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Written by Double Dragon
Monday, 25 May 2015 15:37

1972 PONTIAC Luxury LeMans- Burnaby, BC


Writing copyright D. S. Brown, photography copyright Scott.

72 luxury LeMans scott front

This 1972 Luxury Lemans was owned for 42 years by a man who lived in North Burnaby, British Columbia. When he died in 2014, his widow who was also in her 80s at the time sold the car. She wasn't sure if the current 400 engine is original to the car, but it is likely the original due to the excellent care the car has received over the years. This Pontiac has now racked up 143,00 miles but with good maintenance it still looks good. The only issue on the car was a small amount of rust on the seam inside the trunk where the inner fender meets the trunk pan which is a universal situation for these cars.

72 luxury LeMans scott pass front

With a 400 engine, dual exhaust, Positraction rear end, factory Rally II wheels, automatic transmission shifted through a factory console and bucket seats, this is a reasonable facsimile of a GTO. This Luxury LeMans is also equipped with front disc brakes,  A/C, and power windows. The white interior is in great shape except that the driver's seat needs a new cover.

The Pontiac Luxury LeMans was introduced as a 1972 model which blatantly emulated the Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme. The Supreme was conquering the family car market in the 1970s. Customers of the full size General Motors cars like the Chevrolet Impala, Pontiac Catalina, Oldsmobile 88 or Buick Electra downsized to the cheaper, easier to park intermediate sized Cutlass Supreme. Notably, it was the Cutlass Supreme that received the lion's share of this downsizing trend partly due to the good reputation of the Oldsmobile 'Rocket engines' but in large part because the Supreme offered the same comfort level as a well appointed full size car. Pontiac got their piece of this market with the Luxury LeMans.

Pontiac pushed the Luxury LeMans hard. The Luxury LeMans was featured on the cover and the first 4 pages of the LeMans dealership brochures. Name shuffling for 1972 cut out the Tempest and T-37 names, leaving the LeMans name assigned to the bottom rung of the intermediate model line. Upscale packages like LeMans Sport, LeMans GT and GTO were options, not separate model lines.

New for 1972, the Luxury LeMans was a separate model with its own VIN code "G" instead of the "D" used for the rest of the LeMans line. The Luxury LeMans identity crest was attached to the C pillar of the roof and on the dashboard above the glove box.

72 luxury LeMans scott dr front

The Luxury LeMans grille has 2 horizontal bars, unique to the Luxury LeMans. The expanse below the bumper is accentuated with a chrome lower valance panel. The chrome accent is picked up at the rear of the car with a chrome strip unique to the Luxury LeMans running the width of the trunk lip and quarter panel ends above the bumper.

The exclusive removable fiberglass fender skirts provided with the Luxury LeMans create a a bulging 'whale look' to the rear of the car. Many owners wisely keep the skirts off as is the case with this car. The original skirts were saved with the car. The skirt design dictated that Pontiac relocate the main side body length chrome strip. On the Luxury LeMans the strip runs at a lower placement than on the standard LeMans. The LL low beltline creates one continuous line through the skirt. The chrome strip is much heavier and wider than the thin accent line used on the regular LeMans.

72 luxury LeMans scott dr rear

Note that on this particular Luxury LeMans, a second narrow chrome strip appears higher up on the beltline to protect the car from parking lot door dings. See the story on the 1972 Buick Centurion also in these ONE OWNER stories. The owner of the Centurion resorted to the same solution by adding a second protective strip to the car after experiencing relentless door bashing in parking lots.

The Luxury LeMans came with dual whitewall stripes or in some cases with a single whitewall stripe. The owner of this Luxury LeMans was able to source some scarce whitewalls to maintain the factory look of the car.

The Luxury LeMans was only available as a hard top, with the majority ordered as 4 doors. Guys that ordered the 2 door version were perhaps potential GTO candidates just past the age of irreverent youth. Now in their late 30s or early 40s they appreciated a bit of comfort along with sporty looks and power. This seems to be the case with the owner of this Luxury LeMans who was already in his 40s when he purchased this car.

72 luxury LeMans scott rear

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