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BC/ VICTORIA (Vancouver Island) Dealerships (CANADA)


Writing and photography copyright D. S. Brown, except for photos of the first red 1966 Corvette in the Morrison Chev Olds story which are copyright Paul, The second set of 1966 Corvette photos in this story are copyright Juistino Pace. Photos of the 1969 Cutlass Supreme in the Morrison Chev Olds story are copyright Dean. Much appreciation to Brent Morrison for his many contributions to the Morrison Chev Olds story including research and the for the vintage dealership photo and the picture of the reproduction Morrison tow truck. 1976 image of Empress Pontiac Buick logo copyright Rich.

Begg Motor Company Ltd (Chrysler), Victoria, BC/ Closed

Cornell Chevrolet, Victoria, BC (formerly Morrison Chev Olds/ became Victoria Motor Products)

Davis Motors Ltd, Victoria, BC (became Empress)
Empress Motors Ltd (Pontiac Buick GMC Vauxhall), Victoria, BC (formerly Davis/ became Wheaton)

Ensign Chrysler, Victoria, BC (became Harris Victoria Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM)

Glenoak Ford Sales, Victoria, BC 250-384-1144

Glenoak Ford Westshore, Victoria, BC 250-478-6171

Harris Victoria Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM, Victoria, BC (formerly Ensign Chrysler)

Jenner Chev Olds, Victoria, BC (1981)

Morrison Chevrolet Oldsmobile Ltd, Victoria BC (formerly Wilson/ became Cornell)
Olson Motors (Plymouth), Victoria, BC
Suburban Motors (Ford Lincoln), Victoria, BC 888-474-2086

Victoria Motor Products, Victoria, BC (formerly Cornell Chevrolet/ became Wheaton)
(Wheaton GM) Dave Wheaton Pontiac Buick GMC, Victoria, BC

Wille Dodge Chrysler Ltd, Victoria, BC (888) 269-3025

Wilson Motors, Victoria, BC (1956 became Morrison Chev Olds)
J M Wood Motors, Victoria, BC, Victoria, BC


BEGG MOTOR COMPANY LTD, Vancouver, BC/ (Victoria, Kelowna) Closed.

Begg Motor Company Ltd was a Chrysler dealer based out of Vancouver, BC which had satellite offices in Victoria and Kelowna. The Vancouver location was established early in the century and still going strong into the 1960s.


CORNELL CHEVROLET, Victoria, BC (formerly Morrison Chev Olds/ became Victoria Motor Products)

dealer cornell gm victoria bc logo

Cornell Chevrolet was located at 3050 Douglas on the corner of Finlayson, Victoria, British Columbia. The building was purpose built by Newell Morrison in 1965 for the Morrison Chev Olds dealership. Morrison became Cornell Chevrolet in late 1969. Cornell Babie was the owner and also known for building and owning the Holiday Inn hotel on Blanshard Street. Cornell was 74 years old when he sold his Cornell dealership to Dave Wheaton on Nov. 1, 2006. Wheaton renamed the dealership Victoria Motor Products. The Wheaton auto group needed Victoria Motor Products to improve buying power for inventory.


DAVIS MOTORS LTD, Victoria/ Closed (became Empress Pontiac Buick GMC)

dealer davis motors ltd victoria bc card

Davis Motors Limited was located at 900 Fort Street at Quadra, Victoria, British Columbia.

Davis Motors had a small lot with a lift and gasoline. The gas and oil were Texaco brand. It was one of the few Texaco stations in Victoria at the time. Davis never had more than about 10 to 15 new cars at any time. The USA Pontiac models were usually special ordered, as were the big Buick models. All the Canadian car and truck models were available by trade from other dealers is BC
or by ordering from Oshawa and having them shipped in from the factory by train. Davis sold the business and the new owners renamed this dealership Empress Pontiac Buick GMC.


EMPRESS MOTORS LTD (Pontiac Buick GMC Vauxhall). Victoria, BC- Closed (formerly Davis/ became Wheaton Pontiac)

dealer empress pontiac buick gmc victoria bc logo

Empress Motors Ltd was a Pontiac Buick GMC Vauxhall dealership located on the corner of 900 Fort Street and Quadra, Victoria, BC. Empress took over the location from Davis Motor Company. Empress later moved to 2867 Douglas Street at Topaz and closed in the late 1970s. An advertisement at the back of a school year book for University School in Victoria listed the stock for 1971 as follows: Pontiac, Firebird, Ventura II, Le Mans. Opel, Buick, Firenza, Skylark. G.M.C. Trucks.

To read a story about a 1972 Pontiac Luxury LeMans purchased new at this dealership see the story in GAS LOGS in the TRAVEL STORIES section of this website.

dealer empress pontiac victoria bc 1976 logo

In 1976 the franchise mix was Pontiac Buick GMC as attested by this new version of the dealer sticker shown above.

The Wheaton group bought the dealership and renamed it Wheaton Pontiac.


ENSIGN CHRYSLER, Victoria, BC (became Harris Victoria Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM)

dealer ensign chrysler victoria bc

Ensign Chrysler was located at 1061 Yates Street, Victoria, BC until it was taken over in 2006 by the Regina-based Knight Auto Group, which had 8 dealerships in 2 provinces. In 2012 the Harris Autogroup took over the dealership.

dealer ensign chrysler victoria bc license


GLENOAK FORD SALES, Victoria, BC 250-384-1144

dealer glenoak ford victoria bc logo

Glenoak Ford Sales is located at 2829 Douglas Street, Victoria, BC. The picture below shows the dealership in summer, 2013.

dealer glenoak ford victoria bc

In fall, 2014 Glenoak had 200+ new vehicles in stock, 61 of which were cars, including 3 new 2014 Mustangs.


GLENOAK FORD WESTSHORE, Victoria, BC 250-478-6171

Glenoak Ford Westshore is located at 1660 Island Highway, Victoria, BC. The main location is named Glenoak Ford and is located on Douglas, Victoria.


HARRIS VICTORIA CHYRSLER DODGE JEEP RAM, Victoria, BC (formerly Ensign Chrysler)

dealer harris chrysler victoria bc license

Harris Victoria Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM is located at 1061 Yates Street, Victoria, British Columbia. The Harris Auto Group was established in 1964 and celebrated a 50th Anniversary in 2014. Harris took over the former Ensign Chrysler dealership in Sep, 2012. The Ensign location had been temporarily run by another Autogroup following the sale of the Ensign in 2006.

Harris Auto Group traces back to who Jack Harris who began as a salesman at age 30 just after WWII ended. Jack sold Austin, Jaguar and Packard cars at Thomas Plimley Ltd. in Victoria, BC. Jack moved through Victoria dealerships: Pontiac Buick GMC and then the Chevrolet. In 1961, Jack was General Manager of the Ford Dealership in Victoria.

When the dealership sold in 1964 Jack and a partner bought the Rambler dealership in Nanaimo, BC. In 1965 Jack became sole owner and the dealer was renamed Harris Rambler. In 1967 Jack opened Harris Chevrolet Oldsmobile Cadillac, Nanaimo, BC

Jack's son Tom worked his way up from lot boy to sales and in 1971, at the age of 22 became Sales Manager. In 1982 interest rates over 20% and people caused defaults on car payments. 15 car dealerships shut down in BC including Jack Harris Chevrolet Oldsmobile Cadillac.

Six months later, on June 3, 1983, Tom, at the age of 33, established Tom Harris Chevrolet Oldsmobile Cadillac Ltd on his father's old lot location. He partnered with Jim Gauthier, a Winnipeg GM dealer. At the end of 1999, Woodgrove Chevrolet in Parksville was purchased and thus Harris Autogroup was born. January 1, 2000 marked the first addition to the Harris Auto Group.

Tom’s son Mike went from university to the National Automotive Dealers Association’s Dealer Candidate Academy. Mike became Executive Manager of Woodgrove Chevrolet. This dealership was renamed Harris Oceanside Chevrolet Buick GMC Ltd.

Harris added a Kia franchise in 2000. In 2007, Christensen Mazda, Nanaimo was added to the Harris Group. OK Tire in Parksville was added in 2008. Tom’s youngest son, Tony, completed the NADA Dealer Candidate Academy and Dealer Executive Education at Babson College in 2009 and became General Sales Manager of Harris Mazda

On May 12, 2009, Tom Harris Chevrolet Cadillac was sold to Wheaton. In turn Wheaton sold the Buick and GMC franchise rights to the Harris Oceanside Chevrolet dealership in Parksville.

In June of 2012, the Harris Auto Group purchased Barrie Brown Nissan, now Harris Nissan North Island, in Campbell River. This was subsequently sold in 2014.

In September of 2012, the Harris Auto Group purchased Ensign Chrysler, now Harris Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, in Victoria. Tom Harris also started up a cellular phone sales company alongside his car dealerships.

dealer harris chrysler victoria bc

In fall, 2014 Harris had 177 new vehicles in stock, 25 of which were cars including 2 new 2015 Dodge Challenger SXTs.

15 challenger sxt harris victoria bc

In summer, 2015 Harris had the nice Torred 2015 Challenger SXT with black interior shown above. The VIN is 2C3CDZAG0FH700112. The base price for the Torred Challenger SXT is $28,995.00. For that price you get a 3.6 L Pentastar V6 with VVT8 speed TorqueFlite automatic transmission. EPA says it gets 23 MPG City and 36 MPG Highway using the new government of Canada test method which tends to reflect real life driving situations more closely.

This Challenger runs 18x 7.5 Satin Carbon aluminum wheels shod with P235/ 55R18 all season tires. It has electric power steering, antilock 4 wheel disc power brakes, traction assist, electronic stability control, hill assist, ready alert braking, and rain brake assist.

This Torred Challenger comes standard with airbags,  security alarm, heated power fold away body color outside rear view mirrors, tire pressure monitor, keyless entry, dual zone A/C, tilt and tele steering, 6 way power drivers seat, cruise control, AM/FM BT, USB, Bluetooth voice command and 5 inch touchscreen, autodimming inside rear view mirror with microphone, 60/40 rear folding seat, map lights, trunk lamp, illuminated cup holders.

The options on this Torred Challenger are Premium cloth low back seats ($100), Cold weather group 180 Amp alternator with heated front seats and steering wheel ($300), Satellite radio w 1 yr subscription ($350), and a dealer installed option of wheel locks and nitrogen air ($185). Destination was $1,695.00 taking final price to $32,725.00. Harris also noted that they charge $385.00 for 'Global i' and $497.00 for documentation.


JENNER CHEV OLDS, Victoria, BC (1981) 866-436-6956


Above is an older Jenner logo. Below you can see the modern logo.

dealer Jenner chev victoria bc new logo

Following the death of Oldsmobile, Jenner Chev Olds was renamed Jenner Chevrolet Buick Corvette GMC. Jenner is located at 1730 Island Highway, Victoria, BC. They have retained some employees right from day one of opening back in 1981.

Fred Jenner was manager of Jenner Chevrolet in 2006 when they became the last independent General Motors dealer in Greater Victoria following the sale of Cornell GM to the Wheaton Auto Group.

In fall 2014, Jenner had 158 new vehicles in stock, 33 of which were cars, including 3 new 2015 Camaros in LT, LS and SS trim.


MORRISON CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE LTD, Victoria, BC (formerly Wilson/ became Cornell)

dealer morrison victoria 1964 lot

Morrison Chevrolet Oldsmobile Ltd was established Feb 29, 1956 by Newell Morrison. Newell Orrin Ruston Morrison was born July 28, 1924 in China where his father was a missionary at the time. Newell grew up in Regina and served in WWII as a pilot. After graduation from UBC in Vancouver, BC, Newell moved his family to Victoria, British Columbia.

Newell started working as a car salesman for Wilson Motors in Victoria. In 1952 Newell purchased Dick Wilson's Duncan Chevrolet dealership and renamed it Morrison Motors. In 1956 Newell sold Morrison Motors back to Dick Wilson as part payment for the Victoria location of Wilson Motors.

In 1956 Newell bought Wilson Motors from Dick Wilson and renamed it Morrison Chev Olds. The dealership remained at the former Wilson location at 909 Yates Street on the corner of Quadra Street in Victoria, BC until 1965. The photograph above is of the original location in 1964.

Newell built a new dealership in Victoria, BC at 3050 Douglas on the corner of Finlayson. He opened his new location on May 10, 1965. Newell sold out to Cornell Chevrolet in late 1969. Below is a photograph of a restored 1966 service truck painted according to the original dealership format.

dealer morrison victoria 1966 truck

Cornell Chevrolet then became Victoria Motor Products, part of the Wheaton Group. Victoria Motor Products folded into Wheaton Pontiac, (the former Empress Motors) to become Wheaton GM. The original building at Douglas and Finlayson was torn down and replaced with the new Jim Pattison Toyota building.

Newell expanded into the aircraft business and served as an MLA but withdrew from politics in the mid 1970s. The dealership incorporation (with shared directorship between Newell and his wife Marjorie) was dissolved Feb 7, 1984. Newell remained active in other business ventures until his death July 31, 2013 at the age of 89. Newell was a member of the Victoria chapter of the Vintage Car Club of Canada and owned several vintage cars. The first meeting of the Victoria chapter was actually held at Morrison Chev Olds.

66 vette conv paul morrison chev olds front

In 2014 an OOCC reader, Paul purchased this hot red 1966 Corvette. The car is in original condition except for addition of side pipes 15 years ago. The owner prior to Paul car had the car for more than 20 years. That long term owner bought the car from an acquaintance who had owned it for a decade or two which brings the owner trail back to the mid 1970s.

NCRS, GM Vintage Vehicles and Brent Morrison have put together some other pieces of the puzzle. Paul's Corvette was the first 1966 Corvette shipped to Morrison Chev Olds for the 1966 model year. General Motors Canada Vintage Vehicle Services revealed that Paul's car has a production/shipping date of October 27, 1965.

66 vette conv paul morrison chev olds int

The incoming inventory log book at Morrison Chev Olds tabulated Corvettes in the same book as full sized Chevrolets. Paul's Corvette was Morrison stock number 1052 which indicated that it was the 52nd Chevy logged in that year and the first Corvette. All 4 Corvettes that Morrison received that year appear to be convertibles.

Paul's Corvette was first purchased by a company named Central Island Imports. Paul is hoping that the original owner of the car may recall the car and fill in some of the gaps in the history of the car. Please drop an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

66 vette conv paul morrison chev olds side

Paul's Corvette is listed in the Morrison book as Paint code 974, Trim 407, Model 19467 and Serial 194676S102840. Engine 6102840 F100 AT (or maybe HT).

Paul's early production car packs the L79 engine, red vinyl trim and rally red paint. The convertible is a rare bird up here in Canada. Paul's Vette was 1 of only 209 Corvette convertibles shipped to Canada for the 1966 model year.

Below is a photo of the last of the 4 convertible Corvettes shipped to Morrison for the 1966 model year.

66 vette juistino morrison chev olds

The last 1966 Corvette shipped to Morrison packed the 427/425 HP engine. This convertible was VIN# 194676S121920 and one of the elite musclecars of the period. The production date was May 30, 1966. It was shipped from the St. Louis factory June 1, 1966 for delivery to Morrison Chev Olds.

It was entered as stock number 1265 in a notebook at the dealership used to track incoming inventory. This Corvette was the last of just four that are recorded as incoming inventory to Morrison for 1966. It is also near the end of the notebook since the production run for 1966 Chevy's was drawing to a close. The notebook entry for this particular car records the engine # as T05091P, paint 988 (decodes as Milano Maroon), trim 420 (decodes as Saddle).

The first owner is recorded as Loiselle Motors which was a gas station in Duncan, BC located approximately at Trunk Road and the highway. Loiselle Motors may have sold some used cars but were not new car dealers. The Corvette was probably intended as a personal driver for one of the Loiselle Motors family members.

66 vette juistino 427

In the late 1960s or the early 1970s the car wound up for sale at the famous high performance dealership Mander Chev Olds in North Vancouver, BC. (see the story on Mander in this DEALERSHIP section).

66 vette juistino interior

The Corvette stayed with owner number two until 1976 when it appeared at Gladstone Auto Sales 2199 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC. Ron Hall became the third owner of the 1966 Corvette and held onto it over all these years. Juistino recently purchased the 1966 Corvette and would appreciate any help from our readers in discovering the early history of his car. Brent Morrison kindly supplied the detailed records from the dealership regarding the first owner after seeing this story. Juistino hopes that his luck continues in his quest and that someone associated with Loiselle Motors may be able to fill in some more of the blanks.

66 vette juistino r morrison chev olds

Another of our readers has a car originally purchased new from Morrison. This 1969 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme 4 door holiday sedan was discovered in August, 1983 by Dean when he was visiting a small town named Tofield, Alberta. Dean bought the car from the Jefferies family for $100.00. The Cutlass had been parked in the Jefferies' garage from 1979 to 1983 and was serving as a play house for 2 young daughters of the family. The Cutlass was covered in gum and stickers. Dean brought it home and got it cleaned up.

Dean was only 16 when he bought the car. The photo below was taken soon after Dean first purchased the car.

69 cutlass supreme dean winter shot

Dean's Cutlass came with the following options: full wheel cover discs, AM radio, power steering, power drum brakes, and cloth door panels and seats.

Dean knew he was never going to sell this car. The only alterations made to the car have been the replacement of rotted out rear quarters with factory original replacements. The car was taken down to bare metal to do body work and restored to original specs.

Dean loved his Cutlass so much he later bought 2 Cutlass Supreme 2 door hardtops. One has buckets and console, the other has a split bench. The 2 door cars were purchased from the original owners with full documentation. See the story on one of the 1969 Cutlass Supremes filed in the ONE OWNER section of the car stories on this website. The second one is profiled in a story in the 20 YEARS PLUS section of this site. To this day, Dean's 'first love' 4 door Cutlass Supreme remains a mystery.

69 cutlass supreme dean summer

Dean would like to trace the early years of his Cutlass Supreme 4 door and is hoping one of our readers may remember his car. Anyone who recalls the car can drop a line to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Dean's Cutlass is model 34239 with VIN 3423991100959. Like all Supremes it has the high compression Rocket 350 cubic inch engine with 4 barrel carburetor. Engine number is 9010130. Paint is code 51 Trophy Blue with a White vinyl roof. The Supreme has a two tone blue cloth interior. GM Vintage Vehicles tells us that it was built in the Oshawa, Ontario final assembly plant on September 4, 1968 and shipped out to Victoria September 6, 1968.

The Morrison Chev Olds dealership log book records the car as stock number 92501 which probably indicates that this was the first 1969 Cutlass logged into the dealership inventory. This tallies with the very low VIN number. The interior is recorded as 51 2E (2E likely means the vinyl top). Trim 963 was noted as were the key codes.

The dealership records credit James K Nesbitt as the first owner. James must have traded the car in or made a private sale sometime prior to the mid 1970s which was when the Jefferies family moved away from Victoria to Tofield, Alberta. When Dean bought the car it had original paint and the original dealer sticker on the trunk.

A famous historian named James K Nesbitt was living at 729 Pemberton Road in Victoria, BC in 1969. We don't know if there was anyone else living in Victoria with the same name, but it seems likely that he is the same person who bought the Cutlass. The historian's full name was James Knight Nesbitt. He was born in 1908 and contributed many articles as well as founding the Castle Society in Victoria. If he was the first owner it is fitting that Dean became the final custodian of the car since he has a passion for history and old architecture and of course vintage cars!


69 cutlass supreme dean interior




Olson Chrysler Plymouth was located on the corner of Yates and Cook streets.

Olson was one of the dealers who came up with a creative way to get their inventory delivered from the factory for cheap. The dealers paid people to drive them from eastern Canada to Vancouver Island. The dealers paid for the gas and oil. If you needed a free ride, you couldn't beat this deal. The driver got a free ride to BC.

A budget traveler named Gary availed himself of the driveaway option and drove a 1951 Plymouth from Ontario to Victoria. He remembers the trip vividly. He left Windsor, Ontario in a brand new car at noon on a Sunday and caught the 3 pm boat on Wednesday to Victoria, BC after a marathon ride in the Plymouth which was no longer quite so new! If you didn't pay extra there was no radio or a heater in cars. Gary recalls that his sales person asked him, "Do you want heat and music?"

The cars that were driven to BC were discounted, and the customer saved a substantial tab off the regular delivery price. The 'drive-away' program was much cheaper than the cost of rail shipping with the downside being that your new car had 3,000 miles on it.


SUBURBAN MOTORS (Ford Lincoln), Victoria, BC 888-474-2086

dealer suburban motors victoria bc 1969 logo

The jet age style logo used for Suburban in 1969 was attached to a 1969 Lincoln Continental. To see the story on that car go to the ALLEY FINDS section of the CAR STORIES on this website. The stark clean logo below was attached to a mid 1990s Crown Victoria.


Suburban Motors is a Ford dealership located at 3377 Douglas Street, Victoria, British Columbia.

dealer suburban ford victoria bc sign

The building is a bit unique. Note the row of new Mustangs parked to the right of the showroom. This photograph was taken in 2013

dealer suburban ford victoria bc building

In Fall, 2014 Suburban had 137 new vehicles in stock, 44 of which were new cars, 3 of which were 2014 Mustang GTs.


VICTORIA MOTOR PRODUCTS, Victoria, BC (formerly Cornell Chevrolet/ became Wheaton GM)

dealer victoria motor products gm logo

Victoria Motor Products was located at 3050 Douglas on the corner of Finlayson, Victoria, British Columbia. The building was purpose built by Newell Morrison in 1965 for the Morrison Chev Olds dealership. Morrison became Cornell Chevrolet in late 1969. When Cornell sold out, the dealership was renamed Victoria Motor Products. The Wheaton auto group owned Victoria Motor Products and eventually merged it with Wheaton Pontiac to create Wheaton GM. The original building at Douglas and Finlayson was torn down and replaced with the new Jim Pattison Toyota building.



dealer wheaton chev victoria bc

This dealeship is a part of the huge Wheaton GM network of dealerships. The Wheaton Group, based in Edmonton, is considered the largest single group of General Motors dealerships in Canada with 16 locations in B.C., Alberta and Saskatchewan. Dave Wheaton operates GM dealerships under his own name at 2867 Douglas St. and at 2375 Hayes Rd. He is the third son and fifth child of Don Wheaton, now 83, who grew an empire that also includes a private bank, insurance and financing companies and airline cargo contracts -- all of this flowed from a small car dealership in Porcupine Plain, Saskatchewan where he raised a family of eight.

Wheaton Pontiac Buick GMC was originally known as Empress Pontiac Buick GMC. See the story on Empress further up this page. Dave Wheaton took over Empress Pontiac in 1988. He also bought out Cornell GM and renamed it Victoria Motor Products. Dave eventually merged the Victoria Motor Products with Wheaton Pontiac to create Wheaton GM.

Wheaton GM has locations in Kamloops, Nanaimo, Prince George, Surrey and Victoria, BC. There are locations in Alberta as well: Camrose, Edmonton, Grand Prairie and Red Deer. There are two locations in Saskatchewan: Regina and Saskatoon. Saskatchewan is where the initial Wheaton dealership originated at the start of the 1960s.

dealer wheaton chev victoria bc corvette and caddy

The VIN on the red 2010 Corvette is 1G1YS2D15A5108733 which decodes as:

1= USA built

G= General Motors

1= Chevrolet

Y= Corvette

S= GS 3LT with manual transmission

2= Coupe

D= Front/ side airbags

1= engine type

5= Check digit

A= 2010 Model year

5= Bowling Green, Kentucky final assembly plant

108733= Sequential number

Not the Maroon Cadillac XLR parked to the left of the red Corvette. The 2 seat Cadillac was built on the Bowling Green assembly line alongside Corvettes and fitted with the Cadillac Northstar engine.

dealer wheaton chev victoria bc corvette conv

Wheaton also owns some foreign dealerships, too. Wheaton GM owns non GM domestics as well such as Prince George Motors, which is a Ford dealership.


WILLE DODGE CHRYSLER LTD, Victoria, BC (888) 269-3025

dealer wille chrysler victoria bc license frame

Wille Dodge Chrysler Ltd is located at 3240 Douglas Street Victoria, BC. Monica Wille is the current president of the company.

dealer wille chrysler victoria bc

Wille Dodge Chrysler Ltd . In summer, 2013 an old Plymouth Valiant was parked on the corner of the Wille lot. Was this vintage Valiant a trade in? This sort of thing does happen in Victoria, BC which has a large retired population. Supporting the theory this Valiant had a 'Quarter Century' membership BCAA sticker in the rear window.

dealer wille chrysler victoria bc vintage valiant

In Fall, 2014 Wille had 223 new vehicles in stock, 51 of which were cars. Of the 70 Dodges in stock, just 2 were cars (both Darts). The majority of cars are Fiats.


WILSON MOTORS, Victoria, BC (1956 became Morrison Chev Olds)

Wilson Motors was owned by Dick Wilson and located at 909 Yates Street on the corner of Quadra Street in Victoria, British Columbia. In 1956 Newell Morrison bought the dealership and renamed it Morrison Chev Olds. The Morrison dealership remained at the former Wilson location until 1965.


J M WOOD MOTORS, Victoria, BC/ Closed.

J M Wood Motors was located at 1061 Yates Street, Victoria, BC. J M Wood was a Chrysler dealer in the 1950s.


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