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1965 PONTIAC Parisienne- Vancouver, BC


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65 pontiac parisienne logo

The Pontiac Parisienne was a Canadian built model using the Chevrolet Impala platform. In 1958 the Parisienne first appeared as a trim level in the Canadian exclusive Laurentian line up. In 1959 (the same year Impala became a top model for full size Chevy) the Parisienne became the top level full size Pontiac in Canada. The Parisienne was a 'twin' to the USA spec Impala and had the highest trim level of the large Canadian built Pontiacs.

65 pontiac parisienne pass front

This 1965 Pontiac Parisienne sat for more than a decade in back of a house under proper shelter with boards below it to maintain a flat stance in the ramped driveway.

65 pontiac parisienne pass side

The last time it was insured was in 1998. Being out of the weather helped slow down the rot but this car had done its time outdoors prior to being out of the weather and has rust issues.

65 pontiac parisienne nose

The ALLEY FINDS Parisienne belonged to a helicopter pilot who was away from home when working. His long absences resulted in the car being stored for longer periods at a time until it was permanently left in the back of the house.

65 pontiac parisienne front pass tire

The odometer reads 65,727 miles which could be once round or twice round but probably not much more than that since it sat unused for most of the 1980s and 1990s and was not driven at all since 1998.

65 pontiac parisienne odometer

The house was sold in fall, 2013 and the carefullly stored Parisienne was unceremoniously towed away to a wrecking yard.

65 pontiac parisienne dash

Luckily someone at the yard saw some value in this car and listed it for sale as a complete car.

65 pontiac parisienne interior

The seats are blue which raises the question as to what the original exterior color of this car was. It seems unlikely someone would order blue seats in a yellow car.

65 pontiac parisienne rear

We can only hope that it sold to an appreciative buyer. Note the outside rear view mirror on the passenger side of the car. At this time in history, even driver's side outside mirrors were an option so this was quite a bit beyond standard.

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