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Written by Double Dragon
Tuesday, 22 July 2014 19:18

1969 BUICK Skylark Custom- Squamish, BC


Writing and photography copyright D. S. Brown

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The Buick Skylark was in its final year of a semi formal styling cycle for the 1969 year. The Skylark still had some 'Buick' tradition in its shape with the partially enclosed rear wheel wells and the 'spear' line running down the side of the car. In 1970 the Skylark would break wide open into a full on musclecar shape with fully exposed rear wheelwells and less emphasis on the 'spear line' opting instead for 'muscle creases'.

69 skylark squamish bc front view

But even with the restrained 1969 lines the Skylark is a sporty looking car. All of the General Motors "A bodies' were revamped in 1968 with 'ponycar' proportions: short rear deck, long hood and fastback rear window. Compared to its humble beginnings, the 1969 Skylark was quite a snazzy car.

Back in 1961 Buick released the Special which was a pleasant conservative looking compact. The top trim level on this car was the Skylark. In 1964 the Special and Skylark grew into an intermediate. In 1966 a semi fastback window and rear kickups were combined with a subtle redistribution of hood to deck lid lengths to create a sporty looking car. 1968 pulled out the stops and resulted in a car that barely looked like a family car anymore.

This Skylark Custom is a step higher above the regular Skylark which in turn is a higher model level than the Special. The first few digits of the VIN decode as follows:

4= Buick

44= Skylark Custom

37= 2 door hardtop

9= 1969 model year

1= Oshawa, Ontario, Canada final assembly plant

The final digits of the VIN are not shown here to preserve owner privacy.

Often these cars served family duty for 5 to 10 years and then became nice street cars for the kids in the family. This one seems to have followed the usual route of retaining the stock black bench seat but adding some mags and fat tires. The single exhaust system was left intact.

Air care records provide an idea of mileages during the time it was in the Lower Mainland and subject to regular testing.

Here are the Aircare results:

Feb 18, 1993- 43,000 miles

March 4, 1994- 44,000 miles

March 28, 1995- 44,000 miles

Jan 29, 1997- 44,000 miles

Jan 24, 1998- 50,000 miles

Based on weathering such as missing chrome trim on passenger side along the base of the vinyl roof and incidental dings and dents it seems logical to assume the car was showing at least 143,000 miles as of 1993. It is very possible at this advanced stage that the mileage was actually 243,000 miles which is roughly equivalent to the average driver's annual mileage of 10,000 miles per year. Based on minimal use of the car during the 1990s it is likely that for several years prior to 1993 the car probably didn't see much use which suggests 143,000 miles is right

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