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Written by Double Dragon
Wednesday, 08 October 2014 14:29

1965 BUICK Electra 225- Vancouver, BC


Writing and photography copyright D. S. Brown

65 electra 225 logo

The sun sets over the vast hood of this Buick Electra 225 in more ways than one. The day is ending and so is the life cycle of the car. This Electra 225 is one in a long line of cars that this particular owner has used as utilitarian haulers for his industrial work. He buys old full size cars and removes the inner door panels and sometimes the rear seat and its backing plate between trunk and interior in order to maximize his hauling room.

65 electra 225 hood

One car in his reportoire was a 1970 Chevrolet Impala purchased off the original owners which quickly deteriorated in the relentless wet of Vancouver, BC. Meanwhile the old 350 started to break down under the loads it was pulling. This Electra 225 was the largest Buick made in 1965 and as a top model in the Buick roster it seems the superior build quality has kept this car going despite being used as an industrial vehicle while parked outside in a horrible climate.

65 electra 225 front

This Electra 225 will be packing either the standard 401 or the optional 425 either of which provide stupendous torque. Buick 'nailheads' are famous for their torque which is an essential ingredient when hauling massive weight around. A big old Buick non smog motor isn't working as hard to move mass around as a smaller Chevy 350 does.

65 electra 225 nose

This 1965 Electra 225 marks the first year for the redesign of the General Motors full size cars with the new 'coke bottle' styling. The rear fenders kick up and flare out a bit to emphasize the narrow 'waist' of the car.

The Electra name first appeared in 1959 to denote the top models in the Buick lineup. The Buick Roadmaster became the Buick Electra while the absolute top of the line Buick Limited became the Electra 225. Buick was proud of how big their car was and the 225 was a reference to its length in inches.

65 electra 225 pass side

The good build quality of a Buick has kept this car alive nearly 50 years despite elements working against it. The wet and damp weather in Vancouver coupled with leaves mulching into wheelwells and drain holes locks moisture into cars permanently as seen with the rust coming through the wheelwell in the photo below. The bubbling of the metal is probably responsible for the fender skirts no longer being mounted on the car. Some owners remove the fender skirts simply because the cars look more chiseled and tight with them off.

65 electra 225 tire front drivers side magnum 500

The nice Magnum 500 wheels which were used as a factory option on Buicks still look good. It is likely that the old whiltewall tires were installed by the former owner.

65 electra 225 dashboard

The steering wheel is rotated one half turn so that the 'v' is inverted. Note the subtle amount of turn in on the front wheels that results from a full half turn of the wheel.

65 electra 225 interior

The seat is covered with a heavy blanket to protect it and items are jammed into the back seat area. This car is always carrying some kind of load.

65 electra 225 rear window

Notice the heavy fog in the rear window which features a 'spine' similar to the 1963 Corvette split window concept. In this case the design motif is carved into the glass without a vision reducing metal separation.

65 electra 225 trunk

From the rear the barge like quality of the large trunk is apparent. The rear mounted radio antenna is broken off. The trunk is held shut with a bungee cord.

65 electra 225 rear

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