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1964 OLDSMOBILE Jetstar 88- Alameda, CA


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1964 OLDSMOBILE Jetstar 88- Alameda, CA logo

The Jetstar 88 was a new model that debuted for the 1964 year. The square front end design is similar to the new intermediate bodied F-85. The similarity goes beyond skin deep family external styling cues. Some mechanicals from the F-85 were standard in the new Jetstar. The base 330 engine and transmission which was new for 1964 and closely associated with the F-85 and Cutlass also served duty as the base Jetstar 88 engine to save money on this entry level full size car. The normal 88 models up to this time always had the big 394 engine.

1964 OLDSMOBILE Jetstar 88- Alameda, CA F

Note the aftermarket add on huge mirrors protruding out of either side of the car like great big ears. These mirrors are meant to provide good rear vision for trailer towing.

1964 OLDSMOBILE Jetstar 88- Alameda, CA side

The interior dash design shares a lot of styling cues with the F-85. Oldsmobile cultivated a strong division image despite sharing basic chassis and roof structures with other GM divisions. This Jetstar 88 has a decent condition dash although the cover on the seat signals the likelihood that the seats are worn out. Note that the side vent was smashed out in a break and enter. Thankfully it doesn't rain much in Alameda, California so the car seems to have stayed reasonably dry inside. This Jetstar 88 still has the original factory radio.

1964 OLDSMOBILE Jetstar 88- Alameda, CA int

It seems a bit odd to use the Jetstar 88 as a trailer towing machine because the next model up would provide a lot more power and torque from that big 394 engine. There is nothing to have prevented the original buyer of this car from getting an optional engine, but based on the narrow single exhaust system coming out the passenger side of the car it likely has the base 330. But the 330 is truly a great engine with a lot of power for its compact configuration. Oldsmobile engines from the 1960s are famous for travelling over 100,000 miles without rebuilds which normally came up at this point for domestic V8s of this era. Oldsmobile used better quality bearings and had better tolerances and balance in their engines.

1964 OLDSMOBILE Jetstar 88- Alameda, CA pass r

The California sun has scorched the top of this car. The thin factory paint jobs of the 1960s allow the roof, trunk and hood to become wasted down to bare metal by the UV rays. Once you have bare metal surface rust results. The ripples down the passenger side of this car bear testament to some parking miscalculations over the car's life.

1964 OLDSMOBILE Jetstar 88- Alameda, CArear

Note the big trailer hitch on the rear of this car. This Jetstar 88 has clearly done its time on vacation trips. The massive surface rust where paint has burned away also suggest that it spent most of its life in California.

UPDATE: Sadly, the whole front end of the Jetstar has been caved in following an accident in early 2015. The car was parked near bodyshop row so this is an encouraging sign that perhaps there is some way to bend all that metal back into shape.

64 oldsmobile jetstar 88 alameda ca smashed up

The whole front of the car is skewed to the side.

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