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Written by Double Dragon
Thursday, 19 March 2015 18:35

1965 PONTIAC LeMans- Oakland, CA


Writing and photography copyright D. S. Brown

It was a sunny day in Oakland, California. Trucks, minivans, SUVs and the occasional Prius silently glided past. I was late, walking fast intent on making it to a restaurant on College Avenue to meet up with someone. Suddenly the air was filled with the roar of a performance engine being shifted through 4 gears hard. A red blur passed me. A GTO? Maybe a Tempest or LeMans? Didn't exactly see.

I was supposed to be somewhere right now but the distant sound of the car's engine suddenly shut down a few seconds later. It was stopped nearby! I had to detour down the street. A few blocks away there it was! A 1965 Pontiac LeMans 326 with the original dealer frames surrounding California black license plates. Someone had the good sense to let this car stay original instead of cloning it into a GTO.

65 pontiac lemans oakland ca dr front

GTOs are some of my favorite cars but the LeMans was a really nice car all on its own. The 326 LeMans had a performance history prior to the introduction of the GTO. The GTO mania washed away the memory but when the LeMans was still a compact sized car the 326 was a hot number. When Pontiac released a sporty LeMans with a 326 stuffed in a compact body it was an exciting car. Even packaged in the bigger intermediate body the 326 is a nice performer.

This LeMans is a bit faded from the intense California sun and it has a few dents and scratches but it looks great. Sharp eyed viewers may have noticed the green 1968 GTO sitting to the far left of the picture. How could I pass up the opportunity to photograph the GTO? Simple: I was out of time. I was very late.

65 pontiac lemans oakland ca dr side

I took a few quick shots and dashed back to make my appointment. No time to try and locate the owner to quiz him about the car. Coming back in the evening the pair of Pontiacs were gone. But when I see them again I'll have more time and some more photos will be here and maybe a story about the car if the owner wishes to share his memories.

65 pontiac lemans oakland ca dr rear

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