1966 FORD Mustang GT 350 stripes- Alameda, CA Print
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Sunday, 28 December 2014 22:42

1966 FORD Mustang GT 350 stripes- Alameda, CA


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66 mustang gt 350 stripes alameda ca side

This Mustang has a 289 badge on the front fender that indicates that this Mustang is equipped with the regular 289 and not the High Performance version. The standard Mustang trim in the side scoop and standard rear Mustang valance panel tell us this is not a Mustang GT. However, someone has painted the GT-350 stripes on the side of the car.

66 mustang gt 350 stripes alameda ca rear

The original gas cap has been replaced with an aftermarket locking gas cap and the front antenna has the spring loaded unbreakable format at the base. The 289 has been converted to dual exhaust with long tailpipes. The Mustang GTs ran the duals out through a special valance panel with short 'trumpet exhaust tips'. Many of the ONE OWNER cars on this site feature extended tail pipes which salves the paint from exhaust fumes and this owner seems to have adopted the same policy.The rear bumper has taken a hit at some point. The black California plates are still with the car so it is possible this is an original owner car.

The gold paint is burnt off the metal on the roof, rear trunk and hood due to the intense California sun UV rays working away on it all these years. The ocean air has direct access to the bare metal and adds a patina of surface rust to the scorched areas. The license frame tells us this car came from Geary Ford, San Francisco. See a story on Geary in the DEALERSHIPS section of this website filed under SAN FRANCISCO.

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