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1967 CHEVROLET Impala- Alameda, CA


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67 chev impala alameda ca front

Chevrolet first applied the Impala name to a Corvette show car in the 1950s. Chevrolet liked the name enough to revive the Impala name Oct 31, 1957 to describe an option upgrade on the 1958 model year full size Chevy Bel Airs.

Soon after its introduction as an option the Impala quickly graduated to its own series as a runaway sales success. The Impala became the number one family car of the 1960s. It was full size car and yet it was also graced with proportionate lines. Being inexpensive and reliable added to its reputation.

67 chev impala alameda ca side

By 1965 the Impala sold more than a million copies. Even bearing in mind the fact that 1965 was one of the best sales years of all time for domestic cars these are huge numbers. Amazingly, Chevrolet had also diluted the sales numbers of the Impala by adding a sub series on the Impala called the Caprice in 1965. If not for that extra model the Impala production would have been edging towards 1.5 million.

The 1965 and 1966 Impalas were mostly the same. The 1967 didn't make radical changes but it did follow the General Motors family trend towards the 'coke bottle' styling popular in the intermediates. The front and particularly the rear fenders bulged out to accentuate the 'wasp waist' of the car. This style stayed around for the 1968 model year, too.

67 chev impala alameda ca interior

GM didn't just gift the 1967 Impala with sporty 'musclecar' looks it also added a round gauge dash. This is one of the nicest Impala dashboards of all time. This particular ALLEY FINDS Impala has buckets and an automatic shifter located in the console. Pretty sporty for a 'family car'. The Impala was one of the most popular cars ever made which means that some of them had to survive. This particular ALLEY FIND Impala is in very good condition and sports the original California black license plate.

67 chev impala alameda ca rear

The dealer plate shows that this is a local car from Good Chevrolet. See a story on Good Chevrolet in the DEALERSHIPS section of this website filed under CALIFORNIA/ OAKLAND Outskirts.

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