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Written by Double Dragon
Friday, 22 July 2016 08:38

1967 PONTIAC LeMans- Noreen


Writing and photography copyright D. S. Brown

67 lemans norreen logo

Pontiac's Tempest was one of the General Motors cars based on the 'A body' platform released in 1961 to counteract the foreign import sales in the compact sector. Chevrolet had the Corvair, Olds had the F-85 and Buick had the Special. Pontiac quickly came up with a 2 door hardtop bucket seat version of the Tempest which they named LeMans. The LeMans nameplate became very popular.

The A bodies ceased to be considered compacts when the economy picked up and budget cars became less relevant. GM enlarged the A bodies to 'intermediate' size for the 1964 model year. During the 1964-65 run of the intermediate sized Tempest and LeMans the car was fairly square but tight looking. A switch was made in 65 to stacked headlights which set it apart from it's GM A body cousins. The super hot new GTO was added as an option on the Pontiac Tempest for 1964 and instantly ignited the fiery musclecar era.

67 Pontiac LeMans Noreen front

Noreen would have liked to buy a GTO but finances restricted her to a LeMans. Her LeMans is pretty nice in 2 door hardtop configuration fitted with buckets and console.

67 Pontiac LeMans Noreen gills

During the 1966-67 run of the intermediate sized Tempest and LeMans stylists added fastback windows and a rear kick-up leading into the rear quarter panel to create a 'coke bottle' shape to the car. The dimensions of the car were also subtly shifted towards the direction of the 'ponycar' ideal of long hood and short rear deck.

67 lemans noreen driver front

Noreen was on a tight budget but just because she opted for the less expensive LeMans didn't prevent her from getting a sporty looking car. She ordered her LeMans in 2 door hardtop form which is the fundamental basis for the good looks shared between GTO and LeMans.

67 Pontiac LeMans Noreen window sticker

Noreen dressed her LeMans up with full hubcaps, console, bucket seats, power steering, radio with rear speaker, black cordova vinyl top, and the V8 326 engine.

67 Pontiac LeMans Noreen hubcap

The hubcaps are pretty racy looking

67 Pontiac LeMans Noreen console

Central Pontiac in Beaverton, Oregon took her order for the LeMans in January, 1967. See a story about Central Pontiac in the DEALERSHIPS section of this website filed under OREGON/Portland Area.

67 Pontiac LeMans Noreen cowl plate

The cowl plate shows that it was assembled

67 Pontiac LeMans Noreen Protecto-O-Plate

Noreen took delivery of her new LeMans April 14, 1967. At the time she was a piano teacher and drove to the various locations of her student's houses using her new car. Eventually she started teaching out of her home which reduced the use of the LeMans. But for most of its life Noreen's LeMans was driven in all weather including snow.

67 Pontiac LeMans Noreen Protecto-O-Plate 1 yr

Noreen drove the LeMans up to Canada for her honeymoon in Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia. In 1970 the LeMans carried Noreen and her mother south to Los Angeles and San Diego, California. The LeMans was a terrific highway car providing a smooth comfortable ride at highway cruising speeds. The 326 engine provided plenty of power although it only managed about 14 to 15 MPG on the trip. Around town, the mileage averaged 10 MPG.

67 Pontiac LeMans Noreen 326 engine

Noreen can recall narrowly missing accidents on five occasions when she came close to being hit by careless drivers. Noreen's LeMans survived daily driver status for 38 and half years in four seasons of weather covering 270,000 miles all without an accident.

In 1994 the engine was getting tired and Noreen had it replaced along with the radiator. Noreen was the primary driver. Her husband rarely drove the car. He is a big guy and Noreen feared his bulk would be too hard on the seat. As it turned out sheer mileage eventually wore out the seat anyways and the driver's seat required reupholstering.

67 Pontiac LeMans Noreen interior

The pedals show the wear

67 Pontiac LeMans Noreen pedals

In 2002 the body was showing rust from being driven year round in snow and harsh weather. Noreen had the rust fixed and the car was repainted the original color. The interior is still mostly original and holding up quite well. Noreen has shown her car at some shows and still uses it on nice days.

67 Pontiac LeMans Noreen speedo

As of 2016 the LeMans has coveredĀ 274,321 miles.

67 Pontiac LeMans Noreen rear

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