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1970 PONTIAC GTO Judge conv- Oshawa, ON


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70 gto judge convertible orbit orange oshawa on logo

The Pontiac GTO Judge option got off to a blazing debut in 1969 and pumped up interest in the GTO upon which it was based. In 1970, the Judge option was kept alive despite originally intended to be a one year only special. As the beginning of the 1970 model year was tallied it was evident that the Judge option wasn't selling well. Pontiac ad man Jim Wangers believes this was due to print ads featuring a white 1970 Judge. The Judge was all about flamboyance and white is not particularly 'out there'.

Back in 1969 the Judge option was restricted to an eye scorching Carousel Red (Pontiac's name for neon orange) for the first 2,000 vehicles built. All the factory backed Judges at dragstrips were also painted Carousel Red which created an impression that the Judge was always a Carousel Red car. In reality the Judge option was available in a wide range of colors after that first run of 2,000 were built. Most dealerships ordered in Carousel Red Judges regardless. Why tamper with the formula?

The White Judge image situation was rectified when the Judge was offered in a new color called Orbit Orange sometime after an Oct 24, 1969 sales memo announcement of the new color. Despite the fact that The Judge was always available in many colors in both 1969 and 1970 once it was linked with the Orbit Orange color the perception formed that 1970 Judges were Orbit Orange, much the way its assumed that 1969 Judges were Carousel Red.

Orbit Orange is more appealing than Carousel Red but just as overt and eye catching. Judge sales jumped after this color hit the showrooms. At the close of the 1970 model year however, it turned out that a lower percentage of the run of 1970 Judges were built in Orbit Orange than were built Carousel Red in 1969 making this a bit of a rare color now. Aside from being painted in a low volume desirable color, the Judge convertibles are fairly rare for the 1970 model year with only 168 built which makes this Orbit Orange Judge convertible quite desirable. The original owner apparently realized this and held onto his Judge for 44 years before deciding to sell.

1970 PONTIAC GTO Judge conv- Oshawa, ON side

This 1970 GTO Judge Convertible ONE OWNER appeared on the CARSONLINE.COM website for sale in September, 2014 while the car was undergoing a concourse restoration. The bodywork is complete as of the ad running with interior and top ready to be installed. The photo shown above is possibly a 'before' shot of the car prior to restoration. The ad states the photo is merely to illustrate what the car will look like when finished with no source for the photograph indicated in the ad.

The Judge in the photo has the Sandlewood colored interior and convertible top which matches the color scheme of the ONE OWNER Judge so it is likely a picture of the car prior to restoration. Note the black front spoiler. Not all Judges in 1970 received the spoiler. The ones that did have the spoiler varied: some were black, others were body colored.

This 1970 GTO Judge was bought new from a Toronto, Ontario, Canada dealership. Although it is not stated in the ad, it is likely a Pontiac, Michigan built car despite the fact that some GTOs were built in the Oshawa Ontario final assembly plant beginning in 1970.

The GTO is stated to have its numbers matching original Ram Air III 400 engine (which was an optional engine in GTOs and the standard engine in a Judge), run through an automatic transmission to a 3.55:1 Positraction rear axle. The Judge has power steering and power brakes.

The Judge matches the Orbit Orange exterior with a Sandalwood interior. The asking price is $225,000.00.

70 GTO judge convertible oshawa on spoiler


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