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IDAHO Dealerships


Writing and photography copyright D. S. Brown except photo and research for Leo Rice provided courtesy and copyright of Max Cox. Information about Hoff Ford peformance parts provided by Dave Jackson.

Burns Chevrolet, Nampa, Idaho (formerly Quality Motor Sales)

Burns Chevrolet Company of Parma, Parma, Idaho (expansion of Burns Chev Nampa)

Chevrolet of Twin Falls, ID/ 877-646-8931 (part of LITHIA MOTORS)

Dennis Dillon Auto Park, Boise, ID (877) 278-2904

Dobbs Brothers Motor Company (Oldsmobile), Nampa, Idaho

Edmark Motors Inc (Buick), Caldwell, ID/

Edmark SuperstoreNampa, Idaho 208-467-7000)

Garber Motor (Ford), Nampa, Idaho

Grand Teton Motors Inc (Ford), Driggs, ID

Hanigan Chevrolet Buick GMC, Payette, ID 208-642-3348 (1925)

Hessing Chrysler-Plymouth, Boise, ID
Hessing-Thurber Motors (Chrysler), Boise, ID

Hoff Ford Inc, Lewiston, ID (became Joe Hall Ford/ performance parts)

Honstead Motor Co (Cadillac Buick Pontiac Opel), Nampa, ID

Larson Motors (Buick), Moscow, ID

Quality Motor Sales (Chevrolet), Nampa, ID (became Burns Chevrolet)

Leo Rice Motor Company, Inc., Gooding, ID (closed)

Silver Creek Ford, Hailey, ID 888-202-7178

Dave Smith Motors, Kellogg, ID/ 800-635-8000

Bill Workman Ford Inc, Twin Falls, ID


BURNS CHEVROLET CO, Nampa, Idaho (formerly Quality Motor Sales)

Burns Chevrolet Company was located at 117 West 9th Street, Nampa, Idaho.

The dealership was originally established at 217 South Kimball, Nampa, Idaho as Quality Motor Sales in 1924. In 1926 the founder T.N. Burns changed the name to Burns Chevrolet. Burns had a purpose built building constructed on Arthur Street. When Burns moved out the building later hosted J. W. Weekson.

In Dec, 1930 T. N. Burns died and his brother Daniel. S. Burns took over. In 1935 the dealership moved to the 8th Street location. Daniel's son, Randal J Burns and Byrle C Morse became partners in the dealership. Randal J Burns was born June 9, 1910 in Deer Island, Oregon. After graduation from Oregon State College he was married to Lola Weeks and worked for the dealership After the death of D. S. Burns in August, 1949 the two other partners carried on and expanded establishing a second dealership named Burns Chevrolet Company of Parma, in Parma, Idaho. , eventually owning it until his death July 23, 1971.

The business expanded into farm equipment (BM Equipment Co), a service station and body shop. The first Chevrolet sponsored OK Used Car was a Burns run lot opened in 1949 in Boise Valley.


BURNS CHEVROLET CO OF PARMA, Parma Idaho (branch of Burns Chev, Nampa)

Burns Chevrolet Company of Parma was located in Parma, Idaho. This dealership was established in 1951 by Randal J Burns and Byrle C Morse who were partners in the original Nampa Burns Chevrolet dealership. See Burns Chevrolet, Nampa for the story on the background of this dealership.


CHEVROLET OF TWIN FALLS, Twin Falls, ID/ 877-646-8931 (part of LITHIA MOTORS auto group)

Chevrolet of Twin Falls is located at 1654 Blue Lakes Blvd Twin Falls, Idaho.  They are part of the Lithia Motors auto group. See the story on Lithia Chrysler in Ashland, Oregon for more information.


DENNIS DILLON AUTO PARK (Dodge Chryser/ GMC), Boise, ID (877) 278-2904

dealer dennis dillon gmc dodge boise id logo

Dennis Dillon Auto Park is a Chrysler Dodge Jeep/ GMC dealership located at 2777 S Orchard St , Boise, ID


DOBBS BROTHERS MOTOR CO (Oldsmobile), Nampa, Idaho

Dobbs Brothers Motor Company was an Oldsmobile dealership located in Nampa, Idaho during the 1960s.


EDMARK SUPERSTORE (Chev Cadillac, GMC, Kia), Nampa, Idaho 208-467-7000

dealer edmark nampa idaho logo


Edmark Motors Inc was located at 3110 Cleveland Blvd Caldwell, Idaho and seems to be the early basis for the Edmark Superstore located at 15700 Idaho Center Blvd, Nampa, Idaho. The Edmark family has owned the dealership for 85 years. In winter 2014 the lot contained 810 new vehicles, 273 of which were cars. The breakdown by brand is 26 Buick, 47 Cadillac, 337 Chevrolet, 217 GMC, and 183 Kias. They have 18 new Camaros including one 2014 Bright Yellow ZL1 with a low price of $53,770.00 and 3 new Corvette Stingrays, 2 of which were Z51 3LT models.


GARBER MOTOR (Ford), Nampa, Idaho

Garber Motor was a Ford dealership located in Nampa, Idaho during the 1960s.



Grand Teton Motors Inc was a Ford dealership and later a used car dealer located variously at 37 E Little Av and later 160 N Hwy 33 in Driggs, Idaho. Dealer # 73C488.


HANIGAN CHEVROLET BUICK GMC, Payette, ID 208-642-3348 (1925)

Hanigan Chevrolet Buick GMC is located at 915 S Main St, Payette, Idaho. The dealership was established by 'Jack' John T. Hanigan and Al Pruden in 1925 as Hanigan Chevrolet in Payette, Idaho. During the depression era ill health forced Pruden to bow out. Bob Hanigan states that his father Jack accommodated poor farmers who owed money on cars by accepting horses, cows and pigs. He even took a load of popcorn one time. Once the depression was over the farmers remembered this and were loyal customers of the dealership.

The dealership made it through WWII while no new cars were being produced partly from $100 deposits for new cars provided by 150 future customers. Service work and the interest on those deposits helped the dealership through the war years when there were no cars to sell. Jack's sons Bob and Dick took over the dealership.

The dealership had a celebrity encounter towards the close of the 1950s. Bing Crosby and Bob Hope visited western Idaho annually for hunting. One year they went hunting in a borrowed late 1950s Corvette right off the showroom floor loaned to them courtesy of Dick Hanigan.

Bob Hanigan was told by Chevrolet that he could continue to operate the dealership for as long as he wanted but he was not authorized to sell it or hand it down to one of his children.

Bob's son Mike Hanigan developed a career working as a computer programmer in New Jersey but returned to Idaho to help his dad. Mike says,

"I kind of got hooked on the business,"

Bob Hanigan submitted the paperwork for Mike to become the dealer. GM approved it. The Hanigans speculate that GM just lost track of the restriction placed upon the dealership years ago. Currently both of Bob's sons, Mike and Kevin work in the dealership.

In 2000 the Hanigan family bought Action Chrysler Jeep Dodge in Ontario, Oregon and renamed it Hanigan Chrysler Jeep Dodge.

In winter 2014 the Hanigan Chevy dealership had 68 new vehicles in stock, 22 of which are cars. They had one new 2014 Camaro, a Blue Ray Metallic V6 3.6 L automatic.




dealer hessing thurber chrysler boise id letterhead

Hessing-Thurber Motors was founded after WWII in the heart of downtown at 1109 Idaho Street, Boise, Idaho. The dealership was named for Jim Hessing and Waldo Thurber. James Byron Hessing was born Sep 19, 1919 in Boise and after service in WWII he opened up a dealership with Waldo Thurber. Waldo Arion Thurber was born July 21, 1906 at Soldier, Blaine Co, Idaho and grew up on a farm in Idaho. He became a certified public accountant and after a stint of working in a bank and in retail stores partnered with Jim Hessing to create the car dealership.

Many dealers at this time displayed the "Chrysler Plymouth Imperial" sign but the actual dealership name rarely included Imperial. Hessing Thurber displays the sign with all three logos but when renamed to HESSING CHRYLER-PLYMOUTH, Imperial was not listed.

When the Boise Motor Village was completed under Hessing's direction he carried the dealership alone in this location as Hessing Chrysler Plymouth. Hessing died Feb 7, 2003 at 83 years old. Waldo Thurber died a year later on Jan 11, 2004 at age 97.


HOFF FORD INC, Lewiston, ID (became Joe Hall Ford/ performance parts)

Hoff Ford Inc was located at 1617 21st St,  Lewiston, Idaho. The dealership stocked performance parts back in the day. The dealership later became Hall Copeland Ford Mercury Lincoln Mazda. Then name was later simplified to Hall Copeland Auto Village. Eventually Tony Copeland bought out Hall and it became Tony Copeland Ford. The dealership later became Joe Hall Ford.


HONSTEAD MOTOR CO (Cadillac Buick Pontiac Opel), Nampa, ID

dealer homestead cadillac nampa id logo

Honstead Motor Co was a Cadillac Buick Pontiac dealer which expanded to include Opel towards the end of the 1960s. Honstead was located at 223 13th Ave S, Nampa, Idaho during the 1950s and 1960s. The business was located at 1718 Caldwell Blvd, Nampa during the 1980s.


LARSON MOTORS (Buick), Moscow, ID

Larson Motors was established by Bob Larson in Moscow, Idaho in 1953. In 1855 Bob sold Larson Buick and moved his family to Spokane and started a construction company. By 1963 Bob Larson was back in the car business. He opened Larson Rambler in Puyallup, Washington. A fire forced a move to 300 River Road. Dodge was added in 1970 and the business became Larson Motors/American Motors.

Bob’s son Rob Larson worked his way through the levels of the dealership and became a shareholder in the family business. In 1988 Larson Motors added Daihatsu in Puyallup, Washington. In 1990 Rob bought Stevens Chrysler/ Plymouth in Tacoma.

On March 14th 1991 Bob Larson passed, leaving Rob Larson Sr. in charge. Larson Jeep was added to the group in 2000 and Scion in 2004. In 2008 the Larson bought Nissan franchise in Fife, WA and the Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM dealership in Puyallup. In 2009 Chrysler and Jeep declared bankruptcy and in their restructure removed the franchise in Tacoma and consolidated it with the Puyallup location. In 2010 Larson bought McCann Cadillac Saab Hummer in Fife in 2010.


QUALITY MOTOR SALES (Chevrolet), Nampa, ID (became Burns Chevrolet)

Quality Motor Sales was a Chevrolet dealership located at 217 South Kimball, Nampa, Idaho from 1924 to 1926. In 1926 the founder T.N. Burns changed the name to Burns Chevrolet.


LEO RICE MOTOR COMPANY, INC (General Motors), Gooding, ID (closed)

dealer leo rice motors gm idaho logo

Leo Rice Motor Company, Inc was a General Motors dealership located in Gooding, Idaho. Leo Rice Motor Co was established May 16, 1947. The company's filing status was Forfeited Dec 2, 1991. Lawrence B. Rice was the principle.

Leo ran the General Motors dealership as well as managing 1,400 head of cattle on a 7,000-acre ranch. Leo was also Gooding’s mayor from May 1959 through January 1966 and again from January 1974 until May 1975, when he was recalled by voters. Leo's son Jack recalls the family hosting Christmas dinners for ranch and Leo Rice Motor Co. employees, as well as their families.

Leo was also involved in Stockmen’s Meat Packing Plant, and golf course and bowling alley projects. Rice was also a member of the Elks, Masons, Gooding Chamber of Commerce, Gooding Businessmen’s Club, Rotary Club and as a Methodist church member.

A bronze sculpture in memory of Leo and May Rice was erected at the Gooding County Fairgrounds.


SILVER CREEK FORD, Hailey, ID 888-202-7178

dealer silver creek ford, hailey idaho logo

Silver Creek Ford is located at 920 South Main St, Hailey, Idaho. In spring, 2014 they had 44 new vehicles in stock. None of the new cars were Mustangs which reflects the marketplace in this area.


DAVE SMITH MOTORS (Dodge RAM Chrysler Jeep), Kellog, ID/ 800-635-8000

Dave Smith Motors is located at 210 N Division St, Kellogg, Idaho. Dave Smith Motors website states that they are the world's largest Dodge dealer during the period 2004 to 2013. Aside from the Dodge, RAM, Chrysler, Jeep line they are also the Northwest's largest GM dealer with GMC, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Buck. As of fall 2013 they had an astounding 2,693 new vehicles in stock, 395 of which were cars. Of the 104 new Chevrolets, 39 were Camaros. Of the 152 new Dodges, 3 were the SRT Vipers, 46 were Challengers, and 25 were Chargers.



Bill Workman Ford Inc was located in Twin Falls, Idaho in the 1960s. Dealer # 73D406



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