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Golden Ears Chrysler Dodge Jeep, Haney, BC (formerly Golden Ears Motors Ltd)

Golden Ears Motors Ltd (AMC Jeep Renault), Haney, BC (became Golden Ears Chrysler Dodge Jeep)

Maple Ridge Chrysler, Maple Ridge, BC (1935)

Mussallem's Haney Garage Ltd GM, Maple Ridge (Haney, BC) (1919-2006)- (Race sponsor Buck Kinney/ First 1970 Chevelle 454 LS6 built/ COPO cars)

West Coast Ford Lincoln, Maple Ridge, BC 855-781-7903


GOLDEN EARS CHRYSLER DODGE JEEP, Haney, BC (formerly Golden Ears Motors Ltd)

Golden Ears Chrysler Dodge Jeep was located at 23213 Lougheed Hwy, Haney, BC. This lot was formerly known as Golden Ears Motors Ltd when it was an AMC Jeep Renault dealership. The lot eventually became Maple Ridge Hyundai.



Golden Ears Motors Ltd was a AMC Jeep Renault dealership located at 23213 Lougheed Hwy, Haney, BC. This lot is now Maple Ridge Hyundai.


MAPLE RIDGE CHRYSLER, Maple Ridge, BC 866-943-4869

dealer maple ridge chrysler old logo

Above you can see the remnants of an old Maple Ridge Chrysler logo on a weather-beaten car. Below is the new logo.

dealer maple ridge chrysler new logo

Maple Ridge Chrysler is located at 11911 West Street, Maple Ridge, BC. Founded in 1934, this long time dealership has grown over the years and is now a part the AutoCanada dealership group. Note the similarity of the maple leaf inside number one logo used on the Maple Ridge logo which is duplicated by the Okanagan Chrysler logo. They too are a member of AutoCanada.

dealer maple ridge chrys frontage

In fall, 2014 Maple Ridge Chrysler had an astounding 882 new vehicles in stock, 81 of which were cars, including 1 Charger SXT and 1 Challenger SXT.


MUSSALLEM'S HANEY GARAGE LTD, Haney, BC (1919-2006)- (Race sponsor Buck Kinney/ First 1970 Chevelle 454 LS6 built/ COPO cars)


Below is an old 1960s era logo from the dealership.


George Mussallem was born in Winnipeg, January, 1908 to Solomon Mussallem and Annie Besytt. Nicholas, Mary, Helen and Peter, were born in Prince Rupert, BC. After a short time in Vancouver, the Mussallems settled in Maple Ridge in 1919 where their last child, Lily, was born.

Solomon Mussallem established the Haney Garage in 1919, adding a Ford franchise in 1924. In 1930 Haney Garage switched to General Motors.  Sol eventually became Mayor. George served four terms as MLA from 1966 until 1983. Mussallem's GM dealership flourished east of the Vancouver, BC lower mainland as a well known performance dealership until 2006.

George obtained his pilot's licence in 1929 and flew his own plane until his late 70’s. George’s married Beth Brown August, 1934, and they had three children; Anne in 1936, David in 1937 and Robert in 1942.  Beth died in 1962. George married Grace Cuthbert in 1970.  George died April 10, 2007.

Below is a 1960s mail out card GM created for dealers to send to their client lists. The dealer put his stamp in the appropriate blank. The inside of the foldout contained a reference guide to the political system in Canada. The intent was that if the reference was useful enough people would keep the card and hence the reminder to get their car serviced.


The reminder seems to have worked in this case, since the card has survived all these years and the recipient marked off 'lights' on the card.


To read a story about a 1968 Firebird 400 H.O. which was bought from this dealer (and incidentally serviced there for many years!) and is still in the hands of its original owner check out the story in the ONE OWNER area of the CAR STORIES section of this website.

Forty years later, the old Mussallem's buildings are being used as a temporary lot for a Honda Dealership which is awaiting completion of their new location elsewhere.


The photo below is of the corner of the dealership where the main doors lead into the showroom. In the background you can see the Chevron station across the street which is the latest version of the station which has been a Haney, BC institution for many decades.


In the 1960s this showroom was lined with racing trophies from Buck Kinney. Buck was a mechanic at the dealership and a successful racer on his time off.

Buck Kinney started racing in 1951 at age 18, with pals who named themselves the Pitt Meadows Stompers. In 1964 Buck raced on a runway track at Abbotsford Airport which led to his professional racing activities.

Buck began working at Mussallem Motors in 1956. His first Mussallem's sponsored race car was a 1960s Chevy Impala. Buck next campaigned a new 1967 Chevy Camaro. Mussallem's immersed themselves into the musclecar era and at one point ordered in several 1969 model COPO Camaro 427 cars in fall, 1968. The Camaros were intended for drag racing but didn't show up in a timely manner. When the COPO cars finally appeared without explanation in summer, 1969 they were just unloaded off the carrier and blown out to random buyers. Mussallem called high up figures in the Chevy hierarchy expressing his displeasure over the delay in delivery. To assauge him Chevy made certain that Mussallem's was first in line for the new 1970 model Chevelle SS 454 LS6 450 hp monster. Historians have determined that Mussallem's LS6 was a pilot car and the earliest known LS6 to surface to date.

In 1975, Kinney bought a 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle 402 automatic car which he raced very successfully for many years. The Orange Chevelle is VIN 1D67U2B626134 and was originally shipped from its GM dealership in Newark, New Jersey directly to Hoffman Machine in Stoney Plains Field, New Jersey. John Hoffman sent the engine to Truppi-Kling Competition where it went directly to quarter mile competition. Buck did some work on the car after he got it and promptly set NHRA records.

Buck Kinney established his own service shop after his years at Mussallem's. Here is a vintage sticker from the glass of an old musclecar.


Now the display section of the building is used to detail cars while the building is in temporary use.


The wood paneling is unchanged since the days of Mussallem's. The hall below had glassed in offices to either side. The porthole door at the end of the hall leads into the service bays at the back of the building.


Below is a shot from the streets of Haney. The driver and license plate have been removed from the image for privacy purposes. This Olds has the Mussallem's dealer plate below the driver's rear tail light. Mussallem's was attempting to preserve their performance heritage even in the dark ages of GM performance as attested by the presence of the FE3 Sports Suspension package option badge on the driver's side deck of this Olds.



WEST COAST FORD LINCOLN, Maple Ridge, BC 855-781-7903

dealer west coast maple ridge ford logo

The upper logo is from earlier days of West Coast Ford. Below is a sticker reflecting the scope of the operations which now include many franchises.

dealer west coast ford logo maple ridge bc

West Coast Ford Lincoln is located at 20370 Lougheed Highway, Maple Ridge, British Columbia. West Coast Ford was established in 1964. In 1971 the dealership relocated to the current large 4 acre facility. In summer, 2014 they had one new 2014 Mustang GT in stock.

dealer west coast ford mustang lineup

In winter, 2015 West Coast had 2 new 2015 Mustang Ecoboosts in front of the showroom and a line of Mustangs along the roadway.

14 mustang gt california special west coast ford

The Sterling Grey Metallic 2014 Mustang GT/ California Special convertible has 10,462 km and is listed for $38,800.00. It has 19 inch alloy wheels, 6 speed automatic, power top, HID headlights and foglamps, leather heated front seats, rear pedestal spoiler, power heated mirrors, power windows, power door locks, navigation, synch etc.

The black 2014 Mustang V6 convertible VIN 1ZVBP8EMXE5312221 looks pretty good.

14 mustang cvt V6 west coast ford maple ridge bc

The rear of the V6 has dual exhausts and looks just as tough as a GT at first glance. Looking down the line of Mustangs the rear end treatments are very similar despite the equipment present.

14 mustang cvt V6 west coast ford mpl ridge line

Below is a black 2013 Lincoln MKZ All Wheel Drive VIN 3LN6L2JKXDR819385 powered by a 300 HP 277 ft lb of torque 24 valve 3.7 L V6 with 10.5:1 compression, variable valve control, and sequential multi point fuel injection that will run on regular unleaded gasoline.

13 Lincoln MKZ west coast ford maple ridge

The Lincoln lineup has lacked a 2 door 'personal car' since they canned the Mark VIII. Cadillac killed the Eldorado not too long afterwards but has done a 2 door larger showcar in the same vein as the Eldorado and has also released a small 2 door. For now the Lincoln cars are all 4 doors although they fall within the same dimensions as the final edition of the Mark VIII. The MKZ wheelbase of 112.3" is just a fraction short of the Mark VIII 113" wheelbase. Overall length of the MKZ is however shorter at 194.1". Front shoulder room is 57.7"

13 Lincoln MKZ rear west coast ford maple ridge

This used MKZ is fully loaded with tilt/ tele steering, stability system, 4 wheel ABS discs, front dual zone A/C, navigation, synch, rear camera, reverse sensing, autodim rear view mirror, MP3, CD, THX II sound, power moonroof, adaptive cruise, lane keeping, blind spot and cross traffic alert, power memory heated/ cooled leather front seats, power heated mirrors, power door locks, remote keyless entry/ start, adaptive LED and foglights,  the optional all wheel drive is coupled through a 6 speed automatic with the bigger 3.7 L V6. The MKZ was originally sold through this dealership and is a one owner with 14,627 km as of Spring, 2015. Asking price is $35,800.00.


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