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Written by Double Dragon
Wednesday, 09 July 2014 14:58

1966 FORD Mustang- Mission, BC


Writing copyright D. S. Brown. Photography copyright Maximus.

66 mustang mission raceway logo

This 1966 Mustang originally came from Mission, British Columbia. An old sticker in the back window bears witness to an earlier owner's connection with Mission Raceway Park.

66 mustang mission raceway sticker

With a mere 6 cylinder and 3 speed manual it is likely this car was used for general getting around at the racetrack rather than racing. The original MRP opened in 1965 and shut down in 1978. It was the hotbed of racing action for British Columbia. The relocated facility opened in 1992 and still hosts drag racing activity to this day.

66 mustang mission raceway f

The ALLEY FIND 1966 Mustang is a nice little set up. Despite being an inline 6 cylinder and 3 speed manual, it imparts a very sporty look and feel. Most compact 6 cylinder 3 speed manual cars of this era had a bench seat and '3 on the tree' shfiter. Inside the Mustang bucket seats, console and floor shifter compliment the racing styled 3 spoke steering wheel.

In 1966 the base 6 cylinder Mustangs received a few performance style upgrades which moved them even further away from any 'economy' connotations. The 5 dial gauge package which was formerly a GT item in 1965 was now standard even in the 6 cylinder Mustangs. The 1966 base Mustang 6 cylinder cars no longer came with puny 13 inch wheels. For 1966 model year the 6 cylinder Mustangs used the same 14 inch wheels formerly only found on the V8s for the 1965 model year. The brakes were still 9 inch drums with 4 lugs while the V8s continued to use 10 inch drums and 5 lug wheels.

The current owner of the car picked it up in 2007 as a gift for his wife. The cream colored Mustang had a repaint over what seems to be an original cream colored paint job. Around the replaced rear trunk lock cylinder paint is chipped off revealing a slightly lighter shade of pale yellow below the current paint. A prior owner had replaced the seat covers and front windshield. The solid virtually rust free floor is missing the carpet and is covered in rubber mats.

Since taking ownership the current owner suffered 2 mishaps with the car. When he first got the Mustang he wasn't familiar with how much tension was needed on the under dash hand brake. The car rolled forwards and suffered a fender bender. A new front bumper was installed. The second incident with the car occurred when his wife was leaving the passenger side of the car and the spring for the passenger door over extended. A helpful bystander inadvertently put the door out of alignment when trying to force it shut. The door sags a bit and sits a bit off kilter but it still opens and closes.

The Mustang surprisingly doesn't get great gas mileage unless you drive it very carefully. Multiple air care failures forced installation of a new carburetor. A new exhaust system was also recently installed.

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