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Writing and photography copyright D. S. Brown. The top logo plate was in use until the 1980s. The sticker logo above is circa 1980s to early 1990s. The logo below is in use for all inventories, with the SVT logo added to some of the Mustangs.  Carter ad copyright Province Newspaper 1966.

Brown Bros Ford Lincoln (1946), Vancouver, BC 604-321-5100

Carter Pontiac Buick

Carter Dodge Chrysler

Coastal Ford Sales Ltd, Vancouver, BC 604-873-2363 (also a Burnaby location)

Dueck Downtown, Vancouver, BC
Dueck on Broadway Ltd, Vancouver, BC- (moved to downtown)
Dueck Burnaby Chevrolet Oldsmobile (195*-68), Burnaby, BC- became Courtesy Chev Olds/ Closed
Dueck on Marine, Vancouver, BC
Dueck Richmond, Richmond, BC
Dueck Landsdowne Pontiac Buick Cadillac GMC Ltd., Richmond, BC

Ensign Pacific Chrysler Dodge Jeep, Vancouver, BC 604 257-8900

Marine Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM, Vancouver, BC/ 866-387-0864

Marine Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM (Downtown), Vancouver, BC/ 866-382-6578


BROWN BROTHERS FORD LINCOLN (1946), Vancouver, BC 604-321-5100




dealer brown bros ford vancouver new logo SVT

Brown Bros Ford began in 1946 in Vancouver, BC at a major intersection: Granville and 41st Avenue. In 1971 expansion motivated a move to 5605 West Blvd at 42nd Avenue, right on the main artery running through Kerrisdale. 1987 saw further expansion and a move to the current location on 270 SE Marine. This large dealer is still family owned and operated.


The Brown Brothers location down on 270 South East Marine in Vancouver, BC has rows of Lincolns and pickups. Right in the middle of the crowd sits a line of Mustangs. The two with most visual impact sit side by side: a Grabber Blue Metallic Mustang GT and a Yellow Blaze Metallic Tri coat 302 Boss.


The new 2012 302 Boss was introduced in Spring, 2011. The $48,199 (MSRP) 2012 Boss fits between the $38,699 (MSRP) GT and the $58,999 (MSRP) Shelby GT500 in terms of price and horsepower, but it isn't really a middle step so much as a sidestep. Like the original racer inspired Boss 302 its engine revs like crazy with all the horsepower up top, while the GT is more street oriented, packing slightly more torque. In keeping with its race ready image, the new Boss is the best handling factory Mustang of all time according to the Ford tech people.

dealer-brown-bros-dealer-302-back: For the sharp eyed who spotted the 'used' plate on this Boss, yes, this is a used car with 100 miles on the odometer. Imagine buying a 100 mile Boss back in 1970.... Assuming my site will still be up and running 30 years from now, all the future collectors will want to know the VIN which is as follows: 1ZVBP8CU1C5203047.

First three digits tell us this is an 'Automotive Alliance International Ford passenger car'. Digits four to eight mean 'B' active belts and airbags, 'P4' is the usual Mustang code, but since this is a special edition, 'P8C' means Boss Mustang. 'U' is the 302 engine. Ninth digit is a check digit. Tenth digit 'C' means 2012. Eleventh digit '5' indicates the Flat Rock, Michigan factory. 203,047 is the sequential number.

The window sticker tells us that this car was shipped out Feb 21, 2011 by rail with the usual Boss 302 MSRP of 40,145.00 US dollars. The Yellow Blaze Metallic paint added $495.00 to the tab. Recaro sport seats and Helical Diff added $1,995.00. Boss package car cover was $495.00. Adding $850.00 delivery takes the total to $43,960.00 US funds. Used condition drops the price from $58,991 Canadian to $49,998.00 Canadian- close to where a non optioned base 302 is priced before the delivery fee and options kick in.

This one has a Char Black cloth interior with a back seat. The Laguna Seca editions of the 2012 Boss 302s have no backseat (it's been awhile since the 1965 Shelby GT350 which also had no backseat). The 2012 Laguna Seca has an X brace for improved handling instead of a seat. The Laguna is basically a track ready car. But even the basic Boss is a capable performer. This Boss 302 has a six speed, a tach redlined for 7,500 RPM, and Recaro front seats.


Tim Brown, the current owner of Brown Brothers Ford (third generation family owner) raced a Boss 302 back in the 1970s and currently races a 2001 Cobra R Mustang. He has a second one that is maintained in factory condition for driving. Only five of these Cobra Rs were imported into Canada. The Brown Brothers dealership fielded a racing car during the 1960s. It was a 1965 Mustang Shelby GT 350 R code factory racer which won five international championships.

The west side of the Brown Brothers lot is seen here from the side street up above on the Superstore parkade which sits a block back from Marine.


Below is a 2013 Performance White Mustang Boss 302 in the showroom

2013 boss 302 perf white brown bros ford van bc

A Shelby is visible behind it to the right. Out front the whole dealership is a sea of new Mustangs. This 2013 Mustang GT is painted Candy Red Metallic Tinted clearcoat. The VIN 1ZVBP8CFXD5212221 indicates this is a 2013 GT built in Flat Rock, Michigan.

2013 mustang gt red candy brown bros front

It was shipped by rail to Brown Brothers April 5, 2012. The 5.0 L engine is teamed to a 6 speed manual shifter. The options are minimal: $100.00 excise tax, $300.00 paint job, $140.00 block heater, $700.00 for reverse assist/ security system, and $600.00 for 18 inch aluminum wheels. MSRP totals $42,639.00. Note the cooling slots in the hood.

2013 mustang gt red candy brown bros rear

The 2013 Mustang parked beside to the left of the red GT is a Deep Impact Blue V6 model VIN 1ZVBP8AM6D5222679 and it was shipped to Brown Brothers May 2, 2012. A 6 speed automatic transmission adds $1,400.00 to the price. Throw in excise tax and block heater and the MSRP stays reasonable at $27,139.00.

2013 mustang v6 deep impact blue brown bros front

The wheels on this V6 are 17 inches with P215/65R17 all season tires mounted. Note the smooth hood where the GT receives the louvers. The regular Mustang receives the 'horse' logo gas cap instead of the GT cap. Dual exhaust exits from rear valance cut outs like the GT but without the chrome tips.

2013 mustang v6 deep impact blue brown bros rear

The Mustang V6 parked beside the Deep Impact Blue 2013 model is a 2012 which provides a convenient method of comparing styling variations between the 2 model years. The most obvious difference is that the 2012 has a sharper leading edge on the hood. The 2012 Mustang is painted the same Candy Red Metallic used on the 2013 GT we just looked at further up the page.

2012 mustang v6 red brown bros ft

This 2012 Mustang V6 is VIN 1ZVBP8AM2C5219731 and it was shipped out by rail to Advantage Ford in Calgary April 28, 2011. At some point it was traded to Brown Brothers. The typical options are present: excise tax, 6 speed automatic, rear park assist/ security, block heater, plus the $300.00 extra for the paint job. MSRP is $32,749.00. Note the simpler tail lights on the 2012 when compared to the darker and subtle effect created in the 2013 rear end treatment.

2012 mustang v6 red brown bros rear

Here we have 2 Mustang V6s lined up side by side. The 2013 on the left is VIN 1ZVBP8AMXD5219963. Note the different hood front end treatment compared to the 2012 where the hood lip extends over the grille.

dealer brown bros 13 and 12 red mustangs front

The blacked in rear treatment with the tail liights really changes the rear panel on the 2013 when contrasted with the 2012.

dealer brown bros 13 and 12 red mustangs rear


Carter Pontiac Buick Ltd, (1963) 877-714-8220


This dealership is still going strong to date. The Carter dealer plate was seen all over the Lower Mainland for many years. Carter Pontiac Buick Ltd was located at 5799 West Broadway in the 1960s. Carter also had a used car lot located further down the street at 525 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC. Below is a 1966 Province newspaper ad for Carter's used lot.

dealer carter pont buick used car lot vancovuer bc 66 ad

Carter expanded and has many businesses listed under the umbrella of the name Carter Automotive Family. As of 2011 there are two dealers for Chevrolet:


Carter Chevrolet in North Vancouver, BC (1998) and Carter Chevrolet in Port Coquitlam, BC. The Carter Pontiac Buick Ltd. Burnaby, BC location has been at 4550 Lougheed Hwy for decades now. The demise of Pontiac forced a name change to Carter GM.

For those of you who are interested in dealer codes, GM assigned zone 81 to Vancouver, British Columbia.




Carter has also branched out of the strictly GM circles with a dealership in Burnaby, BC called Carter Dodge. Carter Dodge Chrysler LTD was located at 4650 Lougheed Highway which is right next door to their long standing Carter Pontiac Buick Location. Carter Dodge Chrysler was incorporated Jun 4, 1987, taking over Brentwood Dodge Ltd which had its beginning Jan 26, 1960 as Brentwood Dodge- DeSoto Ltd.


They also run a glass shop and a motorcycle dealership as well as a Carter Honda in Vancouver, BC.

To see the story of a 1967 Pontiac Beaumont that was bought new from Carter and then traded back into them 20 years later see the story in the GAS LOGS section of the TRAVEL STORIES on this website.


COASTAL FORD SALES LTD, Vancouver, BC 604-873-2363

(COASTAL FORD SALES, Burnaby, BC 604-294-6525)

dealer coastal ford logo vancouver bc

Coastal Ford Sales Ltd in Vancouver, BC is located at 530 Evans Avenue which is a block north of Terminal Avenue.

Coastal Ford Sales in Burnaby is located at 5750 Lougheed Highway.

coastal ford vancouver bc license frame

The Vancouver, BC location sold this 2013 Mustang Boss 302. The new owner of the Boss 302 had informed several local dealers that the first one to turn up a Schoolbus Yellow Boss 302 had a sale. His car was shipped out by rail from Flat Rock, MI July 9, 2012. Coastal located it and swapped for it and had it trailered in. The owner told me that its been a great all season driver and actually economical to run. EPA states that city mileage is 21 MPG city and 36 MPG highway. Its a true daily driver that can be taken to a racetrack if desired.

2013 mustang boss 302 sold thru coastal ford van

Note that the black reflective Boss stripes glow almost white when hit with a standard camera indoor flash. When the happy new owner fired it up in the enclosed parkade it had a great rumble. The base $39,299.00 GT price leaps up by $9,500.00 when the Boss package is added. The Boss option adds a unique engine cover with production number plate, black rear decklid spoiler, black painted aluminum wheels (19"x 9" front and 19"x 9.5" rear) with summer performance tires, H.I.D. headlights, AM/FM, CD, MP3 etc, electric power steering, unique black shift knob and non lighted sill plate, manual adjustable front seats with the Boss logo, unique quad side or rear exhaust, 3.73:1 axle and of course the stripes. This Boss, like most of them also has the $1,900.00 Recaro sport seats and Helical axle package, too. Federal excise tax $100.00 and Boss car cover and fur mats add $800.00 for a total MSRP of $53,099.00.

2013 mustang boss 302 sold by coastal ford van

The Vancouver and Burnaby locations list their inventory together. In spring, 2014 the Vancouver and Burnaby locations of Coastal had 364 new vehicles in stock. The breakdown is 123 new trucks, 106 new cars, 101 new SUVs, 26 new crossovers, 8 new hybrids. Of the new cars, 16 were new 2014 Mustangs. They also had this fresh looking used Oxford White 2013 Mustang Premium convertible V6 on the front portion of the lot facing out onto Terminal Avenue.

dealer coastal ford van terminal

The prefix VIN number is 1ZVBP8EM9D5******. For some reason Coastal wishes to leave out the last numbers.

13 mustang cv v6 coastal van

Despite looking so new the odometer actually reads 34,122 kilometers. Its equipped with the 3.7L V6 24V MPFI DOHC engine and a 6-Speed automatic. They want $27,595.00 for the car.

13 mustang cv v6 int coastal van

Below is a shot taken at the corner of Thornton Street and Evans Ave which is the official 'front' entrance to the Coastal lot.

dealer coastal ford van evans


DUECK GM, Vancouver, BC

dealer dueck GM vancouver logo

Dueck Downtown, Vancouver, BC
Dueck on Broadway Ltd, Vancouver, BC- moved to downtown
Dueck Burnaby Chevrolet Oldsmobile (195*-68), Burnaby, BC- became Courtesy Chev Olds/ Closed
Dueck on Marine, Vancouver, BC
Dueck Richmond, Richmond, BC
Dueck Landsdowne Pontiac Buick Cadillac GMC Ltd., Richmond, BC


The metal badge above was used on Dueck cars sold in the 1980s.


Still in business this large dealership has branched out from its beginnings in 1926 to create several locations throughout the Lower Mainland of Vancouver, BC, Canada. As of 2012 there are three locations: Terminal Avenue in Vancouver, S.E. Marine in Vancouver, and one in Richmond, BC.

DUECK ON BROADWAY, Vancouver, BC /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Dueck's location on 1305 West Broadway named Dueck on Broadway Ltd was huge during the 1960s. At this time, most dealers were situated in this section of Broadway. All the dealers moved out and little remains to remind us that this was an 'auto row' at one time. A "Toys R Us" location was created in the remnants of the "Bow Mac" dealership on Broadway. The huge Bow Mac vertical sign was left standing with the new "Toys R Us" sign placed over top of it. Otherwise no hint remains of the line of dealers that used to dominate this street.

A One Owner Collector Car reader, David Lambdin up north in Alaska currently owns a 1964 Corvette that was sold from Dueck back in 1963. The Vette made its way through British Columbia and Alberta as it changed hands ending up in Alaska. The Riverside Red Vette was produced in St. Louis, Missouri on Sep 19, 1963. The shipping date Sep 23, 1963 sent the Vette on its way from St. Louis all the way to Dueck on Broadway in Vancouver, BC. The coupe VIN #40837S100315 decodes to a fairly early sequence number.

dealer dueck vancouver 64 vette lambdin

Dave purchased the Corvette in September, 2012 in Anchorage, AK and has successfully traced through previous owners back to 1976 when the Vette was in Calgary, Alberta. Any of our readers with knowledge about that first 12 years of this car's life are asked to contact David Lambdin, 3106 HPR, Sitka, AK 99835 (907) 623-0973. He would really appreciate any information about these 'lost years' of his car.

Another reader, Juistino Pace is hoping readers might recognize his latest acquisition and provide some history. The car is a 427/ 425 HP 1966 Corvette hardtop. The Vintage Vehicles GM research turned up this basic information:

VIN 194376S106398= production date Dec 8, 1965, shipped to Duecks on Broadway.

988 milano maroon paint/ 402 black leather trim/ same model imported for sale in Canada= 172.

For those of you who are interested in dealer codes, GM assigned zone 81 to Vancouver, British Columbia. 84 - Winnipeg, Manitoba

DUECK BURNABY CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE, Burnaby, BC //////////////////////////////////////////////

Back in the 1960s when Dueck had a spot on dealer row on Broadway, they expanded to Burnaby, BC with a dealership located at 5400 Kingsway named Dueck Burnaby Chevrolet Oldsmobile. This dealership was sold off in 1968 and renamed Courtesy Chevrolet Oldsmobile. Eventually Jim Pattison Auto Group bought it. See the story filed under BC/BURNABY.

DUECK DOWNTOWN, Vancouver, BC /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

In 2001 Dueck took over the Paul Fong Pontiac Buick dealership on 7th Avenue and Cambie Street (see the story on this dealer in the BC/VANCOUVER Defunct Dealers Remembered section).  Dueck renamed it Dueck Pontiac Buick GMC, then simply shortened the name to Dueck Downtown. This dealership was relocated in 2004 to Terminal Avenue where it remains today. Below is a shot of the Terminal Avenue location as seen from Terminal standing close to the Home Depot lot.

dealer dueck terminal

In spring, 2014 the Terminal location which is beside a large Home Depot was getting a lot of action.

DUECK ON MARINE, Vancouver, BC ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

The main Dueck location was moved down from Broadway to 86 S.E. Marine Drive at the start of the 1980s and later moved further east to a larger facility at the turn of the century located at 400 S.E. Marine Drive.

dealer dueck-badge-90s

Dueck GM on Marine has a huge parts supply. A friend who is a dyed in the wool GM nut was able to buy trim pieces for 20 and 30 year old cars from Dueck's parts supply on Marine for less than the cost of reproduction parts.


Like most dealers, Dueck switched from drilling holes in trunk lids to accept the metal dealer plate to applying the plate with glue. Eventually the metal plates gave way to plastic ones or stickers, and finally to plastic license plate surrounds.


Below is a shot of the entrance way to the Marine location seen from Marine Drive in 2013.

dealer dueck GM marine vancouver bc driveway

Going up the side street provides this view of the service area.


These shots show the West corner of the Marine Drive location as seen from a side street.


Below is a shot showing part of the huge complex down on Marine Drive seen from across Marine Drive.


Below is a night shot of the dealership east corner facing Marine Drive.

dealer dueck marine east corner night van bc

The photo  below gives an idea of the huge multi level parking area for inventory which is attached to the east end of the Dueck's building.

dealer dueck GM marine vancouver bc inventory parkade

Parked on the top level of this inventory lot at the start of 2013 there were some hot Camaros flanking a Corvette. The 2010 Corvette VIN is 1G1YG3DW7A5109860 and it carried a used price of $59,900.00.

2010 corvette black duecks vancouver bc

Note the box attached to the driver's window which resembles the speaker from an old drive-in. This is some form of security device to prevent theft.

2010 corvette black duecks vancouver bc rear

Parked beside the Vette sits a 45th Anniversary 2012 Camaro 2SS convertible VIN number 2G1FK3DJ6C9111583.

2012 camaro 45 ann logo dueck

The 45th package was applied to both V6 and V8 Camaros and available on both high trim level (2LT or 2SS) coupes and convertibles. The package added badges and small hood and trunk-lid stripes along with 20-inch wheels, spoiler, and HID headlamps.

2012 Camaro 45th Anniversary black dueck front

The hood scoop stripe is applied to one half of the top of the hood scoop.

2012 camaro 45 ann hood stripe dueck

The 45th Anniversary package logo is also added to seats, dash, instrument panel, steering wheel, and sill plates. The same red, white and blue USA themed colors seen in the steel outside logo are mimicked inside the car as trim on the seats, steering wheel, shifter, armrests, and center console. The colors tie into the long standing association in Chevrolet advertising between Chevy and apple pie America. Note that the red stripe on the rear trunk is also placed off center on the driver's side like the hood stripe.

2012 camaro 45 ann rear dueck

DUECK RICHMOND, Richmond, BC ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

It's impossible to live in Vancouver, BC without seeing a Dueck badge on a car. The Dueck website states that they are the largest GM dealer in Canada. Like many of the larger franchises, Dueck has bought older dealers. On Sep 5, 2001 Dueck took over the franchise from Paul Fong Pontiac Buick GMC Ltd. (1998) renaming it Dueck Pontiac Buick GMC Ltd., later shortened to Dueck Buick GMC Ltd. Nov 5, 2010 because of the death of Pontiac.

Dueck also has a large facility in Richmond right off highway 99. Below you can see the dealer from across the highway.


The shot below is of the North end of the dealership as you exit the highway.


Dueck Richmond gathers the Cadillac inventory at the North corner of the building. The red Cadillac in the right corner of the photo below is a used 2009 Cadillac XLR.

dealer dueck richmond cadillac bldg 09 XLR

The XLR models were built alongside the Corvette in the Bowling Green, Kentucky production plant using the Corvette chassis mated to Cadillac body and the Cadillac Northstar engine.

2009 cadillac XLR dueck richmond side

The real screamer is the XLR-V which includes a supercharged Northstar, but even in naturally aspirated form this is a very fast car. The VIN 1G6YV36AX9560842 decodes:

1G6= USA built General Motors Cadillac division

YV= Cadillac XLR Platinum Package. If the code had been YX that indicates the XLR-V.

3= Convertible

6=Active manual seat belts

A= Northstar 4.6 Litre SFI engine

X= Check digit

9= 2009 Model year

560842= Production sequence number

2009 cadillac XLR dueck richmond rear

Further north in the Richmond, BC area Dueck bought out Landsdowne Pontiac Buick. It is now named Dueck Landsdowne Pontiac Buick Cadillac GMC Ltd.




dealer ensign pacific vancouver bc

Ensign Pacific Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM is located at 216 West 2nd Avenue, Vancouver, BC. This lot was formerly the Downtown Nissan lot. In 2017 the building was refurbished and opened as Ensign Pacific. The Ensign name traces back to Victoria BC and Ensign Chrysler which was bought out by the Harris Auto Group.

In Spring, 2017 the lot had 121 new vehicles in stock, 3 of which were cars. They had a new 2017 Pitch Black Dodge Challenger 392 HEMI Scat Pack Shaker Coupe. The 6.4L SRT HEMI V8 w/FuelSaver MDS runs through an 8-Speed TorqueFlite Performance Automatic. VIN is 2C3CDZFJ1HH600902. They also had two new 2017 Chrysler 200 LX sedans for sale.


MARINE CHRYSLER DODGE JEEP RAM, Vancouver, BC/ 866-387-0864

dealer marine chrysler vancouver license frame

Marine Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM is located at 450 SE Marine Drive, Vancouver, BC. Marine Chrysler was established in 1993 and has a second location on Main Street. This sandwhich borad below uses their older logo which was phased out during  renovation mandated by Chrysler.

dealer marine chrysler vancouver bc sandwhich sign

Note below that Marine has retained the 'Pentastar' logo on their blue Dodge sign. This logo has been killed and revived during various takeovers of the corporation.

dealer marine chrysler vancouver bc day

In the photo above the you can see where the far right corner of the Marine Chrysler building joins with a large multi level parking area for car storage. Dueck GM uses this for some of their inventory. Marine parks their inventory in back of the Marine building.

dealer marine chrysler vancouver at night

The photo below is somewhat typical of the offerings usually found on this lot: minivans and Jeeps. This is the bread and butter of the brand these days despite the halo effect of the Charger and Challenger. Many other dealers have basically transformed into Fiat dealers with a few token Chryslers parked out back so at least Marine is holding onto the Chrysler products.

dealer marine chrysler vancouver bc vans and jeeps

In 2013 Marine tried to get some action happening by bringing in a bunch of vibrant colored new Dodge Darts. The revival of the Dart seemed to be cashing in correctly on the old Dart name. Now that Plymouth is dead there was no way to revive the Valiant name which has greater recognition. The new Dart is cheap, small, economical and was offered in some retro colors and with some performance packages to lure in the buyers. Unfortunately unlike the Charger it didn't have any visual ties to the original car. If someone could bring back the Dart Sport and make it look like the old car while keeping it small enough it could work. The retro Challenger is held back by its enormous size.

The Dart Rallye painted Redline shown below is a Fiat based vehicle and just doesn't look like a Dodge. It is economical like the old Dart was with a 1.6 Litre 4 cylinder engine. The Rallye package adds turbo to that small engine which continues the tradition of small powerplants packing a punch. In the old days it was the 340 now its the turbo. This Dart has a 6 speed manual transmission. The base Dart offers 17 inch x 7 inch steel wheels with a cover. Preferred package 23T offers the 'Rallye Group' which upgrades wheels to 17 x 7.5 aluminum and adds the Rallye badges, fog lamps, dual exhaust with bright tips, and leather wrapped steering wheel.

2013 dodge dart rallye redline marine chry vanv

In Fall, 2014 Marine Chrysler had 206 new vehicles in stock. 20 of which were cars including 2 new 2015 Challengers, 1 of which is an SXT and the other is an  SXT Plus. One of the Challengers is 'Pitch Black' and the other is 'Phantom Black'.


MARINE CHRYSLER JEEP DODGE RAM (Downtown), Vancouver, BC/ 866-382-6578

dealer marine chrysler vancouver modern license frame

Marine Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM (downtown) is located at 1620 Main Street, Vancouver, BC

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