off in May, 2014 following Kee's death in 2013. Most of the Kee cars were collected in the 1980s on a 50 acre property in Brothers, Oregon for storage outside in the desert.

Kee amassed several hundred cars stored on his property but would only sell to people he liked. Money was not the issue when he sold a car. See the full story in the 20 YEARS PLUS story on one of Kee's personal drivers; a 1967 Chrysler New Yorker.

All of the 1966 Chrysler 300s came standard with a 383-4 barrel. This one is equipped with the standard 383 and automatic transmission. You can spot the power steering pump and the big booster for the power brakes on the single circuit master cylinder. This was the final year for the single master cylinder. Starting in 1967 the safer design dual master cylinders were adopted across the board for domestic vehicles. There is a dirty old oil change service sticker on top of the air cleaner instead of placed in the door jamb.

66 chrysler 300 gold kee brothers or 383

On the valve cover beside the oil fill cap the remnants of an unusual sticker says "Mobiloil Arctic SAE..". The number behind the 'SAE' seems to be referring to either a 10 or 20 weight oil. If it was 'Arctic' oil it would likely be 10 weight or lighter for easy startup flow. The license plates are from Oregon and the dealership plates are still attached which tell us the car is from Hessel's Chrysler in Gresham, Oregon. See a story about Hessel in the DEALERSHIPS section of this website. As far as can be seen the car was never in a true 'Arctic' environment.

66 chrysler 300 gold kee fender tag

The fender tag tells us that someone loaded this car with quite a few nice options.

Starting with the bottom line: 518= Production date May 18, 1966/ C= Chrysler 'C' Body (Newport, 300 or New Yorker)/ M= Medium Price class (the 300)/ 23= 2 door hardtop/ M4T= Medium Trim Grade Tan vinyl bench seat/ 441= Sandstone metallic paint with black upper door frame paint

Second line: AB62= 383 4bbl High Performance 325 HP/ 5= Torqueflite automatic/ N8= Power windows/ R2= Astrophonic AM/ deluxe 5.5 Watt radio/ Z6= Special buffed paint

Third line: b5= Front bucket seats/ d6= Rear armrests and ash tray/f6= Speaker-rear seat/ g6= Left Hand remote rear view mirror/ h7= Light-turn indicator hood/fender mounted/ u1= Sold car/expedite (this car was special ordered by a customer).

This array of options created a pretty nice car with some good power but not a screamer in the true sense of what used to be expected from a Chrysler 300 'letter car' in the past. To see a real heavy hitter 300 take a look at the 1967 300 440 High Performance red convertible in this ALLEY FINDS section.

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