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Written by Double Dragon
Monday, 15 December 2014 14:59

1972 BUICK Skylark- Jackson, MI


Writing copyright D. S. Brown. Photography copyright owner of Skylark.

This Buick Skylark came up for sale in fall, 2014 at an old car lot in Jackson, Michigan listed on CLASSICCARS.COM.

72 skylark jackson mi front

Buick first used the Skylark name on a specialty convertible version of the Roadmaster in 1953. The name re appeared on a Century/ Special in 1954. Buick resurrected these names when the 1961 compact Buick was named the Special. In mid year, deciding the Special needed some excitement, the Skylark name was applied to a jazzed up two door bucket seat version with more horsepower.

72 skylark jackson mi driver front

The Skylark name stuck with the Buick 'A body' right up until it was retired at the end of 1972. The 1968 through 1972 version of the Skylark achieved its peak styling in the 1970 model year. The body 'spear' was dropped and the rear wheel wells were opened up. The car retained this form in 1971 and 1972.

72 skylark jackson mi driver rear

The lines flowed perfectly for three model years until 1973 when the new 'Colonnade' style 'A bodies' appeared. The new 'A body' was so changed that Buick deemed it necessary to drop the Skylark name, renaming it the Century.

This ONE OWNER is listed as being in good shape. The seller describes the car as having 73,000 original miles and being a ONE OWNER. The seller states that frame and floors are fine but that the body has rust from sitting. The Skylark runs and drives good according to the seller who has set the price at $2,695.00.

72 skylark jackson mi 350 engine

The standard engines underwent horsepower downgrading due to compression drop and tuning adjustments made to operate on low lead and to improve emissions. The unique square finned red Buick valve covers are visible under all the accesories which include air conditioning. Power steering pump and power brake booster is visible underhood. The original air cleaner sticker is faded.


72 skylark jackson mi speedometer

The final year for the A body style of 1968 shown here The odometer reads 73,791 miles. The optional gauge package wasn't ordered so a fuel gauge is flanked by idiot lights for Brake, Gen, Hot, Oil. The pod to the right of the speedometer was used for a clock. In this case a blank face plate fills the hole. The column shift automatic shifter quadrant is displayed in the base of the speedometer. To the right of the ignition key you can see the controls for the factory air conditioning system.

72 skylark jackson mi interior

Note the vent windows which were still available in the 4 door models. Vent windows had been phased out of most other bodystyles at this point. Note the separate crank for the vent window above the main window crank. On the driver's side, the toggle switch in the top of the door panel is the remote control for the outside rear view mirror.

72 skylark jackson mi rear

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