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COLORADO Dealerships
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COLORADO Dealerships

Writing and photography copyright D. S. Brown, except Roger Mauro logo copyright Roger Mauro.


Ed Bozarth Chevrolet, Aurora, CO/ 303-242-8855

Ed Bozarth Chevrolet Buick, Grand Junction, CO/ 970-778-4612

Ed Bozarth Park Meadows Chevrolet, Lone Tree, CO/ 720-259-0395

Burgess Motor Co (Ford), Castlerock, CO

Cook Chevrolet & Subaru, Craig, CO 970-744-3636

Cook Chevrolet-Jeep-Subaru, Steamboat Springs, CO (970) 824-8418

Courtesy Motors Inc (Ford), Littleton, CO  (Highland Special Mustang)

Dodge City Inc, Denver CO

Doenges-Glass Inc (Ford), Aurora, CO (formerly Doenges-Long)  (Highland Special Mustang)

Doenges-Long Ford (1946-1964- became Doenges-Glass and Phil Long Ford)

John Elway Ford, Wheat Ridge, CO (formerly Johnnie Harper Motors)

Farland-Buell Chrysler Plymouth, Denver, CO (also dealt Ferraris)

Fordland, Lakewood, CO (1962- see Lakewood Fordland/ Highland Special Mustang)

Go West Ford, Wheat Ridge, CO (formerly John Elway Ford)

Golden Motors Inc (Ford), Golden, CO  (Highland Special Mustang)

William Goodro Inc (Ford), Denver, CO/  (Highland Special Mustang)

Johnnie Harper Motors, Wheat Ridge, CO (Highland Special Mustang- became John Elway Ford)

Hover Motors Inc, Denver, CO (Highland Special Mustang)

Kumpf Lincoln Mercury, Englewood, CO (drag sponsor- became Landmark Lincoln)

Lakewood Fordland, Lakewood, CO (formerly known as Fordland) 888-791-0028

Landmark Lincoln, Englewood, CO (formerly Kumpf Lincoln Mercury) 303-761-1560

Phil Long Ford Motor City, Colorado Springs, CO/ 888-524-1984 (50 Highland Special Mustangs)

Marsh-Wimbush Inc, Denver, CO  (Highland Special Mustang)

Roger Mauro Chrysler Plymouth, Denver- Lakewood, CO

O'Meara Ford, Northglenn, CO (1913)/ 800-644-6072 (Highland Special Mustang)

Gene Palmrose Motors, Wray, CO (Highland Special Mustang)

Porter Pontiac Inc, Denver, CO (Thom McAn contest GTO traded in here)

Pollard Friendly Motor Co (Ford), Denver, CO  (Highland Special Mustang)

Pollard Friendly Motor Co (Pontiac-Jeep-Eagle)

Bob Reed Ford, Inc, (Highland Special Mustang)

Rosen-Novak Auto Company (Ford), Denver, CO (Highland Special Mustang)

Seifert Pontiac Inc, Denver, CO (Thom McAn 1967 GTO 400 HO contest car)

Shane Motors Co. (Chrysler), Denver, CO

Suss Buick GMC, Aorora, CO/ 866-613-3329

Vollmer Brothers Ford (19**-1946- became Doenges-Long Ford)

Weld County Garage is a Buick GMC dealer located at Greeley, CO/ 970-373-4487



Ed Bozarth Chevrolet of Aurora is located at 2001 S Havana St, Aurora, Colorado. See the story in this section on Ed Bozarth Park Meadows for the full story of the Bozarth dealerships. In winter 2014 they had a whopping 897 new vehicles in stock, 436 of which were cars. They had 60 new Camaros in stock, 8 of which were convertibles. Included in that big Camaro selection was a new 2014 Silver Ice Metallic (with big black stripe down the hood) Camaro ZL1 VIN 2G1FZ1EP8E9800126. The MSRP of $60,900.00 was knocked down to $59,995.00. The 6.2 L supercharged engine was mated to an automatic. They also had a second one in stock, this one was Summit White VIN 2G1FL1EP8E9800936.


ED BOZARTH CHEVROLET BUICK, Grand Junction, CO/ 970-778-4612

Ed Bozarth Chevrolet Buick is located at 2595 Hwy 6 and 50 in Grand Junction, Colorado. See the story in this section on Ed Bozarth Park Meadows for the full story of the Bozarth dealerships. In winter 2014 they had 298 new vehicles in stock.



Ed Bozarth Park Meadows Chevrolet is located at 8351 Parkway Drive, Lone Tree, Colorado which is a suburb of Denver. The dealer claim as the largest Chevy dealer in Colorado is supported by th fall 2013 inventory of a whopping 323 new vehicles, 135 of which were cars. They had 9 new 2014 Corvette Stingrays and 39 new 2014 Camaros.

Ed Bozarth traces his automotive history back to his father who established a Philips 66 gas station in 1927 just south of Topeka, Kansas. In 2010 Ed brought the circle complete when he bought Bill Koback Buick GMC in Topeka, Kansas and renamed it Ed Bozarth Chevrolet Buick GMC. See the story under KANSAS Dealers.

Ed Bozarth has other Colorado locations in Aurora, Grand Junction as well as one in Las Vegas, Nevada. For those of you who are interested in codes, GM assigned zone 10 to Denver, CO.


BURGESS MOTOR CO (Ford), Castlerock, CO

Burgess Motor Co was a Ford dealer located at 414 Wilcox, Castlerock, Colorado during the 1960s. Dealer # 76A461


COOK CHEVROLET & SUBARU, Craig, CO 970-744-3636

dealer cook chev craig co logo

Cook Chevrolet & Subaru is located at 1776 W Victory Way, Craig, Colorado. Cook Chevrolet website states that they were established in 1972 although the Better Business Bureau quotes a 1962 incorporation date. This may refer to a prior Chevy dealer that Cook bought out. Scott Cook is president and Larry Cook is vice president.

Cook also carries the Subaru lineup. In spring, 2015 Cook had 40 new vehicles in stock, 10 of which were cars including 2 new 2015 Camaro SSs.

Cook has a second location in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.


COOK CHEVROLET JEEP SUBARU, Steamboat Springs, CO (970) 824-8418

Cook Chevrolet-Jeep-Subaru is located at W Highway 40, Steamboat Springs, Colorado


COURTESY MOTORS INC (Ford), Littleton, CO  (Mustang High Country Special)

Courtesy Motors Inc was a Ford dealership located on 5850 South Broadway in Littleton, Colorado. They were of sufficient size to throw in their lot with other volume dealers to take out a full page ad in the paper announcing the new 1968 Mustang High Country Special. The location is now an Acura dealer called Courtesy Acura.



Dodge City Inc was located at 7700 West Colfax Denver Colorado.


DOENGES-GLASS INC (Ford), Aurora, CO (Mustang High Country Special)

Doenges-Glass Inc was a Ford dealership formed from the dissolution of Doenges-Long Ford (which splintered off into Phil Long Ford). Within 4 years of the split, Doenges-Glass was still a force to be reckoned with. They were of sufficient size to throw in their lot with other volume dealers to take out a full page ad in the paper announcing the new 1968 Mustang High Country Special. Phil Long Ford had meanwhile grown by such leaps and bounds that they were able to stock 50 Highland Specials on their lot. Doenges Glass Ford Acres is the name the dealership became in later years. It was located at 90 Havana, Aurora, Colorado. Havana Street is known as 'car guy street' on the stretch running from East 6th south to Dartmouth Ave. The street was christened Havana Motor Mile by the Havana Business Improvement District.


DOENGES-LONG FORD (1946-1964- became Doenges-Glass and Phil Long Ford)

Doenges-Long Ford was formed in 1946 by R. Doenges and Philip Long who purchased Vollmer Brothers Ford and renamed it. In 1964 the partnership was dissolved and the individual dealers formed Doenges-Glass and Phil Long Ford.


JOHN ELWAY FORD, Wheat Ridge, CO (formerly Johnnie Harper Motors)

John Elway Ford was located on 38th Avenue in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. This was the former location of Johnnie Harper Motors. It was briefly known as Go West Ford before closing in 2010 after the widespread dealer cutbacks.


FARLAND-BUELL CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH, Denver, CO (also dealt Ferraris)

dealer farland buell chrysler denver co logo

Farland-Buell Chrysler Plymouth was located at 1000 Broadway in Denver, Colorado. The owners were Adolfo 'Fo' Farland and Temple Buell Jr. In addition to the Chrysler franchise, Fo and Temple had a long history in racing sponsorship and became Ferrari dealers from 1967 to 1969. The partners also collected antique cars. Fo's son Jack Farland worked in the dealership and now owns Classic Restoration in Denver, Colorado.


GO WEST FORD, Wheat Ridge, CO (formerly John Elway Ford)

Go West Ford was located on 38th AVe, Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Go West took over the location from John Elway Ford who in turn replaced Johnny Harper Ford. Go West closed in 2010 following the dealer purges sparked by the crash in 2008.


GOLDEN MOTORS INC (Ford), Golden, CO  (Highland Special Mustang/ Ski Country Specials)

Golden Motors Inc was a Ford dealership located in Golden, Colorado. They participated in a full page ad for the Highland Special Mustang as well as the Ski Country Special dealer cars.


WILLIAM GOODRO INC (Ford), Denver, CO/ drag sponsor, dealer specialty cars

William Goodro Inc was a Ford dealer located at 2121 South Colorado Blvd in Denver, Colorado during the 1960s. William Goodro was born March 1, 1922 and ran a Chrysler dealership before establishing Bill Goodro Ford.

Goodro sponsored drag racing Fairlane D stock 289s, Torinos and of course, Mustangs. His racing team was named "The Ford Boys". Bill Goodro died May 5, 1965. His wife Ann Goodro kept the dealership alive as Goodro Ford.

Ann Goodro created her own dealer special named the She Country Mustang which debuted 11:00 AM, Saturday May 6, 1967. In 1968 it was noted that Goodro Ford was highly successful with sales of the Ford specialty Mustang called the High Country Special and Ski Special Mustangs (Goodro sold more volume of these specialty cars than other Denver sales district dealerships). The High Country Special was an offshoot of the California Special Mustang which in turn was inspired by the visuals of the Shelby Mustangs.


JOHNNY HARPER MOTORS (Ford), Wheat Ridge, CO/ (became John Elway Ford)

Johnnie Harper Motors was located at 3765 Wadsworth Blvd., Wheat Ridge, Colorado during the 1960s dealer # 76B007. They sold the Highland Special Mustang.


HOVER MOTORS INC. (Ford), Denver, CO  (Highland Special Mustang)

Hover Motors Inc was a Ford dealer located at 2985 Federal Blvd, Denver, Colorado during the 1960s. Dealer # 76B001. Hover Motor Company was established in the 1930s by Charles S Hover who was the son of prominent businessman William A Hover who ran a large pharmacy. The dealership gimmick was the slogan: "The sharpest pencil in town" and this was also printed onto pencils that were giveaways. Hover distributed some of the Highland Special Mustangs. In 1979 Hover Ford, relocated to a site on Arapahoe Road near Interstate 25 but closed shortly after this in 1981.

Robert W. Hover was also invovled in the car business; running a used car lot in Colorado Springs named Hover Motor Company from the 1930s until the 1970s.


KUMPF LINCOLN MERCURY, Englewood, CO (Kenz & Leslie 777 dragster/ became Landmark Lincoln)

Kumpf Lincoln Mercury was located at 5000 South Broadway, Englewood, Colorado. Englewood is a suburb of Denver. The Kumpf dealership traces back to 1919. During the 1960s and early 1970s Kumpf sponsored the Kenz and Leslie Performance shop's racing efforts with various versions of the Mercury Cougar. The Cougar was owned by Ron Leslie named the High Country Cougar. Kumpf also sponsored the Wynn's 777 dragster.The Cougar used the SOHC 'Cammer' 427 with a blower to get down the quarter in a hurry. Ed Leslie drove for Team Cougar.

The Kenz and Leslie team switched to a Comet when the Cougar body gained substantial size for the 1971 model year. They later set a land speed record as well.

Kumpf was renamed Landmark Lincoln and proudly notes that they are the only independent Lincoln dealer in Colorado.

In 1969 Kumpf Motor Company released a dealer special 1969 Cougar named the Kumpf/ Kenz & Leslie Special which had a 428 CJ and was displayed in showroom for Nov 1 and 2 along with their sponsored funny car


LAKEWOOD FORDLAND, Lakewood, CO (formerly known as Fordland) 888-791-0028

Fordland, Lakewood, CO  (1962- became Lakewood Fordland- Highland Special Mustang)

Lakewood Fordland is located at 11596 West 6th Ave, Lakewood, Colorado. The dealership has been family owned since it was established in 1962 at 11000 Colfax, Lakewood, Colorado. Success spurred a move to the current larger premises. In the 1960s the dealership was large enough to merit inclusion in a full page ad sponsored by high volume dealers selling the Highland Special Mustang. The current owner is Robert L. Liedel. In fall 2013 they had a large inventory of 486 new vehicles, including 10 Mustangs.


LANDMARK LINCOLN, Englewood, CO (formerly Kunpf Lincoln Mercury) 303-761-1560

Landmark Lincoln is located at 5000 South Broadway, Englewood, Colorado which a suburb of Denver. The dealership traces its lineage back to the days of Kumpf Lincoln Mercury which reaches all the way back to 1919. David C. Barth was listed as president sometime after he came aboard in 1978. He is a partner in the business and is new car manager. The website mentions that several employees are second generation employees. Tom Daniels is the current president. As of fall 2013 they had 89 new vehicles in stock.


PHIL LONG FORD INC, Colorado Springs, CO/ 888-524-1984 (another location in Denver, CO)

Phil Long Ford Motor City is located at 1212 Motor City Drive, Colorado Springs, Colorado. Philip Long was born in 1918 in Ponca City, Oklahoma. A move to St. Louis, Missouri for high school and college culminated with graduation from Principia Academy in 1940. Following a year of law studies at the University of Michigan, Philip enlisted in WWII as a Hellcat fighter pilot in the South Pacific flying over 120 missions from the USS Enterprise. Lieutenant Commander Philip Long received the Air Medal; a Gold Star and a Presidential Citation.

One month after his September 1945 honorable discharge he and R. Doenges purchased Vollmer Brothers Ford. Doenges-Long Ford lasted until 1964, when Philip bought out Doenges. At this time Philip renamed the dealership Phil Long Ford, Inc. and relocated the dealership to 1212 Fountain Creek Blvd. (Years later Fountain Creek Blvd was renamed Motor City Drive) The Ford dealer code # was 76C463.

The success of this move can be inferred from a newspaper ad Phil Long Ford ran in 1968 announcing that they had 50 High Country Special 1968 Mustangs in stock. The High Country was a derivative of the California Special which had been created for the Southern California market using Shelby appearance items. The scope of the volume he was doing can be deduced from the fact that when the California Special Mustangs were distributed, the highest volume dealers received the biggest shipments. With only 250 High Country Mustangs planned for production, its apparent that Phil Long Ford was a prime mover. Philip Long passed away in August of 2001.

The company is currently run by Jay Cimino. Jay was born in 1936 in Trinidad, Colorado. After high school and the Marine Corp., Jay attended Trinidad Community College in Colorado, receiving his Associates degree followed by a Bachelor's Degree in Business Admin at the University of Denver.

After marriage to Emily Roitz Jay became Territory Manager for BF Goodrich. In the 1960s he worked his way up to New Car Manager at Jess Hunter Ford. In 1972 he became General Manager and Partner of the Santa Fe Buick, Pontiac, GMC dealership until 1975. Philip Long brought in Jay Cimino as his partner, general manager and eventually company CEO of Phil Long Ford.

Phil Long dealerships went into partnership with Colorado Springs Police Dept. The dealer technicians rebuilt the Crown Victoria Cruisers which saved the City budget a substantial amount. Jay has carried forth the Phil Long Community Fund as well as being involved in other philanthropic pursuits. The dealership had 470 new vehicles in stock as of fall 2013, including 21 new Mustangs. Phil Long Ford of Denver is located at 7887 W Tufts Ave, Denver, Colorado.



Marsh-Wimbush Inc was located at 850 Bannock Street in Denver, Colorado. Joseph Marsh was the president of the company in the 1950s. In the 1960s they were a large enough volume dealer to join forces with the other major players to take out a full page ad for the new 1968 Mustang High Country Special.

An interesting Gold 1970 Mustang Coupe came up for sale. The Mustang was originally ordered for the dealership owner's wife Lorraine Wimbush in 1969. She drove it for 5 years only logging 18,478 miles. When Lorraine died the Mustang went into the Wimbush estate and dry storage until a farmer bought it in 1989. It was kept in a barn until August 2008. Less than 500 miles were added in that time bringing the total to 18,931 miles. The Mustang has the original paint and Remington Bias Belted tires and Ford rims on the car. The tires were manufactured in the 41st week of 1969. The car was built on November 21st, 1969. The VIN# is 0F01H133731. The Mustang has a 351 Windsor two barrel, automatic and 2.75:1 axle. The car was listed for $18,850.00 which works out to a dollar per mile!



dealer roger mauro chrysler lakewood denver co

Roger Mauro Chrysler Plymouth was located on on West Colfax, Denver- Lakewood, Colorado. Roger Mauro was born in Colorado and caught the racing bug after his brother, Johnny, finished 8th in the 1948 Indianapolis 500 driving an Alfa Romero. His brother Chuck competed in midget car races.

Roger promoted midget car racing while running a Rambler dealership in his home 'Little Italy' neighborhood at 41st & Tejon in North Denver, Colorado. Roger switched to Chrysler and later branched out to Fiat and Triumph across the street at Roger Mauro Imports at 8200 W Colfax Ave. The Chrysler dealership was known variously as Roger Mauro Chryslerville and Roger Mauro Chrysler Plymouth.

Roger eventually entered a midget car in the races placing 3rd in 1970, with Dave Strickland driving in the United States Auto Club National Championship Auto Racing Series. Starting in 1973, Roger's car won the Rocky Mountain Midget Auto Racing Championship 4 times in a row. In the 1970s Roger opened a Ferrari dealership on Colfax.

A June 1, 1980 newspaper article spelled out the end of the Chrysler dealership. Warren Goldberg, sales manager for Roger Mauro Chryslerville was giving away a used 1979 Chrysler to every person who purchased a new or slightly used 1979 demonstrator. "We've tried rebates, discounts and everything else, and still we're not moving cars," Goldberg said. The dealership carried the deal until 30 demonstrators were sold. List prices for the new cars ranged from $9,567.00 to $11,300.00.

Roger was on vacation in Hawaii and snorkeling in Hanauma Bay on the east side of Oahu and suffered a fatal heart attack.


O'MEARA FORD, Northglenn, CO (1913)/ 800-644-6072

O'Meara Ford is located at 400 W. 104th Ave., Northglenn, Colorado. The dealership has been independently owned and operated since Dec 1913 which makes it the oldest Ford dealership in Colorado. Variously known as O'Meara-Green Motor Co, O'Meara-Young Motor Co, the giant current complex is known as O'Meara Ford Center. O' Meara Ford's high ranking status was evident in their placement as the first dealer listed in a full page ad taken out by Ford dealers promoting the new High Country Special Mustang. Brian O'Meara is a fourth generation O'Meara currently serving as president of the company. His sons are fifth generation employees of the business.

The current location has wi-fi and even a restaurant to keep car shoppers comfortable. Around the site the dealer has built a 22 acre exhibit of Colorado sights accessible by electric golf cart. The service department is billed as the largest of its type in the USA. The inventory as of fall 2013 was impressive; 393 new vehicles, 106 of which were cars. Of the cars, 8 of these were new 2014 Mustangs, including two Shelby GT500s VIN numbers 1ZVBP8JZ3E5261114 and 1ZVBP8JZ2E5254719.


GENE PALMROSE MOTORS (Ford), Wray, CO (Highland Special Mustang)

Gene Palmrose Motors was located at 341 Adams Street in Wray, Colorado and has been documented as a dealer that sold Highland Special Mustangs.


POLLARD FRIENDLY MOTOR CO (Pontiac Jeep Eagle), Boulder, CO/ 888-314-9689

POLLARD FRIENDLY MOTOR CO (Ford), Denver, CO (1968 Mustang High Country Special)

Pollard Friendly Motor Co was a Ford dealership located on South Broadway in Denver, Colorado. They were of sufficient size to throw in their lot with other volume dealers to take out a full page ad in the paper announcing the new 1968 Mustang High Country Special.

Pollard later carried a unorthodox mix of franchises: Pontiac-Jeep-Eagle.

In 2013 the Pollard Friendly Motor Company was a Jeep dealer located at 2360 30th Street, Boulder, Colorado. In fall of 2013 they had 174 new Jeeps in stock.


PORTER PONTIAC INC, Denver, CO (Thom McAn contest GTO traded in here)

Porter Pontiac Inc was located at 945 Broadway, Denver, Colorado during the 1960s and 1970s. The dealership has the distinction of being the dealership chosen by the winner of a Thom McAn contest GTO to trade it in. The winner found her Tiger Gold 1967 400 H.O. car 'too much'. See the full story further down this page on the dealership that took delivery of the GTO; Seifert Pontiac.

John David Porter was born May 30, 1924 in Kansas City, Missouri to Jack H Porter and Freida Ballinger Porter. After graduation from Steams High School in Columbus, NC he joined the US Navy and served in WWII. Starting in 1949 John managed various dealerships. In 1952 a move to Dallas, TX led to general management of Hine Pontiac where he later bought in as co owner. His Pontiac experience led to his own dealership Porter Pontiac. His later career brought him back to Texas for real estate brokerage. John died Dec 17, 2016 in Tyler at age 92.


BOB REED FORD INC, (Highland Special Mustang) Denver, CO

Bob Reed Ford Inc was located at 1100 W. Colfax in Denver, Colorado during the 1960s. The dealership sold copies of the Highland Special Mustang. Ford Dealer code # 76A006.


ROSEN-NOVAK AUTO COMPANY (Ford), Denver, CO (Mustang High Country Special)

Rosen-Novak Auto Company was a Ford dealership located on E Colfax in Denver, Colorado. They were of sufficient size to throw in their lot with other volume dealers to take out a full page ad in the paper announcing the new 1968 Mustang High Country Special. The company is now a used car dealership under the name Rosen Novak Company, located at 1478 Birch Street, Denver, Colorado. The current president is Justyn Rosen.



Seifert Pontiac Inc was located at 6300 East Colfax Avenue, Denver, Colorado. The dealer building was desigined by prolific architect Charles Dunwoody Strong.

In fall of 1966 ad man Jim Wangers devised a tie in between Thom McAn shoes and Pontiac. These shoes were popular with teens and advertised on AM radio. By giving away GTOs in the contest the very same people who would be interested in a GTO were exposed to them via the contest.

One of the Thom McAn contest winners took delivery of her new 1967 GTO from Seifert. 72 contest winners were awarded Tiger Gold GTOs. The winner of the Seifert car found the Tiger Gold car with red fenderliners too extreme and traded it in at Porter Pontiac for a more sedate looking car. The Tiger Gold car was built Nov 10, 1966 and included 400 H.O.,  M20 Wide Ratio 4 speed and Saf-T-Track 3.55 axle. Heavy duty springs and shocks power steering and power front discs keep that power on the road. Inside a walnut shift knob, custom sport steering wheel and clock spruced things up.

The GTO was sold to Rito Vargas who kept it until it was stolen in 1979. When recovered the engine was damaged and Rito lost interest. The car was in a salvage yard when Bryan Stumbaugh discovered it in 1992. He eventually learned that this was 1 of only 2 surviving contest cars known to exist and it was fully restored. The car sold at auction Jan, 2008 for $110,250.00.

A racing group also ordered several 1969 Pontiac Trans Ams through Seifert. See a story of a 1969 Trans Am delivered to Seifert in the TRAVEL STORIES of this websites. Look in the DESTINATIONS folder for The OOCC CORVETTE TRIP Part 2 Survivor Car Show.


SHANE MOTORS CO. (Chrysler), Denver, CO

Shane Motors Co. was located at 501 E. 17th Avenue, Denver, CO


SUSS BUICK GMC, Aorora, CO (1980)/ 866-613-3329

Suss Buick GMC is located at 1301 South Havana Street in Aorora, Colorado. Havana Street is a dealership row known as 'car guy street' that was rechristened Havana Motor Mile by the Havana Business Improvement District. The dealership was established in 1980 by Jim Suss. His sons Jim Suss, jr and Paul Suss began working in the dealership that first year in the parts department. Paul Suss is now the president and owner of the dealership. As of fall 2013 the dealership had 165 new vehicles in stock, 91 of which were Buicks.


VOLLMER BROTHERS FORD, (became Doenges-Long Ford)

Vollmer Brothers Ford lasted until 1946 when it became Doenges-Long Ford.


WELD COUNTY GARAGE (1901), Greeley, CO/ formerly Pontiac Buick GMC 970-373-4487

Weld County Garage is a Buick GMC dealer located at 2699 47th Avenue, Greeley, Colorado. The Weld County Garage was established at 8th Avenue and 10th Street in Greeley in 1901 by Donald R. McArthur and became a Buick dealer in 1908. On the same day that General Motors was formed Sep 16, 1908 Weld County Garage expanded to become a GM dealership. For many years the dealership was carrying Pontiac Buick GMC as well as appliances, boats, motorcycles and jet skis. In June 2003 the dealership was located to the current premises. In winter of 2014 they had 242 new vehicles on site, 35 of which were cars.

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