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Written by Double Dragon
Friday, 26 December 2014 12:51

1965 FORD Custom 500- Berkeley, CA


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65 ford custom 500 berkeley ca logo

The Ford Custom 500 was designed as a step up from the totally stripped base Custom which was the fleet car used by city workers, police and taxis. The popular Galaxie was an upscale version of this car which competed directly with the Chevrolet Impala which reigned supreme as the king of 1960s family cars. In 1962 the 500 name was applied to top line Galaxies with plusher interiors and more trim on the body. Similarly, the 500 designation for the Custom had the same meaning.

65 ford custom 500 berkeley ca front

It is ironic that manufacturers used evocative names such as 'Custom' or 'Deluxe' to indicate the base model. Fleet purchasers certainly didn't want a custom car; they wanted bare bones utilitarian cheap transportation in bulk. The name was likely applied to alleviate the doubts of the lone customers out there who wanted the cheapest full size car they could find without the stigma of buying a fleet car.

65 ford custom 500 berkeley ca side

The 1965 model of the Ford full size was a fresh design with stacked headlights copying the popular 'Pontiac look'.

65 ford custom 500 berkeley ca rear

This particular Custom 500 has been kept mostly stock except for aftermarket tint applied to rear windows. The paint is a little scorched from the intense California sun but surface rust hasn't broken through much at this point.

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