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Writing and photography copyright D. S. Brown, advertisement copyright Province newspaper, Mander Super Hugger ad copyright Mander Chev Olds. Mander logo photograph copyright and courtesy Juistino Pace, 1969 Purple Cougar research and photos copyright and courtesy Robert Nowland.

Dave Buck Ford Sales Ltd- North Vancouver, BC/ Closed

Carter GM Northshore, North Vancouver, BC 1 (866) 479-9629

Cam Clark Ford Lincoln Ltd, North Vancouver, BC (also Vancouver location)
Destination Chrysler- North Vancouver, BC/ 604-980-3431 (formerly Mountview)

Girvan-Rithcie Motors (Mercury-Lincoln)- North Vancouver, BC/ Closed (became Ritchie)

Dick Irwin, North Vancouver, BC (1969-78)/ Closed

Jubilee Plymouth Chrysler- North Vancouver, BC/ (became Destination Auto Group)

Mander Chev Olds, North Vancouver, BC (19**-1969)/ Closed

Mountview Dodge Chrysler- North Vancouver, BC/ (became Destination Chrysler)
Mountview Motors (AMC)- North Vancouver, BC/ became Mountview Dodge Chrysler
Park Shore BMW- North Vancouver, BC/ 888-783-4811
Regency Pontiac Buick Cadillac- North Vancouver, BC/ Closed
Ridgemont Chrysler Ltd- North Vancouver, BC/ Closed
Ritchie Motors Ltd (Mercury-Lincoln)- North Van, BC/ Closed (formerly Girvan-Rithcie Motors)


DAVE BUCK FORD SALES LTD, North Vancouver, BC (1963-200*) Closed.


Story and photographs copyright D. S. Brown except newspaper ad


Dave Buck Ford Sales Ltd was formed Jan. 7, 1963 with a good location at 1600 Marine Drive in North Vancouver, BC. The Ford dealer code # was B7 097. Company president Dave Buck died in 1986. His wife Marlene Buck took over presidency because she wanted to keep the business in the family. She kept the 95 employee dealership running successfully and drew some attention because she was a female running a dealership. She used this fact as an advantage by emphasizing more attention focused on the wife of potential buyers and of course, female single buyers. Dave Buck Ford closed up shop in 2002. Cam Clark Ford Group took over the location and eventually expanded to a brand new location in the North Vancouver Automalll. The former Dave Buck location sat abandoned for several years afterwards.


CARTER GM NORTHSHORE, North Vancouver, BC 1 (866) 479-9629

dealer carter northshore logo

Carter GM Northshore is located at 800 Automall Drive, North Vancouver, British Columbia. The Carter website states that the Northshore location was established in 1998. The Automall that it is currently located in was built after 2000.

dealer northshore auto mall north van bc entrance

The opening gate of the Automall is situated right at the corner of Carter. One of Carter's hot used vehicles, a 2009 Challenger attracted a lot of attention parked at the front gate to the Automall.

dealer carter gm northshore

In spring, 2014 Carter had 129 new vehicles in stock. 55 of which were cars. They had one new 2014 Camaro in stock, a Silver Ice V6 2LS.

In fall, 2014 Carter had a used 2009 Challenger R/T on display.

dealer carter GM 2009 challenger R T front

The chrome wheels are evocative of the classic style of mag used back in the original musclecar era. Note the Dodge logo in the center cap of the driver's side rear wheel shown below.

dealer carter GM 2009 challenger R T wheel

The Challenger was sold pretty soon after these photos were taken.

dealer carter GM 2009 challenger R T rear

Carter also had a few other ponycar trade ins on their lot including this 2014 black Mustang GT convertible with leather interior, power seats, ABS and automatic transmission. The usual gadgets such as a synch system, bluetooth, climate control, tilt steering, cruise control, and Shaker stereo system. The black GT shows 16,935 kilometers and is priced at $31,780.00.

dealer carter gm northshore 14 mustang w buick

Note the retro themed wedge shape of the front end of the black 2014 Mustang compared to the sleek jellybean aerodynamic modern Buick and Chevrolet parked on either side of it. The recent Mustangs actually have a slight downwards curve to the leading lip of the hood which provides a smidgen less aerodynamic drag than earlier ones where the hood stood even squarer.

dealer carter northshore 14 mustang gt black

The black 2014 Mustang has a green sticker in the window above the yellow stock listing applied by Pro-Techseal which is an Edmonton, Alberta based company. The sticker informs us that the tires are filled with nitrogen and claims this will save up to $300.00 per year in fuel costs. Obviously this is based upon preconceived notions such as 12,000 or 15,000 miles of annual driving and the assumption that the driver is the typical person who rarely maintains tire pressures.

Modern cars have tire pressure monitoring. As soon as the tires drop below a certain level most people would be inclined to inflate them to avoid the annoyance of a constant reminder light lit in the gauge cluster. The fact that nitrogen tires lose pressure at a far slower rate does mean tires that are allowed to lose pressure would be below optimum level for longer periods of time if they were filled with regular air.

Where the nitrogen situation provides an ironclad guarantee of cost saving is with longer tire life. By removing oxygen and water vapor from inside the tires the nitrogen fill results in slower deterioration of the rubber compounds inside the tire and reduced oxidation of the inner wheel metals and tire pressure sensors. The lack of oxygen and water vapor also means less variance in tire pressures due to external temperature changes. The tires will also experience less internal temperature changes. They will run cooler at high speeds and are less likely to wear out at sustained high speeds.

dealer carter northshore white 14 mustang conv

The white Mustang GT is equipped with leather interior, power seats, power windows, power door locks, power mirrors, keyless entry, bluetooth, Sirius radio, alloy wheels, climate control, tilt steering, and cruise control

The rear driver's wheel on the white Mustang GT is a pretty clean 5 spoke design which is a nod back to the good old days of the original musclecar era. Note the pony logo in the center cap.

dealer carter northshore white 14 mustang conv wheel

The used white Mustang GT convertible is priced at $32,780.00 and has 10,708 kilometers.

dealer carter northshore white 14 mustang conv rear

See the story about Carter filed under BRITISH COLUMBIA/ VANCOUVER in this DEALERSHIP section for more information about the original Carter locations.


CAM CLARK FORD LINCOLN LTD, North Vancouver, BC 1 (888) 884-7813


The North Vancouver location of Cam Clark Ford Lincoln was opened in 2002 at the former Dave Buck Ford lot. Cam Clark Ford did well and expanded into a brand new building in the newly constructed Automall along the waterfront at 833 Automall Drive, North Vancouver, BC.

In spring, 2014 the North Vancouver lot had 160 new vehicles, 67 of which were new cars (4 convertibles, 1 coupe, 22 hatchbacks, 40 sedans). They had 4 new 2014 Mustang convertibles (2 each for GT and V6) and 1 new 2014 Mustang coupe (a V6).

dealer cam clark ford linc n van

The Cam Clark Ford group was established in December, 1987 with a dealership opened in Airdrie, Alberta. Cam Clark Ford Group has continued to expand as it now serves customers in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Olds, Alberta, Red Deer, Alberta and the original Airdrie, Alberta location.


DESTINATION CHRYSLER, North Vancouver, BC/  604-980-3431 (formerly Mountview Dodge Chrysler)

dealer destination chry west side of lot

Destination Chrysler is located at 1600 Marine Drive, North Vancouver, British Columbia.


dealer destination chry east side of lot

The dealership was formerly Mountview Dodge-Chrysler which traces its roots back to the time when it was a Rambler/ AMC dealership named Mountview Motors.

Destination Auto Group now owns six dealerships, mainly import dealerships in Vancouver and Burnaby. Destination Auto Group started as part of the Northshore/ Kingsway Auto Family with the founding of Jubilee Plymouth Chrysler and Northshore Nissan in 1983. In 1987 the group expanded via acquisition of Kingsway Honda, Toyota and Mazda from Bill Docksteader. University Toyota was added to the group in 1991. In the 1990s the Kingsway Auto Family became known as Regency Auto Group. Another name change in 2003 rebranded the group as Destination Auto Group.

In fall, 2013 Destination Chrysler had 146 new vehicles in stock, 27 of which were cars. They had one convertible; a 2013 Chrysler 200 convertible. The Challenger musclecars don't seem to be moving too quickly and this is reflected in the fact that there is only one in stock, a 2014 Phantom Black Challenger R/T 5.7 L listed at $48,760.00. The majority of the cars on the lot are Darts with a sprinkling of Avenger, 200 and 300s.

The Challenger situation seemed to be looking up in Spring, 2014 when there were two hot new Challengers parked in the showroom. There were 113 new vehicles in stock, but now 3 of them were new 2014 Challengers (1 High Octane Red R/T, a Pitch Black SRT8 and a Phantom Black SXT).


GIRVAN-RITCHIE MOTORS LTD (Mercury-Lincoln)- North Vancouver, BC/ Closed (became Ritchie)

dealer girvan ritchie ford north van meteor owners

Girvan-Rithcie Motors was a Mercury Lincoln dealer located at 1160 Marine Drive in North Vancouver, BC during the 1960s.. The dealership was initially a partnership. In the mid 1960s Ritchie became sole owner. Originally named Ritchie Motor Sales Ltd as the decade changed to the 1970s the name was shortened to Ritchie Motors Ltd.


DICK IRWIN CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE LTD (1969-78), North Vancouver, BC/ Closed

Dick Irwin Chevrolet Oldsmobile Ltd north van logo

Dick Irwin Chevrolet Oldsmobile Ltd was located at 845 Marine Drive, North Vancouver, British Columbia. Dick Irwin Chevrolet Oldsmobile took over the performance dealership Mander Chev Olds. Dick Irwin was incorporated Feb 7, 1969 and dissolved July 17, 1978. The dealership carried on at the same location under a slightly new name. The dealership is still listed as Dick Irwin Chev-Olds in an Aug 5, 1988 ad for vans in the Richmond Review.


Wisely maintaining the legacy created by Mander Chev Olds, Dick Irwin continued to prominently feature performance as a sales tool. Below is an ad from the 1975 Province newspaper.


The Dick Irwin group currently owns a Mitsubishi dealer in North Vancouver as well as two other dealers in the lower mainland and one in Edmonton, AB. To see a vintage ad that Dick Irwin's predecessor Mander Chev Olds participated in 1966 go to the DEALERSHIP story under BC/ VANCOUVER defunct DEALERS.

To read an indepth history of DICK IRWIN refer to my book LOST MUSCLECAR DEALERSHIPS published by CAR TECH BOOKS INC.


JUBILEE PLYMOUTH CHRYSLER (Destination Auto Group dealer)

dealer jubilee chrysler north van bc logo

Jubilee Plymouth Chrysler was established in either 1983 or 1985 across the street from Northshore Nissan as the second dealership to be added to the growing Northshore/ Kingsway auto family that became known as the Regency Auto Group. Regency rebranded themselves as Destination Auto Group in 2003.

dealer jubilee chrysler north van old logo


MANDER CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE (196*-1969) North Vancouver, BC

dealer mander north van metal plate

Mander Chev Olds was located at 1160  Marine Drive, North Vancouver, BC until August, 1963. In August of 1963 a huge blow out sale was conducted prior to the business was expanded and moving  a brand new location at 845 Marine Drive in North Vancouver, BC.

James Orland Mander was born on September 29, 1923 in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. After a stint in the RCMP followed by service in WWII he followed his passion for cars by opening James Mander Motors in North Vancouver, British Columbia.

dealer mander chev olds 1967 logo north van

Mander soon had a second location also in the North Shore called Mander Chevrolet Oldsmobile. Mander experienced sales success due to a strong emphasis on performance cars. Conroy Buick Pontiac down the street in West Vancouver watched this success and struck back with a dealer conversion car named the Beaumont Cheetah. This inspired the Mander supercar dealer conversion Super Hugger Camaros.

James Mander sold the dealerships in 1969 while sales were still strong and muscle still ruled the streets. The North Shore dealership was taken over by Dick Irwin who carried on with performance oriented stock but unfortunately the musclecar mania dried up and the dealership closed at the end of the 1970s. James Mander died Sep 30, 2006, one day after his 83rd birthday. Below is a 1966 ad that Mander participated in.

chev olds dealers province jul 66

The Mander 'Super Hugger' 427 Camaro was just as ferocious as the Camaros created at the more famous dealer conversion cars from well known dealers in USA. Mander became Dick Irwin Chev Olds in 1969. See the story below.


Mander not only stocked high performance new cars but had a thriving used high performance business. Here is a 427/ 425 HP Corvette that ended up on the Mander lot. It was purchased new in Victoria, BC and once the owner found himself living in the Vancouver area it was only logical for the car to be traded in at one of the premier high performance locations in the Lower Mainland. Thus the Corvette showed up at Mander on their used lot.

66 vette juistino f driver

This Corvette musclecar found its way to the Mander used lot in the late 1960s or early 1970s. Not only is it a 427 but it is also a red convertible. The 425 HP 427 engine made it one of the toughest street cars of 1966 and even years later it was still one of the top dogs.

66 vette juistino 427 driver side

The Corvette was delivered new to Morrison Chevrolet Oldsmobile Ltd in Victoria, BC. See more details and photos of the car in that story filed under BC/ VICTORIA in this DEALERSHIPS section.

66 vette juistino dash

Before selling the car, Mander attached their dealer plate to the rear of the Corvette as shown in the photos below.

66 vette juistino dr mander plate


dealer mander chev olds 66 vette logo

The VIN# of this potent Corvette is 194676S121920. The Corvette stayed with owner number two until 1976 when it appeared at Gladstone Auto Sales 2199 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC. Ron Hall became the third owner of the 1966 Corvette and held onto it over all these years. Juistino recently purchased the 1966 Corvette and would appreciate any help from our readers in discovering the first two owners.

Below is a picture of a restored 1967 Chevelle SS 396 which was bought new from Mander Chev Olds. Plum Crazy Restorations displayed this example of their restoration work at the 2014 Tradex in Abbotsford.

67 chevelle ss 396 mander chev olds front

The original salesman for this 1967 Chevelle SS 396 was Duke McIntyre as attested in this business card shown below saved from the original sale. Duke's dramatic signature appears on the bottom of the sales contract.

dealer mander chev olds bus card north van

The original sales agreement from June 10, 1967 tells us that this Chevelle SS was ordered with a long list of options:

The new owner Melvin crossed the bridge from Vancouver, B.C. likely because of Mander's performance reputation. He traded in a 1964 Pontiac 2 door hardtop. His new Chevelle SS was equipped with L34 Motor, M40 Turbohydromatic auto transmission, positraction, red line tires, heavy duty springs, power front disc brakes, therm fan, sport steering wheel, padded dash, windshield washer, radio, back up lights, undercoat, console, deluxe seat belts, bucket seats, tinted windshield, rear defrost. Total cost rung up to $4,435.00 with $2,000.00 taken off for Melvin's trade-in.

67 chevelle ss mander sales agreement

The rear of the car also shows off the open hood with the simulated hood scoops used in 1967. Note the original 1967 license plate.

67 chevelle ss 396 mander chev olds rear

To read an indepth history of MANDER refer to my book LOST MUSCLECAR DEALERSHIPS published by CAR TECH BOOKS INC.


MOUNTVIEW DODGE-CHRYSLER, North Vancouver BC/ became Destination Chrysler

Mountview Dodge-Chrysler was located at 1600 Marine Drive, North Vancouver on the site of the former AMC dealership Mountview Motors. The dealership is now called Destination Chrysler.


MOUNTVIEW MOTORS LTD, (AMC & Jeep) North Vancouver, BC/ became Mountview Dodge-Chrysler Ltd.

dealer mountview jeep north vancouver bc license frame

Mountview Motors Ltd was an AMC and Jeep dealership located at 1600 Marine Drive in North Vancouver, British Columbia during the 1970s. The dealership survived the 1970s phaseout of AMC and became Mountview Dodge-Chrysler.


PARK SHORE BMW North Vancouver, BC (1976) 888-783-4811


This dealership traces back to 1976. It is currently located at 835 Automall Drive in North Vancouver, BC. This waterfront area of North Vancouver is not densely populated and is home to several large home hardware chain stores as well as a huge number of car lots. The dealer is part of a group of dealers situated in an area called the North Shore Auto Mall. This is probably the largest group of dealerships in the Lower Mainland area.

To read a story about a car purchased new from Park Shore BMW, look at the story in the GAS LOGS section of this site under 2005 BMW 325xi.



Regency Pontiac Buick Cadillac was acquired in October, 1994 by the growning Regency Auto Group. The Pontiac Buick Cadillac dealership survived until about 2004. It was located on the North Shore along Marine Drive which was a long lasting dealer row from the 1960s through until the turn of the century.


RIDGEMONT CHRYSLER LTD, North Vancouver, BC (196*-80)/ Closed.


Ridgemont was located at 1177 Marine in North Vancouver, BC during the 1960s. The name was changed to Ridgemont Chrysler (1963) Ltd on July 17, 1963. This corporation was dissolved Dec 16, 1980.


RITCHIE MOTORS LTD (Mercury-Lincoln), North Vancouver, BC- Closed

Ritchie Motors Ltd was a Mercury Lincoln dealer located at 1160 Marine Drive in North Vancouver, BC during the 1960s and 1970s. The dealership was initially a partnership named Girvan-Ritchie Motors. In the mid 1960s Ritchie became sole owner. Originally named Ritchie Motor Sales Ltd as the decade changed to the 1970s the name was shortened to Ritchie Motors Ltd.

The photos below are of a 1969 Cougar XR-7 sold through Ritchie Motors which originally had purple paint. There is some speculation that this may be one of the original Rocky Mountain Insurance Special Cougars which are  commonly referred to as the 'Purple Cougars'. Although the car is a "fleet order" it lacks connection to the RML cars. It does share features in common with other known Ritchie Cougars. Another Ritchie XR-7 was ordered in Gold with the CJ drivetrain and similar options.

69 cougar purple conv ritchie Rocky Mountain Ins

The rear decklid area reveals the original purple paint job on this hot Cougar.

69 cougar purple conv ritchie Rocky Mtn orig paint

The 'Purple Cougars' were ordered by Universal Sales and Service in Calgary, Alberta for sale to the Rocky Mountain Life Insurance Company starting in 1968. Rocky Mountain distributed purple Cougars to their top salesmen. The Rocky Mountain marketing scheme copied the Mary Kay imagery. Mary Kay reps who sold beyond a certain quota drove pink Cadillacs. Mary Kay and pink Cadillacs soon became synonymous. Rocky Mountain placed ads to develop a similar image association. The top Rocky Mountain salesmen drove purple Cougars and the Cougars were also used in parades and other events to reinforce the imagery. The first batch of 1968 Cougars were mainly purple with white tops but 2 black top versions seem to have slipped into the mix.

For 1969 the purple Cougars were all Cougar XR-7 two door hard tops ordered with special paint, 351 4V, white vinyl roof, engine heater, selectshift transmission, WSW E 78x14 tires, sports console, power steering, power disc package that included tilt away steering wheel, combination AM radio/ 8 track stereo sonic tape system, tinted glass complete, deluxe seat and front shoulder belts, heavy duty battery, door edge guards, wire wheel covers, and front bumper guards. The suggested retail price with all those options was $5,285.70. These Cougars all shared the 9F93M5xxxxx VIN, a blank color code, FA trim and the A6xxxx DSO. Few running examples have surfaced: 3 are located in British Columbia, 2 in Alberta, 1 in Saskatoon, and 1 in Wisconsin.

The 1970 purple Cougars are not well known and thus far no RML examples have surfaced. To learn more about these Cougars see Robert Nowland's website: http://www3.telus.net/nowland/site/rml/rml-main/rmlmainpage.htm

69 cougar purple conv ritchie Rocky mtn inspection

Speculation that this Ritchie Cougar is related to the Rocky Mountain cars (it is a 'fleet car' and has the same purple color scheme with white top, and 'FA' white leather bucket seat interior) misses the fact that these cars were ordered in a different DSO and entirely different province. RML did want to expand territory, but it seems any 'special' order executive purple cars were not high performance but rather more luxury oriented. RML exec cars were full size Mercury vehicles ordered in Alberta. The most likely explanation for this Purple Cougar is similar to the situation with the Ohama Orange Roadrunners. Yukia Motors scored a hit with the attention getting color but with regular drivetrains. High performance Melrose Motors discovered the existence of the color and immediately applied it to their inventory but ramping it up with higher performance options. Ritchie seems to have discovered the visual effect of the Purple and used it to good effect to amplify the presence of their Cobra Jet cars.

69 cougar purple conv ritchie Rocky Mtn marti report

Note that the Ritchie car deviates from the usual pattern of 351-4 barrel and white vinyl top and Alberta area DSO. The Ritchie Cougar is a convertible with white top and the big block engine. Anyone with any insight on this is invited to drop a line to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

69 cougar purple robert texaco

The photo above is of a 1969 Rocky Mountain Cougar owned by Robert Nowland. He bought this Purple Cougar in Kamloops, B.C. from Harold Wagner in March, 2003. The car had been repainted white. Robert repainted it the original Purple color and did a thorough refresh of the car.



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