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GEORGIA Dealerships (Al Means/ Frank Vego)
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GEORGIA Dealerships Al Means Ford


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Banner Ford Inc, Decatur, GA (formerly Friendly Ford)/ Tucker, GA

Brannen Motor Company (Ford), Unadilla, GA 888-545-8413 (NASCAR sponsor)

Brooks Chevrolet, Cedartown, GA (drag sponsor Huston Platt Dixie Twister Camaro)

Cook Motor Company (Chevrolet), Crawford, GA 706-743-8188 (1926)

Day's Chevrolet of Jasper, Jasper, GA (877) 641-0949

Friendly Ford Inc, Decatur, GA (formerly Al Means Ford)

W.H. Gailey Pontiac, Cornelia, GA

M. F. Jones Chevrolet, Dallas Georgia (formerly M. F. Jones Pontiac)

M. F. Jones Pontiac, Dallas Georgia (1967 Intl Dragway Promo Firebird conv)

Al Means Ford, Decatur, GA (became Friendly Ford) (Phil Bonner Galaxie drag sponsor)

Pugmire Ford Lincoln, Marietta, GA 770-952-2261 (NASCAR sponsor James Hylton Mercury)

Pugmire Ford of Carrollton, Carrollton, GA 770.832.2457

Pugmire Ford of Cartersville, Cartersville, GA 770.382.5780

Bobby Sikes Oldsmobile Inc (Pontiac Buick Oldsmobile GMC Opel), Lawrenceville, GA

Frank Vego Ford, Atlanta, GA


BANNER FORD INC, Decatur, GA (formerly Friendly Ford)/ Tucker, GA

Banner Ford was located on Scott Boulevard in Decatur, Georgia. The dealership took over the Friendly Ford franchise which was originally the Al Means Ford location. The last known address for Banner Ford Inc  was 2179 Northlake Pkwy, Tucker, Georgia. Brian Greer was the President of the company at that time.


BRANNEN MOTOR CO (Ford), Unadilla, GA 888-545-8413 (NASCAR sponsor)

Brannen Motor Company is a Ford dealership located at I-75 And GA 230 Exit 122, Unadilla, Georgia. The Brannen Motor Company began selling Fords on December 6, 1943. The dealership was established by Clint B. Brannen and W. B. Brannen. A Sep 1962 MOTOR TREND picture of a NASCAR sponsored car from this dealership is lettered Clint Brannen Ford.

Since then, it has been recognized by Ford Motor Company as the oldest, continually operating, single-family franchise east of the Mississippi River.

The dealership expanded to include a Chevrolet franchise in 1987. In 1999 Clint Brannen, Jr became the franchisee for Ford and Chevrolet.


BROOKS CHEVROLET, Cedartown, GA (drag sponsor Huston Platt Dixie Twister Camaro)

Brooks Chevrolet was located at 910S Main St, Cedartown, Georgia. Brooks sponsored Huston Platt's Dixie Twister funny car Camaro in 1968 and 1969. The dealership later expanded to Al Brooks Chevrolet Pontiac Buick. At this point Robert L. Brooks was CEO.


COOK MOTOR CO (Chevrolet), Crawford, Georgia 706-743-8188 (1926)

Cook Motor Company is located at 1140 Athens Road in Crawford, Georgia. Cook Motor was established in 1926. A 1926 Chevy roadster which was one of the first cars sold out of the dealership was repurchased by the son of the founder of the dealership in 1949. The car is now a dealership display with the original bill of sale. The car runs and is used occasionally for parades.

Chuck Brooks is the current owner. His grandfather founded the dealership. When Chevrolet went into bankruptcy in 2008, Cook Motor Co. was sent a closure letter. They were reinstated despite being a small dealership that only sells about 75 new cars a year. The locatoin in a rural area not served by another nearby Chevy dealership saved them upon reconsideration.

"We're lucky to be here," says Chuck Brooks. In winter, 2014 the dealership had 27 vehicles in stock all of which were used trade-ins. 12 of the cars were Chevrolet including a 1999 Corvette convertible. The dealership probably orders in or gets new cars from other dealers.


DAY'S CHEVROLET OF JASPER, Jasper, Georgia (877) 641-0949

Day's Chevrolet of Jasper is located at 545 Highway 515 South, Jasper, Georgia. Day's Chevrolet was established in 1959 by Levi Day on South Main Street in Acworth, Georgia. Day's Chevrolet expanded to three locations: a newly renovated store on North Cobb Parkway in Acworth, GA; a new store in Jasper, GA; and the most recent additiion Day's Pre-Owned Supercenter in Rockmart.

Calvin Diemer, Levi's grandson, is President and Owner of Day's Auto Group. Calvin's sons Daniel and Andrew Diemer are Dealer Principals of the Acworth store and the Jasper store. As of winter 2014 there were 110 new vehicles in stock, 44 of which are cars. They have 15 new Camaros, inluding 3 SS models.


FRIENDLY FORD, Decatur, Georgia (formerly Al Means Ford)

Friendly Ford was located on Scott Boulevard in Decatur, Georgia. The dealership took over the Al Means Ford franchise. Banner Ford took over from Friendly Ford.



W.H. Gailey Pontiac was located on Highway 441 South, Cornelia, Georgia.

On March 22, 1969 Gailey sold a pretty hot 1969 Pontiac GTO Judge VIN 242379A119466 painted typical Carousel Red with Parchment seats on black interior. The standard Judge Ram Air III is combined with the optional Hurst shifted 4-speed (Judges came standard with a Hurst shifted 3 speed manual). Other options are Power steering, Power brakes, Hood tachometer, Rally II wheels.

The original owner traded in his 1966 GTO to get this 1969 Judge which had a sticker price of $4292.76.

Believed to have only 43,655 original miles this Judge was ground up restored in the mid-1980s. A GM-certified Pontiac dealer mechanic rebuilt the engine, brakes, electrical, cooling, suspension and steering. Hardened valve seats were installed. The clutch and trans were both rebuilt. New dual stainless exhaust system runs Flowmaster mufflers.

The interior has a replacement headliner, ignition switch, pedals and shifter boot. The original radio was repaired and augmented with a concealed modern CD player.


M. F. JONES CHEVROLET, Dallas, Georgia (formerly Pontiac)

M. F. Jones Chevrolet was located in Dallas Georgia and was originally a Pontiac dealership.


M. F. JONES PONTIAC, Dallas, Georgia (1967 Intl Dragway Promo Firebird conv)

M. F. Jones Pontiac was located in Dallas Georgia. In 1967 Jones provided a Firebird convertible pace car for the Internationall Dragway Southeastern Nationals held AprIL 15- 16. The dealership later became M. F. Jones Chevrolet.


AL MEANS FORD, Decatur, GA (became Friendly Ford) (Phil Bonner Galaxie drag sponsor)

Al Means Ford was located on Scott Boulevard in Decatur, Georgia. The dealership sponsored drag racing and is well remembered for the Phil Bonner series of Galaxies.

Bonner took delivery of a white 1962 Galaxie 406 with blue interior that was one of 11 built by Ford for targeted racers sold to the racers for the cost of $1.00. The racer then put a dealership sponsorship on the side of the car to camoflouge the factory basis of sponsorship. The 1962 Bonner Galaxie was built without sound deadener or sealers and was lightened with aluminum front bumper, fiberglass front fender and trunk lid. The car was radio and heater delete and included lightweight buckets instead of a bench front seat.

Phil later raced a 1963 Falcon which had altered wheelbase.

The main advertising gimmick was "By all means see Al Means."The dealership later became Friendly Ford and later Banner Ford.


PUGMIRE FORD LINCOLN, Marietta, GA 770-952-2261 (NASCAR sponsor James Hylton Mercury)


Pugmire Ford Lincoln is located at 1865 Cobb Parkway, Marietta, Georgia. John McLeod Pugmire established Pugmire Lincoln Mercury in 1960 at North Avenue and West Peachtree Street, Atlanta Georgia. John Pugmire served in WWII with the 6th Division of the U.S. Marine Corps.

In 1971 John Pugmire's son Jack was a salesman in the dealership. Jack and General Sales Manager Jack Cooper created a dealer special 1971 Mercury Comet GT 'Stabber' which was a take-off on the popular factory Ford Maverick Grabber option.

Pugmire's Stabber started with a 302-2 barrel Comet GT. If the Comet had a manual shift it was converted to a Hurst T handle shifter. Some of the cars were automatics and were left unaltered from factory configuration. The package added slot mag wheels, Traction Master racing tires, Gabriel Highjacker rear air shocks, front coil suspension stabilizers and hood locking pins, steering wheel lace cover, and decal which read: "The Stabber... by Pugmire". The dealership farmed out the conversion work to a local tire/ specialty shop.

Pugmire advertised on TV and radio but noted that simply sending a salesman out in one of the cars to cruiser through a few local drive-ins would create a surge of visits to the showroom. John Pugmire commented that in 1970 the dealership sold 35 to 40 cars per month and this jumped as high as 75 cars a month in 1971 once the Stabber promotion was begun at the end of calender year 1970.

Pugmire sponsored NASCAR driver James Hylton in his #48 Hylton Engineering Mercury during the 1973 season.

John Pugmire's son Richard Pugmire remains president of the company while his son Austin Pugmire (John's grandson) is the current general manager of what has now become the Pugmire Automotive Group. The group includes Ford dealerships in Carrollton, Cartersville, and a Lincoln dealership as well as assorted import dealerships.


PUGMIRE FORD OF CARROLLTON, Carrollton, GA 770.832.2457

Pugmire Ford of Carrollton is located at One Ford Way, Carrollton, Georgia and is part of the Pugmire Auto Group.


PUGMIRE FORD OF CARTERSVILLE, Cartersville, GA 770.382.5780

Pugmire Ford of Cartersville is located at 352 North Tennessee St., Cartersville, Georgia and is part of the Pugmire Auto Group.


BOBBY SIKES OLDSMOBILE INC (Pontiac Buick Oldsmobile GMC Opel), Lawrenceville, GA

Bobby Sikes Oldsmobile Inc was located at 579 Crogan Street, Lawrenceville, Georgia. Bobby J Sikes incorporated his company Nov 25, 1964. In 1967 Bobby Sikes Oldsmobile was known as Central Gwinnitt Motors Inc and was a Pontiac Buick Oldsmobile GMC Opel dealer. The company closed down in 2001.

See a story about a 1967 Oldsmobile F-85 bought new at Bobby Sikes Oldsmobile/ Central Gwinnett Motors in the ONE OWNER section of the CAR STORIES on this website.



Taber Pontiac Inc was located at

Earl F. Taber was the most recent CEO of the dealership which traces back to Dec 30, 1947.


F. Earl Taber and M. Earl Taber.


FRANK VEGO FORD, Atlanta, GA (drag sponsor Hubert Platt Thunderbolts)

Frank Vego Ford was located in Atlanta, Georgia. Frank Vego was born in Little Rock, Arkansas and grew up in Memphis, Tennessee. After two crashes as a pilot in the Air Force Frank had a long career with Ford as the owner of a dealership and vice president of Ford Motor Company. One of Frank's claims to fame was his reputation as the worlds leader in sales of Thunderbirds. Frank died Jan 5, 2013 aged 89 years.

Frank Vego Ford sponsored a red Thunderbolt named Daddy Warbucks driven by Phil Bonner.

Frank Vego Ford was sponsored one of the more successful racers, Hubert Platt. Hubert was born born December 8, 1931 in Conway, South Carolina. Growing up in the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina area Hubert became a driver hauling moonshine between 1953 and 1955 between Georgia and South Carolina. Hubert states that he “hauled a million gallons of moonshine”. Hubert's luck ran out in 1958. He had just mustered out of the Army in 1958 and got back into moonshining. Hubert finally got caught. He lost his car plus the $300.00 fine to get out of jail. In Atlanta Platt quickly graduated from street racing to drag strips and by 1964 was sponsored by Frank Vego Ford driving a Ford Thunderbolt named "Little Georgia Shaker".

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