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Writing and photography copyright D. S. Brown

Fred Barter Motors Ltd (AMC), New Westminster, BC/ Closed
CC Brown Motors Ltd (193*-196*-see Lakeview) New Westminster, BC/ Closed
Columbia Dodge Ltd, New Westminster, BC/(moved to Richmond 877-752-5040)
Fogg Motors Ltd (1927- 199*) New Westminster, BC/Closed
Key West Ford/ Roush (198*) New Westminster, BC/1-888-239-0665
Lakeview Chrysler Plymouth Ltd (see CC Brown) New Westminster, BC/Closed
Jack Marshall Motors Ltd (Chevrolet- 1948-61) New Westminster, BC/ Closed

Trapp Motors Ltd (Pontiac), New Westminster, BC
Westminster Motor Products Ltd (Chev Olds), New Westminster, BC/ Closed
Wheaton Pontiac Buick GMC Ltd, New Westminster, BC/Closed

Writing and photography copyright D. S. Brown, advertisement copyright Province Newspaper 1967


FRED BARTER MOTORS LTD (AMC), New Westminster, BC/ Closed

Fred Barter Motors Ltd was an AMC dealer located on Kingsway Avenue, Vancouver, British Columbia during the 1960s. In the 1970s the dealership relocated to 845 Carnarvan in New Westminster, BC.



CC Brown Motors Ltd was a Chrysler dealership in the 1950s located at 207 Columbia Street in New Westminster, BC. According to a family history site "The Brown family of Colebrook and Surrey Center", Cecil Claire Brown founded and owned C C Brown Motors until his death at age 36 in 1932. His Nephew Chris Brown took over the dealership. In the 1960s, the Chrysler dealer underwent a name change to Lakeview Chrysler Plymouth Ltd. See the continued history below in this article under LAKEVIEW.


COLUMBIA DODGE LTD- (moved to Richmond, BC 877-752-5040)

dealer columbia chrysler new west and richmond bc logo

Columbia Dodge Ltd was located at 50 8th Street in New Westminster, BC in the 1960s and was renamed COLUMBIA CHRYSLER DODGE JEEP when it relocated to Richmond, BC. See a 1968 Dodge Dart GTS 340 bought new from this dealership in the ONE OWNER section of the CAR STORIES on this website.

See the story under BC/ RICHMOND.


FOGG MOTORS LTD (1927- 199*) Closed


Fogg Motors was established in 1927 and located at 901 Columbia Street in New Westminster, BC.

A Feb, 1938 ad for MacNaughton and Taylor Garage in Cloverdale asserts that they are agents for Fogg Motors who are listed as a dealer for both Ford and Lincoln.

In the 1950s the used car lot was located at 1027 Columbia Street.

Once William Hill owned the company in 1956 (after 18 years with the company) Fogg became well known for performance. In March, 1957 Fogg was advertised at 10th and Columbia and the ad exaggerated the length of time they were at this address by saying "35 years continuous at same address" which at the time was "beside the farmer's market".

Fogg not only sponsored racing and fielded dealer cars competitively, they also sold Shelby Cobras and Shelby Mustangs which weren't that common in Canada. In summer, 1966 Fogg sponsored Bill Hall who was a Canadian Midget Racing Champion.

On May 6, 1964 a newspaper ad welcomed Reg Treleaven to the sales force. The president of Fogg at this time was W. S. Hill.


The dealership developed a parts and service high performance division, too. William S. Hill won a Time Magazine Quality Dealers award for Outstanding National Dealer in Canada which was played up by a large ad placed by Ford Motor Company in the Jan 19, 1973 edition of the Ottawa Journal.

When the musclecar market dried up Fogg attempted to keep the fires burning with an ad placed July 13, 1973 in the Richmond Review for the new 1973 Ford Cortina GT 2 door with 4 speed, GT gauges, front disc brakes, rack and pinion steering, heavy duty suspension and stabilizer bar, extra cooling capacity radiator, map and visor pockets,

The dealer name later became Fogg Ford as shown in this 1975 ad from the Province newspaper below.


Fogg Motors ran an ad announcing that Carl Moldowan was the new business manager as of Jan 24, 1979. W. James Hill was the president of Fogg at the time. The dealership was located at 10th and Columbia.

Fogg Ford closed in the early 1990s.


KEY WEST FORD (198*)/ ROUSH 1-888-239-0665


Key West Ford is located at 301 Stewardson Way in New Westminster, BC and has been around since the 1980s. One city block is a giant new car lot. Directly across from it lies an enormous used car lot. The dealer buildings and flags prominently display the Roush logo. Roush Mustangs and other special Mustangs form a large line across the front of the lots. Key West is down at water level near the Fraser River. New Westminster rises up steep hills all around. Below is a view of the back of the dealership where the road is beginning to climb upwards.


As we come down the road and reach the main office the prominent Roush logos in the windows tell us these guys are serious about performance. A black Roush Stage 3 is parked out front in the left corner of the photo.


Lino Corcuera has been in charge of the Key West Ford Roush program for over a decade. Roush events include track days at the Mission Raceway in Mission, BC. Jack Roush attended a track day in summer 2010 to sign autographs and take people around the track in one of the Key West Ford Roush Mustangs.

Racing success Jack Roush formed his aftermarket Mustang performance modification company in 1995. Roush sells speed shop parts and handling hardware. Much the way former racer Carol Shelby became a part of the Ford network, Jack Roush has become integrated into the Ford system. You can buy a Roush turnkey track car with a warranty. In fact Key West has authorized Roush technicians on staff. Some of the Key West Ford Roush cars are created onsite, while others are shipped in from Roush.

Below is a closer look at the black 2012 Roush Stage 3 Mustang.


This Roush Stage 3 Mustang started life as a GT Coupe Premium 5.0 six speed manual built Sep 9, 2011 in the Flat Rock, Michigan factory.

The window sticker lists the Premium package features. Sequential LED turn lights harkens back to the days of the 1960s Thunderbird and Cougar. The GT has auto headlights, spoiler and stainless dual exhaust. The interior has leather steering wheel and seats with six way power driver's seat, major sound system, Sirius and dual illuminated vanity mirrors. It has power windows, locks, mirrors and remote entry. It has recent innovations such as easy fuel capless filler. Tire pressure monitor system, alarm, fold down seats opening into the trunk.

The powerful 5.0 standard GT engine gets EPA 17 City and 26 Hwy MPG helped via sophisticated valve technology as well as the electric power steering system. The curb weight is 3,605 pounds. The VIN 1ZVBP8CFXC5253284 decodes as follows:

1ZV= Automotive Alliance Ford passenger car.
B= Airbags and seatbelts.
P8C= Coupe GT
F= 5.0 L engine with 412 HP (GT version of the 5.0)
X= Check Digit.
C= 2012 Model Year.
5= Factory is Flat Rock, Michigan.
253284= Sequential unit number.

The GT was shipped by convoy to dealer number 860 439. That dealer happens to be Roush Industries, 39555 Schoolcraft Road, Plymouth Township, MI. Here the car was transformed. The original GT coupe sticker price $33,310.00 plus $795.00 delivery to Roush totals $34,105.00. This is a USA price. By the time Roush has modified the car and shipped it up to Canada to Key West the price climbs to $62,995.00 Canadian internet price.

What happens to the GT to cause this price increase? The entire front and rear fascia is replaced with Roush pieces. The square badges containing an 'R' silhouette placed on grille, rear filler cap and front quarters tell us this is a Roush. Roush graphics adorn the car. In our example car, a stealthier impression is created by choosing grey on black. The Roush grey solid color graphics are virtually hidden. Only the yellow stripe edge accents on the sides of the grey graphics stand out.

The interior has the Roush logo stitched into leather seats, white or black shifter ball, Roush illuminated sill plates, performance pedals, and a Stage 3 plate with engraved serial number.

The real reason for spending extra on a Roush is for handling and power. The excellent 412 HP 'Coyote' 5.0 engine is supercharged to an amazing 540 HP with a 3 year/ 36,000 mile warranty. Roush has square tip aggressive sounding exhaust using hollow chamber mufflers instead of conventional fiberglass packing. The entire suspension is changed: Cooper tires on 20 inch black or chrome wheels, Roush front struts, rear dampers, front and rear springs and roll bars, anti jounce bumpers and anti wheel hop kit.

Another black 2012 Roush Stage 3 Mustang sits here on the lot with the bright green Roush logos standing out on the black paint. This one is $70,669.00. Here's a shot below of it behind the security gate.


Also on the lot was a Grabber Blue 2011 Roush 5XR. Here are a few shots of the car which is still brand new.


The black Roush stripes work well on the Grabber Blue paint. Only 150 of these Roush 5XRs were built. The supercharger pulls 525 HP out of the 5.0 engine which is mated to a 6 speed manual. The usual Roush front and rear fascia, stripes, suspension, exhaust and Cooper tires round it out.


Aside from the Roush specialty cars, there were some factory special Mustangs on the lot, too. The exciting new 2012 Boss 302 was present in Race Red as seen below. The 5.0 has lighter parts inside versus the regular GT, allowing it to rev higher and produce more HP. The window sticker carried an EPA rating of 17/ 26 MPG which is pretty impressive for such a powerful car. The Boss has a 6 speed, manual adjustable suspension, and Brembo brakes.

The sticker lists some of the Boss package items: hood and body reverse 'C stripes', black rear spoiler, black painted aluminum wheels 19" x 9" up front and 19" x 9.5" in rear with summer only tires. The exhaust has quad side and rear exits. The Boss package uses a 3.73 axle and electric power assist steering. The interior items listed are unique black shifter knob, unique Boss logo embroidered in the seats, unique door scuff plates (non lighted). This brand new Boss shows 496.4 KM on the odometer.


The 444 HP engine cover has a production number plate identifying this car as Boss Vehicle Number 0082. The VIN 1ZVBP8CU3C5203020 is also printed on the engine plate. It decodes as follows:

1ZV= Automotive Alliance Ford passenger car.
B= Airbags and seatbelts.
P8C= Coupe Boss 302 (it also refers to the GT and Shelby which is going to cause problems for future collectors trying to verify a vehicle using the VIN).
U= Boss 302 (5.0) engine.
3- Check digit.
C= Model year 2012.
5= Flat Rock, Michigan factory.
203020= the sequence number.

The window sticker says the Boss was shipped out by railway Feb 15, 2011 with a MSRP $40,145.00 in US dollars. Options (Recaro Sport Seats, Helical Diff: $1,995.00, Boss Package car cover: $475.00) total $2,470.00. Destination and delivery of $850.00 take the car up to $43,465.00 in US dollars. By the time a car makes it through to Canada, the price rises. For the $54,888.00 Canadian price you get a lot of car, but that is still a $10,000.00 jump above US prices. You pay to live in Canada.

Another revival that Ford has done a nice job on is the California Special. Below is a silver convertible with the extra graphics and badges.


Below is a shot of the rear of the nice silver convertible.






In the 1950s this dealership was a Chrysler dealership named C C BROWN MOTORS LTD. See the history of the dealership at the top of this article under CC BROWN. By 1960, C C Brown was no more. The dealership was renamed Lakeview. A Mopar guy from back in the day recalls this dealership being at the bottom of a hill in New Westminster, BC along the water. That would explain the name, although the dealer should technically have been named Riverview, since the dealer was located shores of the Fraser River. The name Riverview was already in use by a large psychiatric hospital facility. The 'Riverview' connotation would probably have not been good for sales. Hence, the choice of "Lakeview". The actual address was 207 Columbia Street.

The dealership is long gone now. To read a story about a 1975 Valiant bought new off the lot of this dealer, check out the story in the 20 YEARS PLUS section of the CAR STORIES on this website.



dealer jack marshall new west bus card

Jack Marshall Motors Ltd was a Chevrolet dealer located at 1115 Auckland. Auckland runs uphill from the river and still hosts a large range of New Westminster dealerships and used car lots to this day. Jack Marshall opened Jack Marshall Motors Ltd in 1948. His son, Gordon eventually became sales manager. When Jack Marshall retired in 1961. Gordon decided to move to the interior of British Columbia where he bought Salmon Arm Motors. To see a story on this dealer, check the story filed under BRITISH COLUMBIA DEALERS.

dealer jack marshall new west bus card r

The images above are courtesy of Judy, whose father used the card as a bookmark which kept it well preserved over the years. She is willing to sell the card to interested collectors.


TRAPP MOTORS LTD (GM), New Westminster, BC

Trapp Motors Ltd was a General Motors dealership located in New Westminster, British Columbia. The dealership was established by Thomas Dockrill Trapp as an extension of his father's dry goods shop. Other sources mention that Ben Stevenson's existing dealership and garage named Royal Motors in Surrey, BC was bought out by Trapp.

Thomas Trapp was born on July 27, 1888 in New Westminster, B.C. Thomas was the only son of Thomas John Trapp I to survive WWI. Thomas worked in his father’s store until he had built up capitol to open a car dealership. In 1929 Thomas established Trapp Motors. Trapp Motors is credited with being Canada's oldest GM dealership and carried McLaughlin-Buick, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Pontiac and GMC trucks. Because the Canadian market was smaller, GM eventually split up dealerships to spread the distance between competing brands. Trapp retained Pontiac Buick GMC.

Thomas's son, Thomas John Trapp II was born October 31, 1913 in New Westminster. After serving in WWII Thomas took over Trapp Motors when his father died in May, 1947. In August, 1967 a huge new dealership was built at 321 North Road at Lougheed Highway with a distinct 'Jetson's' style of modern architecture and signage. Trapp's Surrey Car Center was located at 10157 King George Highway, N. Surrey, B. C. The move out of New Westminster seemed like a good idea. The gigantic facility housed massive inventory of new cars and parts and offered numerous service bays. The overhead proved too prohibitive and this location had to close in 1971. Thomas John Trapp II ran the remaining Trapp dealership until 1974 when he retired. Thomas was keen on yachting and took many trips. Thomas passed away December 12th, 2001.



dealer westminster gm new west bc logo

Westminster Motor Products was a Chevrolet Oldsmobile dealership located at 131- 12th Street in New Westminster, British Columbia during the 1960s. The dealership is closed.



Wheaton Pontiac Buick GMC Ltd was a GM dealer located at 325 12th Street in New Westminster, BC. GM listed them as dealer number 077 in zone 81. The Wheaton GM group has dealerships in Surrey and other locations in BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan. See the story under BC SURREY.

To see a story of a one owner 1984 Pontiac Trans Am bought new from the Wheaton dealership in New Westminster, BC go to the ONE OWNER section of the CAR STORIES category of this website.


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