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Don Carr GM, White Rock, BC
Dams Ford Lincoln Sales Ltd, Surrey, BC 888-838-3267 (became Mainland Ford)
Flag Chevrolet Oldsmobile, Surrey, BC (became Barnes Wheaton North Surrey)
Freeway Chrysler Dodge Ltd, Surrey, BC

Go Dodge Surrey, Surrey, BC 855-433-5343 (formerly Barnes Wheaton Chrysler)

Haley Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM, Surrey, BC (formerly White Rock Chrysler)
Hallmark Ford, Surrey, BC 604-584-1222
Ed Klassen Pontiac Buick GMC, Surrey, BC

Mainland Ford, Surrey, BC (604) 588-9921 (formerly Dam's Ford)

Ocean Park Ford, Surrey, BC (604) 531-6100

Pacific Chrysler, Surrey, BC
Pattison Chrysler Jeep Dodge, Surrey, BC 888-891-6956
Town Center Chevrolet Oldsmobile, Surrey, BC (became Flag Chev Olds)
Wheaton GM, 2 Surrey, BC locations  604-594-2277 / 604-536-7661

Barnes Wheaton Chrysler, Surrey, BC (became Go Dodge Surrey)

Barnes Wheaton North Surrey, Surrey, BC 888-733-0811

Barnes Wheaton Pontiac Buick GMC, Surrey, BC (Closed)

Barnes Wheaton South Surrey, Surrey, BC 866-427-2861

White Rock Chrysler Jeep, Surrey, BC 877-438-8182 (see Haley


DON CARR GM, White Rock, BC

dealer don carr gm white rock bc logo

Don Carr Chevrolet Olds Ltd changed their name to Don Carr GM after Oldsmobile was killed off. Don Carr GM was located at #5- 3050 King George Hwy, White Rock, BC which is within the Surrey city limits. Barnes Wheaton Chevrolet Buick GMC and White Rock Chrysler Jeep are both located at 3050 King George Hwy near the former Don Carr location.


DAMS FORD LINCOLN SALES, Surrey, BC 888-838-3267 (Bypass)/ 800-567-3267


Dams Ford Lincoln Sales Ltd has two locations: one in Langley, BC at 19330 Langley Bypass and one in Surrey, BC at 14530- 104th Avenue. Dams Ford is a family business established in 1974. The Dams Ford commercial truck department has been in business since approximately 1976.

See the story on the Langley Bypass location filed under BRITISH COLUMBIA/ LANGLEY in the DEALERSHIPS section of this website.

In 2014 Dam's Ford Lincoln in Surrey became Mainland Ford. See the story below on this page.


FLAG CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE, Surrey, BC (became Barnes Wheaton North Surrey)

Flag Chevrolet Oldsmobile was located at 15250 -104th Avenue in Surrey, BC. Flag took over the Town Center Chevrolet Oldsmobile dealership in the 1980s and was in turn bought out by Barnes Wheaton. This lot was also the site of Flag Mitsubishi which is now also closed.



dealer freeway chrysler dodge surrey bc logo

Freeway Chrysler Dodge Ltd was located at 15340 104 Ave, Surrey, BC. The location was taken over by Jim Pattison Auto Group in 2005 and then moved in 2007 to the North Surrey Auto Mall. See the story in this section.


GO DODGE SURREY, Surrey BC 855-433-5343 (formerly Barnes Wheaton Chrysler)

dealer go dodge surrey bc lot

Go Dodge Surrey is located at 6280 120 Street, Surrey BC. This dealership is part of the Go Auto Group. This location opened in 2014 at the lot formerly occupied by Barnes Wheaton Chrysler. Go Dodge has a fixed commission sales team.

dealer go dodge license frame surrey bc

The dealership lot was formerly an Enterprise car rental location. Prior to that Barnes Wheaten had a GM dealership here which originated as Ed Klassen GM.

Go Dodge had this black 2015 Dodge Challenger on the lot. The VIN is 2C3CDZBG3FH819335. It has 13,000 kilometers on it. The SXT has a 3.6L V6 engine producing 305 HP hooked up to an automatic transmission. It's hard to see in the picture but it also has a sunroof. At a glance it appears to be all black without any frills or stripes or graphics.

15 challenger bk F go dodge surrey

But this black car also manages to incorporate some stripes into the mix that are very subtle and really only noticeable when the reflective surface is invoked through night time lighting or certain angles of the sun.

15 challenger black stripe on black go dodge surrey

When viewed from a certain angle the black stripe and black 'Challenger' script is visible on the all black car. Contrast this closeup of the rear flanks with the rear shot of the car where the angle is slightly different and the stripe and logo 'disappear' into the black paint.

15 challenger R black go dodge surrey


HALEY DODGE CHRYSLER JEEP RAM, White Rock, BC 877-438-8182 (see White Rock Chrysler)


HALLMARK FORD SALES, Surrey, BC 604-584-1222



Hallmark Ford Sales is located at 10025 152nd Street, Surrey, BC.

Hallmark Ford was founded in 1985 by Keith Hall. Hall was Fords' Pacific Regional Manager at the time he took the plunge on his own dealership. Hall had worked at Ford for 40 years by this point. When Keith Hall died in 1999, his wife Charlotte inherited the dealership and later passed it on to sons Jeff and Richard who grew up working in the dealership. Hallmark Ford has hosted the annual Shelby Mustang day on their premises for a quarter of a century.

dealer hallmark ford surrey front of building

In fall 2014 the lot contained 208 new vehicles, 66 of which were cars. Hallmark had 25 new Mustangs in stocK. All were base V6 Mustangs except for one GT.

dealer hallmark ford surrey mustang lease promo

The Ingot Silver Metallic 2014 Mustang V6 shown above in the night shot of the dealership is VIN 1ZVBP8AM355317721. The reasonable MSRP of $27,739.00 is possible due to minimal options: Federal Excise tax, 6 speed automatic transmission, P215/65R17 tires, and Engine block heater.

dealer hallmark ford surrey used mustangs

Further up the lot a score of Mustangs sit with enticing zero down sub 200 dollar monthly rates. One is advertised at $173.00.

2010 Mustang GT conv black hallmark ford surrey

In spring, 2016 Hallmark had 17 new 2016 Mustangs in stock, divided between the popular new Ecoboosts and GTs with one 6 cylinder on hand just in case someone wanted a bargain priced new Mustang. The used 2010 black Mustang GT convertible shown above was equipped with 5 speed manual transmission and is VIN 1ZVBP8FHXA5142048.

14 mustang gt race red hallmark surrey

They also had this used Race Red 2014 Mustang GT VIN 1ZVBP8CF7E5222979 with 21,532 km. It has automatic transmission and leather interior. Carproof states that the Mustang was manufactured on April 10, 2013 and shipped to the first dealer. It was registered in Martensville, SK Nov 27, 2014 at 3:10 PM. Interestingly, the original owner was born Nov 16, 1942. Perhaps this was a birthday present to himself? In any event it is pleasing to know that 72 year olds are still buying Mustangs! The car was recalled for an airbag fix May 27, 2015. High levels of humidity can cause malfunctions.

On Dec 1, 2014 there was a collision in Saskatchewan that cost $941.89 and a second accident in Saskatchewan on March 13, 2015 that cost $2,506.59. The insurance claims identified in this report do not include any medical pay-outs, damage to other vehicles, damage to property, towing, rental cars, or any other incidental damages which suggests the car was dinged a few times in parking lots.

16 mustang GT comp orange hallmark ford surrey

The brand new Competition Orange 2016 Mustang GT shown above is VIN 1FA6P8CF2G5294010 and has a 6 speed manual MT-82 transmission. It was shipped from Flat Rock, MI final assembly by rail on Feb 22, 2016. It has the GT performance package option which costs $3,700.00 and includes 255 40 19 front and 275 40 19 rear performance tires on painted alumimum wheels, spoiler delete, 3.73:1 limited slip axle. Base Recaro cloth seats are the only other option on the car and cost $1,500.00. Add $100.00 for 2016 model year Federal excise tax and $1,650.00 destination and the final MSRP is $44,849.00.

16-mustang-GT-deep blue hallmark ecoboost

Parked in the showroom is this sharp looking new Deep Impact Blue 2016 Mustang I4 Coupe Premium VIN 1FA6P8TH4G5305638 shipped out March 9, 2016 from Flat Rock, MI. It has Ebony leather interior and automatic 6-Speed Auto teamed with the 2.3L EcoBoost Engine. Base price $34,898.00 plus $4,950.00 in options (Fed excise tax, 6 speed auto, P265/35R20 tire security package on Mach aluminum wheels, reverse park and nav- heated and cooled seats are N/C) plus $1,650.00 delivery results in an MSRP of $41,498.00. Combined fuel mileage is 9.4L/ 100 Km which is an even 30 MPG. The City rating is 11.0/ K ( and Highway is 7.4/ K


ED KLASSEN GM, Surrey, BC (See Barnes Wheaton, Surrey, BC)


Ed Klassen, the owner of the dealership is now retired, and his location at 6280 120 Street was bought by Barnes Wheaton also profiled in this section. Subsequently the location was the site of an Enterprise car rental lot and then in 2014 returned to dealership status when Go Dodge occupied the site.

An E. J. Klassen GM dealership still exists in Port Hardy, BC.


MAINLAND FORD, Surrey, BC (604) 588-9921 (formerly Dam's Ford)

dealer mainland ford logo surrey bc

Mainland Ford is located at 14530 104 Ave, Surrey, BC. Trotman Auto Group took over the old Dam's Ford Lincoln location and renamed it Mainland Ford. This location now carries Ford exclusively. A black cover was placed over the Lincoln subheading on the main signage instead of removing the logo which is suggestive that they may carry Lincoln in the future.

dealer mainland ford front surrey bc

In spring, 2015 Mainland had 233 new vehicles in stock, including 21 new Mustangs. At the International Auto Show in March, 2015 Mainland put this custom gold wheeled 2015 Mustang on display.

dealer mainland ford custom mustang

The 2015 Mustang GT VIN IFA6P8CF7F5300205 has the 5.0 L engine and 6 speed manual. The GT was shipped out of Flat Rock, Michigan final assembly by rail Nov 3, 2014 and then customized by Mainland. The base MSRP for a GT is $42,499.00 and this one has $4,900.00 worth of factory options added (block heater, GT performance package, rear spoiler delete, navigation, 19 inch wheels, 3.73:1 axle) plus destination and delivery $1,600.00 for $48,999.00. The Mainland mods are billed as the Special Gold Premium Option which includes suspension lowering kit, gold alloy wheels, 255/30 series 20" tires plus a 295/35 professional tire option also 20", carbon fiber front and rear spoilers and side rocker, Magnaflow exhaust, gold trim. The Gold option is $24,794.90.

dealer mainland ford front surrey bc mustangs

In winter of 2016 Mainland had a row of 24 new and used Mustangs on the lot as seen above. The nice Burgundy 2015 Mustang convertible GT Premium automatic on the end of the row is VIN 1FATP8FF8F5410291 and is listed for $59,349.00 with 8,277 km on it.

Including in the selection was this new 2015 yellow Mustang GT Premium which was painted with Boss 302 stripes and equipped with a manual shift and Recaro seats. This is not a used car subjected to a private individual's painted 'tribute'. This car is new with 45 km on the odometer and lists for $56,599.00. This is either a factory paint job or a dealer special edition.

15 mustang boss 302 f mainland surrey

Ford built the revived Boss 302 in runs of 4,000 per year in 2012 and 2013 and then capped production. Those 2012 and 2013 Boss 302s had a specific VIN code whereas this yellow 2015 Mustang codes as a GT.

15 mustang boss 302 hood mainland ford surrey bc

The VIN 1FA6P8CF7F5394067 decodes:

IFA= USA, Ford passenger car

6= Seatbelts, front and side airbags

P8C= Mustang GT coupe

F= 5,0 L (302 c.i) GT V8- 425 HP

7= Check digit

F= 2015 Model year

5= Flat Rock, Michigan final assembly plant

394067= Sequential number

15 mustang boss 302 stripe mainland surrey

As can be seen above the Mustang GT 5.0 badge interferes with the Boss paint scheme which suggests this is a stripe package add-on. The new 2015 Mustang GT was intended to equal the past 2012-13 Boss 302 performance so it wouldn't feel like a sham to be driving this car. Also that bright yellow paint suits the Boss 302 graphics perfectly.

15 mustang boss 302 rear mainland surrey

Mainland Ford is interested in high performance Mustangs and also stocked a Roush. Note the specific hood scoops added to this white car which uses more extensive cooling slots than seen on the Mustang Boss 302 hood shown above.

15 rousch mustang hood mainland ford surrey bc r

This white 2015 Roush Mustang with standard shift is VIN 1FA6P8CF5F5416079 and is listed for $54,249.00 showing 31 km on the odometer.

15 rousch mustang mainland ford surrey bc r


OCEAN PARK FORD, Surrey, BC (604) 531-6100

dealer Ocean Park Ford old logo surrey bc

Ocean Park Ford is located at 3050 King George Highway, Surrey, BC.

dealer ocean park ford surrey bc logo

Also located at this address are White Rock Chrysler Jeep and Barnes Wheaton GM as well as a rental car outlet, car washes and other car related businesses.Ocean Park Ford was established in 1987 by Ron Ford.

dealer ocean park ford surrey bc entrance

Parked at the entrance to Ocean Park Ford is this 2013 Ford Mustang V6 Premium convertible with wild stripes and the Mustang Club of America logo beneath the doors where the old Mustangs displayed the GT 350 or GT 500 logo. The VIN is 1ZVBP8EM0D5207010 and it has a 6 speed manual behind the 3.7 Litre engine. It has 18,700 kilometers and is priced at $26,995.00.

Up in front of the showroom some Mustangs await new owners.

2009 mustang 45th ann logo ocean park surrey

A red 45th Anniversary 2009 Mustang with the 'lucky' horseshoe logo on the flanks and the new for 2009 optional glass roof top.

2009 mustang 45th anniversary ocean park ford

Behind the 45th Anniversary Mustang sits a grey 2008 Mustang V6 with a 4.0 Litre capacity and behind that another pair of Mustang convertibles.

In winter, 2015 Ocean Park had 152 new vehicles in stock, 20 of which were cars. 2 of the cars were new Mustangs: a 2014 convertible V6 and a 2015 turbo 4 cylinder.



dealer pacific chrysler surrey plate

Pacific Dodge Chrysler was located in Surrey, BC.



dealer jim pattison auto group license frame

Pattison Chrysler Jeep Dodge was acquired by Pattison Auto Group in 2005 when the old Freeway Dodge Chrysler location was bought out. See the story on Freeway Chrysler in this section. In 2007, Pattison moved the dealership to the North Surrey Automall where it currently resides at 15377 Guildford Drive, Surrey. BC.

dealer im pattison chrysler dodge surrey

Pattison Auto Group began as a GM dealer in 1961 with Pattison Pontiac Buick in Vancouver, BC (see BC VANCOUVER Defunct Dealers for the story). Pattison soon owned dealerships on Vancouver Island, North Vancouver and now even Winnipeg.

Simultaneously with his dealership expansion, Jim Pattison bought varied businesses and is one of the most successful Canadian businessmen in history. Pattison Auto Group now specializes in foreign cars, with Chrysler Jeep Dodge being the sole dealership selling cars from the Big Three domestic automakers.

14 challenger black hemi 392 jim pattison surrey

This Black 2014 Dodge Challenger is an SRT8 Hemi 392 VIN number 2C3CDYCJ0EH229600

14 challenger black hemi 392 back jim pattison surrey

This black Challenger is a standard

14 challenger shite shaker jim pattison surrey

The White 2014 Challenger Shaker was a demo VIN number 2C3CDYBT5EH231247

14 challenger white shaker scoop jim pattison surrey

The Shaker is much smaller than the original 1970 version but adheres to the same shape and design as the original.

14 challenger white shaker rear im pattison surrey



dealer town center chev olds surrey bc logo

Town Center Chevrolet Oldsmobile was located at 15250 -104th Avenue in Surrey, BC. Town Center lasted from the 1970s until the 1980s when it was taken over by Flag Chev Olds in the 1980s which was in turn bought out by Barnes Wheaton. This lot was also the site of Flag Mitsubishi which is now also closed.


BARNES WHEATON CHRYSLER, Surrey, BC (became Go Dodge Surrey)

Barnes Wheaton Chrysler was located at 6280 -120th Street, Surrey, BC. This lot became Go Dodge Surrey in 2014.



dealer wheaton surrey bc

Barnes Wheaton purchased the Flag Chevrolet Oldsmobile location at 15250 -104th Avenue in Surrey and renamed it Barnes Wheaton North Surrey. A huge Canadian flag sits in front of the dealership as seen below.

dealer wheaton surrey bc flagpole

In winter, 2015 Wheaton North had 128 new vehicles in stock, 37 of which were cars. Of the 37 cars in stock, 30 were Chevrolet, 1 of which was a new Blue Ray Metallic 2014 Camaro 2LT with automatic transmission.

dealer wheaton surrey bc license frame

The new location has the updated modern GM franchise style building frontage.

dealer wheaton surrey bc building frontage

The lot is quite large and had a row of new Corvettes parked around the middle.

16 buick regal T f wheaton surrey

This new 2016 Black Onyx Buick Regal T is VIN 2G4GL5EX2G9103764. It has front bucket seats and console. Outside, the 18" Silver alloy wheels and P235/50R18 V-rated all-season tires suggest that this is the performance version of the Regal.

16 buick regal T r wheaton surrey

The Regal T stands for "Regal Turbo" which is equipped with a 2.0 L DOHC SIDI VVT 4 cylinder turbo engine that produces 259 HP and 295 ft/ lbs of torque running through an automatic 6 speed transmission. This one has All Wheel Drive and uses the exclusive AWD final drive ratio of 3.39:1. Despite a 4 cylinder inline engine the car runs dual exhaust with bright steel tips.



Barnes Wheaton Pontiac Buick GMC was located at 6280 120th Street in Surrey, BC. This lot was originally the site of Ed Klassen GM. After Wheaton vacated the premises it became the location of an Enterprise Rent A Car franchise. In 2014 the lot returned to dealership status when Go Dodge occupied this location.

Wheaton still has 2 locations in Surrey. See the stories on this page.

Wheaton GM has locations in Kamloops, Nanaimo, Prince George and Victoria, BC. There are locations in Alberta as well: Camrose, Edmonton, Grand Prairie and Red Deer. There are two locations in Saskatchewan: Regina and Saskatoon. Saskatchewan is where the initial Wheaton dealership originated at the start of the 1960s.

Wheaton also owns some foreign dealerships, too as well as non GM domestics. Wheaton GM owns Prince George Motors, which is a Ford dealership.



Barnes Wheaton South Surrey is located at #5- 3050 King George Hwy, Surrey, BC. Also located at this address are White Rock Chrysler Jeep and Ocean Park Ford as well as a rental car outlet, car washes and other car related businesses. The newly renovated Barnes Wheaton facade shown below was photographed in 2013.

dealer wheaton gm south surrey building

Barnes Wheaton had a healthy inventory of new Camaros in stock. The black 2013 Camaro SS shown below can be distinguished from non SS models even from a distance where the small red SS badge on the grille is hard to see. The hood hump with the cut out in the leading edge of the hood is visible from a distance.

2013 camaro ss black wheaton surrey bc front

The black 2013 Camaro SS above VIN 2G1FK1EJ2D9136596 decodes:

2G1= Built in Canada, General Motors, Chevrolet division

FK= 2SS Automatic transmission.

1= 2 Door coupe

E= Active manual belts, airbags

J= L99 engine 6.2 Litre aluminum SFI

2= Check digit

D= 2013 Model year

9= Oshawa, Ontario, Canada final assembly plant

136596= Sequential production number

Towards the back of the lot in front of an ICBC approved bodyshop a whole raft of Camaros await sale. The 3 dark Camaros below are all 2013 models.

dealer wheaton gm surrey 3 2013 camaros

The 2013 Camaro SS on the left is an automatic Black/ Black VIN number 2G1FK1EJ5D9124409. The 2013 Camaro SS in the middle is a 6 speed manual VIN 2G1FT1EW9163853. The 2013 Ashen Grey Camaro 1LT on the right has a 3.6 V6 and 6 speed automatic.

Although it is nice to see that people are actually still buying cars, and ponycars at that, dealers are usually forced to cater to the conservative element in the market which has made grey, black or white cars the safest 'resale colors' to buy. In the middle of the lot Wheaton had a couple more 2013 Camaros: both white.

2013 camaros lt ss conv white wheaton gm surrey

White cars make sense in the Southern USA where the reflective quality of the paint can reduce summer temperatures inside the car by 10 degrees. In overcast perpetually rainy British Columbia white cars are constantly murky looking with all the dirt and muck the wet weather stirs up. The Camaro coupe on the left lacks the cutouts in the front hood which indicates it is not an SS. This Camaro 2LT automatic is VIN 2G1FC1E31D9150486 and has a 3.6 Litre 6 cylinder aluminum engine with DOHC and variable valve timing. The 2013 Camaro SS convertible to the right of the picture is VIN 2G1FK3DJ7D9159479.

On the Wheaton used lot it seems likely someone traded in this hot looking 2009 Challenger for a Camaro.

2009 challenger rt blue wheaton surrey bc

The side view of the car reveals the 'blockiness' of the new slab sided large reinvention of the classic Challenger lines. In order to incorporate 5 MPH bumpers, rollover standards, airbags, computers, larger wheels and brakes and so on the car requires more bulk to house modern tech.

2009 challenger rt blue side wheaton surrey b

Classic design is mated to nostalgic magic such as the the Hemi name appearing along the scoops on the hood.

2009 challenger rt blue scoops wheaton surrey bc

The scoops like the overall body shape are retro themed and look great. The gas cap also revives the old flip up gas cap style which was originally derived from real race cars of the era.

2009 challenger rt blue gas cap wheaton surrey bc

The Challenger has 48,900 km and is selling for $29,995.00. The 5.7 Litre engine is hooked up to an automatic transmission. VIN is 2B3LJ54T09H641347.

2009 challenger rt blue rear wheaton surrey b

In winter, 2015 Barnes Wheaton South Surrey had 124 new vehicles in stock including 35 cars.



WHITE ROCK CHRYSLER JEEP, Surrey, BC 877-438-8182

dealer white rock chrysler logo

White Rock Chrysler Jeep is located at 3050 King George Blvd, Surrey, BC.

dealer haleys white rock chrys license plate

Also located at this address are Barnes Wheaton Chevrolet and Ocean Park Ford as well as a rental car outlet, car washes and other car related businesses.

dealer white rock chrysler surrey bc building

White Rock is a seaside town within the Surrey limits. White Rock Chrysler Jeep is also known as White Rock Chrysler Ltd. The dealership was also called Haley's White Rock Dodge. The name later morphed to Haley Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM.

In winter, 2015 Haley had 158 new vehicles in stock, including 13 cars the majority of which were Chrysler sedans with 2 Dodge Darts thrown into the mix.

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