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Written by Double Dragon
Friday, 31 December 2010 21:25

2004 TOYOTA Corolla 110 FI MPG= 40 Hwy


Writing and photography copyright D. S. Brown

Metric= 1.8 L engine- 5.9 L/100km Hwy


2004 COROLLA WHEN NEW= 29 MPG City/ 38 MPG Hwy

The Corolla returned decent MPG for the EPA. When first tested it posted 29 MPG City, 38 MPG Hwy and 32 MPG overall (8L/100 km, 6L/100, 7L/100). The revised EPA measuring system brings these numbers down to 25 City, 34 Hwy and 28 overall. 25 real life users contributed data to the EPA site which averaged the figures to 23 City and 45 Hwy.



The OOCC Toyota had average mileage for a five year old car. It was built in the Cambridge Ontario, Canada factory as denoted by a C in the 11th VIN position. VIN position five indicates the engine: R means 1ZZ- FE which is a 1.8 L (110 c.i.) four cylinder engine made of aluminum with variable valve timing, 10:1 compression and larger valves than previous Toyota inline 4 engines. It produces 126 HP.

The OOCC Corolla was still shod with factory tires and equipment. Not much in the way of a gas log was created on the road trip. Not all of the 600 miles it was driven are documented, but the notations here show that it used very little gas to go that distance. The conditions were cool to cold winter weather, mainly Interstate driving at 90 MPH cruise with some hard acceleration. There were some secondary roads and side roads included here driven at moderate 50 MPH averages. Gas tank was about a quarter full and driver, passenger; luggage weights totaled about 350 pounds. All gas fills were with Arco gasoline.

The OOCC Toyota 4 cylinder 1.8 L fuel injected engine combined with a 4 speed overdrive automatic ran at low RPM figures despite maintaining decent speed. The extra power of the larger engine and the advantage of a 4 speed overdrive takes this car leaps and bounds past the two base model 3 speed automatic 1.6 L engine 1997 Corollas profiled in these GAS LOGS.

This is still a small car, but it is much more solid and quiet at speed and not so obviously a bargain basement vehicle. It is without question a spartan economy car but now it no longer punishes you to drive it as did the 1997 versions. It also benefits from better technology to provide reasonable gas mileage which the earlier 1997 Corollas couldn't do since they lacked the overdrive transmission and variable valve timing.

2.800 rpm is 73 mph  
3,050 rpm is 80 mph  
3,200 rpm is 85 mph  
3,400 rpm is 90 mph  
3,800 rpm is 100 mph

Odometer Gallons Octane/ Fill?  Cost/ MPG (uncorrected)
65,287   3.4  87/  X  $10.00
65,568   6.8  87/  X  $20.00

The sparse information available indicates it took 6.8 gallons to retain the same gas tank level over 281 miles which is 40 MPG Hwy.


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