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Written by Double Dragon
Monday, 27 October 2014 18:42

1961 FORD Country Sedan Station Wagon- Alameda. CA


Writing and photography copyright D. S. Brown

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Alameda, California used to have a large Naval base on the shores of the island. After the base shut down I spotted several cars languishing behind the boarded up barracks. This ALLEY FIND 1961 Ford Country Sedan station wagon was one of the better condition cars biding its time in back of the old mess hall. Slowly businesses have begun to rent out the abandoned buildings on the Alameda base and gradually by 2015 the abandoned cars on the base faded away including this one which looks good enough to have been put back into daily service.

61 country squire alameda ca f

Sharp eyed readers may ask why the license plate has not been erased in this particular instance. The plates are 1956 plates that were transferred from a prior vehicle and affixed to this wagon back in 1961 likely by the original owner. The plates are long expired and hence do not reveal the current owner's information.

61 country sedan alameda ca driver int

The Country Sedan was a full size but less expensive version of the upscale Country Squire station wagons. The Squire first appeared in 1950 and used actual wood for the rear body panels. By 1952 the true wood body construction on Country Squires was replaced with thin appliques. Since the body was now all steel it made sense to market a less expensive 'non woody' version of the Squire. This is where the Sedan came in for the 1952 model year. The Sedan was a 4 door wagon of intermediate pricing while the 2 door low priced wagon was named Ranch Wagon.

61 country sedan alameda ca driver side

The 1961 Country Sedan was a 9 passenger plain 'wood free' sided wagon with a higher price than the Ranch Wagon. The Sedan had less interior plushness than the top rung Country Squire. All 3 wagons were based on the Ford Galaxie body. The 1961 Mercury line up started sharing bodies and mechanical components with Ford, so the new Country Squire was a twin to the Mercury Colony Park.

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The full size wagons survived for a good run until they were squashed by the SUV craze. When people bought SUVs they stole wagon sales. To compound the disaster the need for volume production assembly lines to accommodate the SUV insanity forced the discontinuation of the full size station wagon despite a small niche market of loyal buyers.

This Country Sedan wagon is in decent shape and has been mildly hot rodded. The suspension was lowered and mag wheels with fat whitewalls were added to the car. Mercifully the interior was left stock. The whole point of these cars is that juke box interior with tons of chrome and the great big ornate steering wheels. Note the great big medallion affixed to the rear of the car which imbues it with a sense of grandeur.

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All the Ford and Mercury 1961 wagons had the then new tailgate with integral glass that could be rolled into the gate before it was dropped down for rear access. It wasn't until 1966 that Ford released the 'magic tailgate' which allowed users to either open the rear tailgate sideways like a door or to drop it down in the usual method.

61 country sedan alameda ca rear

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