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Written by Double Dragon
Thursday, 02 October 2014 14:36

1970 TOYOTA Corona Mark II MPG= 24.9 Overall


Writing and photography copyright D. S. Brown

MPG of 1970 Toyota Corona Mark II when new

Toyota introduced the Corona Mark II in 1968 as an slightly upscale car with a 90 inch wheelbase that placed it between the smaller Toyota Corona and larger Toyota Crown.

The original owner of this Toyota Corona Mark II jotted down some mileage figures on the inside cover of the owner's manual. Like many foreign compact car manufacturers, Toyota cheaped out and produced a generic 'one size fits all years' owner's manual which fails to mention the model year anywhere on the cover or within the pages inside.

70 toyota corona mark ii owner manual cover

We can be fairly certain this is a 1970 model year because the owner's manual provides a schematic of the case storage system used to hold gasoline vapors. This system was introduced in 1970 and carried forward through 1971. In 1972 a charcoal cannister system was put into production. The owner's manual also calls for the 13.7 gallon fuel tank to be filled with high octane rated gasoline and most cars destined for North America began to require lower octane gas as of 1971. The owner has noted that the mileage was 42,883.9 miles as of Feb 8, 1974 which tallies with a 1970 model year car driven the annual average motorists distance of 10,000 to 12,000 miles per year.

70 toyota corona mark ii owner manual gas logs

Odometer Gallons Full tank? MPG

770           0.0      Full         n.a.

966           8.8      Full        22.2 MPG

216          11.1     Full        22.5 MPG

The average of the two figures is 22.4 MPG.

The entries further down the page seem to have dispensed with odometer readings and instead simply track how far the car was driven quoting the distance

Distance Gallons   Full tank?   MPG

295 miles   8.0      Full          36.8 MPG

173 miles   6.2      Full          27.9 MPG

220 miles   8.0      Full          27.5 MPG

249 miles   8.0      Full          31.1 MPG

175 miles   8.0      Full          21.8 MPG

175 miles   6.7      Full          26.1 MPG

220 miles   8.5      Full          25.8 MPG

240 miles   9.2      Full          26.0 MPG

270 miles   9.8      Full          27.5 MPG

Taking the overall total of the 9 mileage entries above the car was driven 2,017 miles and used  72.4 gallons of gas which is 27.8 MPG overall which is loosely in the range of the figure obtained from the odometer readings at the start of the gas logs. Averaging 27.5 and the earlier 22.4 is 24.9 MPG.

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