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1968 CHEVROLET Impala- Yreka, CA


Writing and photography copyright D. S. Brown

The Chevrolet Impala peaked in sales following the fourth generation redesign introduced for 1965. The Impala was the best selling car in United States during the 1960s. With success like that Chevrolet maintained the basic lines of the car and gradually tweaked it mechanically.

68 impala yreka front

For 1968 the Impala was instantly recognizable from its direct visual lineage back to the 1965 model. Hidden from view Federally mandated changes had been made in the Chevrolet Impala starting with the dual master brake cylinder and collapsible steering column built into the 1967 model.

68 impala yreka front passenger side

For 1968 side marker lights were added and engines were stroked to enable them to pass new smog emission standards. The old reliable 283 V8 engine was stroked to 307 cubic inches. Narrow bore engines provide less surface area at the burn point. Deriving cubic inch size from stroke gives the engine torque without creating alarming levels of pollution. The extra cubes also aid the engine to compensate for the power loss created by the addition of the pollution controls which choked back power.

68 impala yreka driver side

This particular Impala has the new for 1968 stroked small V8 as attested by the 307 fender badges. Despite being a 4 door post model the sleek lines still look good on this car.

68 impala yreka passenger side

This silver Impala had complimentary silver ice layered on the windows at the time this picture was taken. Despite popular perception of California as a haven for surfers Yreka, California is located high up in the mountains and at the time this picture was taken the temperature was below freezing at 26 degrees F (- 2 C). The rising sun was slowly melting away the frost and ice.

68 impala yreka rear

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