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Written by Double Dragon
Monday, 08 May 2017 09:46

1971 CHRYSLER 300- New Westminster, BC


Writing copyright D. S. Brown, photography copyright owner of 300

71 Chrysler 300 New west front drivers

The Chrysler 300 still had some magic appeal even in the 1970s when the last gasp of crazy musclecars were pouring out of the factories. Compared to the new breed of musclecar the Chrysler 300 was a pretty low key car. The styling is all of one piece using the 1969 rebody of the full size Chrysler 'C bodies' to the 'fuselage' bodies. Plymouth Fury, Plymouth VIP, Dodge Polara, Dodge Monaco and Chrysler Newport, Chrysler New Yorker and Chrysler 300 shared this body shell.

71 Chrysler 300 New west front pass

Chrysler dubbed these cars the 'fuselage cars' due to the way the 'greenhouse' glass and bottoms of doors and fenders curved inwards similarly to the way an airplane body gently formed a cigar shape. The 300 for 1971 was a good looking high end luxury car that carried the vestiges of its heritage as a world shaker, but was no longer a high profile performance car.

The heroic 300 name was still remembered by 1960s buyers, but it was a 1950s nameplate much the way the Olds 88 was also a reminder of a highwater performance mark from the prior decade. Back in 1955 Chrysler released the 300 based around the latest developments in the 331 Hemi head engine. The 331 engine now produced 300 HP and hence the car was named the 300. An existing body (the Windsor) was used with new trim to create the 300. In the 1950s Lincolns, Cadillacs and Chrysler were luxury cars but they also had the top engines. The first 300 was named the C-300.

The 1956 version of the 300 was named '300-B'. Each year a new letter of the alphabet was added (Chrysler skipped 'i' since it would be confusing). During the 1960s the 300 name was expanded down in status to include 4 door cars without the top engines while the 300 'letter' cars were 2 door high performance cars with the top engines.

The 'barge' size top performance cars dominated the market until 1964 when they were overshadowed by the less expensive intermediate supercars launched by the success of the Pontiac GTO. The full size cars were always aimed at affluent more mature buyers. Never in its history had the 300 been a youth car like the Pontiac GTO and now it had been left behind as the 'drive-in' set started buying less expensive image cars with better power to weight ratios. By the end of 1965 Chrysler saw the writing on the wall and discontinued the 'letter series' although the 300 lived on.

The majority of the musclecar audience was over at General Motors where the intermediate cars were devouring the performance car market. As the 1960s revved up Chrysler was left behind with stodgy looking bodystyles. In 1968 Chrysler would release a new intermediate sized bodystyle that was truly contemporary and combine these platforms with ever escalating outrageous in your face scoops spoilers and graphics that eclipsed GM and Ford's extroverted offerings.

The full size 300; however, remained a dignified subtle flagship car. Because Chrysler was the 'mature' upscale representative the 300 remained tasteful even after Dodge and Plymouth plunged into the muscle wars with winged warriors, 6 packs with black steelies, lift off hoods and billboard graphics. The 300 has restrained styling but it is not a slow car. The standard engine is a 440 with a more powerful 'TNT' version available.

71 Chrysler 300 New west front pedals seat

A quick look at the interior of the 300 reveals a refined clean design, but it is bereft of the 'go fast' identifiers GM used in its musclecars. The 300 has a strip speedometer where the Pontiac GTO had dial gauges. This 300 has eschewed the space efficient bench seat and column shift to copy the GTO bucket seats. Most GTOs were ordered with consoles which look sportier but waste space. The space waste seems more glaring in a 300 than a GTO. Here we have a massive boat of a car that can only seat 5.

71 Chrysler 300 New west front pass int

This 1971 Chrysler 300 Chrysler came up for sale May 7, 2017 on Craigslist. This 300 has some serious power under the hood with a 'TNT' version of the 440-4bbl coupled to the tough 727 Automatic transmission.

71 Chrysler 300 New west 440 TNT

As expected with a Chrysler this 300 has quite a few options such as cornering lights, air conditioning, tilt & telescopic steering column with Rimblow Steering wheel, front bucket seats, power windows, power front disc brakes, power drivers seat, cruise control and power trunk release.

71 Chrysler 300 New west rear seat

This owner states that the car is 100% Original with original paint, and no accidents. It is an original British Columbia car. The 300 asking price was $5500.00. The 300 was online for about 10 hours before it was gone.


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