1997 TOYOTA Tercel CE 92 SEFI MPG= 29.1 Overall Print
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Sunday, 25 September 2011 18:11

1997 TOYOTA Tercel CE 92 SEFI MPG= 29.1 Overall average


Writing and photography copyright D. S. Brown. Gas log form copyright National Resources Canada.


Metric= 1.5 L engine- 8 L/100km overall


MPG WHEN NEW= 29 MPG City/ 34 MPG Hwy

EPA ratings claim the 1997 Tercel CE 3 speed automatic achieved 29 City/ 34 Hwy using regular 87 octane gasoline. The revised modern EPA ratings lower this estimate to 25/ 31 MPG. The 4 speed automatic overdrive improved MPG to 30 City and 37 Hwy (revised down to 26/34 according to the new standards). The owner's manual calls for 87 octane gasoline. The Tercel used a small 4 cylinder 1.5 Liter (92 c.i.) engine with fuel injection. Instead of offering various trim levels, all Tercels this year were designated as the CE model, and the base model was discontinued. The car is small and light and minimally equipped.


OOCC Tercel MPG= 29.1 MPG overall average.


in the 2009 log above the Tercel used 350.6 Liters (92.5 gallons) to travel 4,145 KM which is 2,570 miles. This works out to 27.7 MPG. The weather in fall and winter hovers around 2 degrees C which is just above freezing. It rains pretty relentlessly, and there is occasional snow.


In the 2011 log, converting 4,127 Kilometers yields 2,559 miles. The gas used totals 317.64 Liters which equals 83.8 gallons. The Tercel returned 30.5 MPG overall average for a pretty even mix of city and highway driving. The higher MPG seen here is mainly due to the warmer temperatures during the period the logs were kept for. Combining the figures from both logs reveals an average of 29.1 MPG

The OOCC 1997 Tercel CE is all original except for tires, battery, exhaust and a new starter. The present second owner purchased the Tercel from a family member who was the original owner. If the Tercel had been a collector car and if it had been owned for 20 years it would qualify for the ONE FAMILY section of this website. As it stands, it is interesting to compare a modern well cared for mildly driven vehicle from the present with past ones.

The Tercel has just passed 200,000 KM (120,000 miles) and is in good condition. The base Tercel model was eliminated making the upscale CE trim level the default. The CE model came with a plusher interior. This Tercel CE has the optional ABS brakes and the overdrive automatic transmission. The car currently runs 175/65R14 tires which have a recommended pressure of 28 PSI, but are kept slightly lower. Gas is usually 87 or 89 octane Shell or Co- op gasoline. The miles above were logged in summer weather covering secondary roads and side streets at an average of 55 MPH and 35 MPH. Once a week the car was taken on a long drive at an average of 65 MPH. The Tercel was usually unladen carrying a 200 pound driver.

Larger tires with higher inflation would likely raise this Tercel into gas champ territory without any other changes to the car. As the car presently stands, the very small tires offer minimal deflection and road bump absorption which makes higher tire pressures uncomfortable. Many OE tires are just plain cheap and too small. Going up a size or two and to a quality tire can completely change the personality of a car not to mention the MPG.


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