1966 CHRYSLER 300 blue- Kee- Brothers, OR Print
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1966 CHRYSLER 300 blue- Kee- Brothers, OR


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66 300 blue key logo

The picture above of the remnants of the vinyl top surrounding the C pillar logo like like a map of some desert continent with the blue ocean.

This Chrysler 300 still has some of the original blue paint on the passenger side of the car. The top of the car demonstrates typical desert weather effects with surface rust on the hood and roof where the sun has burned away the paint and vinyl top.  The driver's side of the 300 appears ot have been stripped in anticipation of a paint job that never transpired. The 300 still has its hood ornament.

66 300 blue key F

The VIN CM23G63292635 decodes:

C= Chrysler 'C' body (Newport, 300, New Yorker)

M= Medium price class (300)

23= 2 Door hardtop

G= 383- 2 Barrel engine

6= 1966 Model year

3= Jefferson, Michigan final assembly plant

292635= Sequential number.

66 300 blue kee int

The interior is dirty and weathered due to the rear window being smashed out and letting in sand. Charles Kee placed cardboard over the seats and dash. The wind from the broken rear window has blown it all onto the floor. But under the dirt, the pedals look good, the original full width clear plastic factory protective mat is in good shape. It may have protected the carpet. The driver's bucket seat is ripped but the center console arm rest is in good shape. The odometer reads 34,835 miles which would have definitely turned over once meaning a possible 134,385 miles.

There is a hole in dash where the factory radio was removed and on the passenger rear of the car a hole remains where the factory antenna used to attach. The 3 spoke steering wheel and buckets add some sportiness to the car which uses a column shift automatic instead of a console floor shift. The 300 badge on the ribbed glove box looks good.

66 300 blue kee dash

The passenger side of the car wasn't stripped so it is possible to see what the paint looked like on this car back when it was new.

66 300 blue kee R

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