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Written by Double Dragon
Thursday, 02 October 2014 15:44

1965 FORD Galaxie MPG= 18.5 overall


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A 1965 Ford Galaxie 500 V8 sponsored by Jess Hunter Motors, Pueblo, CO and driven by Fran Foster placed 2nd in the Mobil Economy Run with 19.2840 MPG. A Plymouth Fury II V8 sponsored by Armory Garage Inc, Albany, NY driven by Scott Harvey won with 19.8292 MPG. 3rd place for this category 'F' (low price full size) was a Chevrolet Impala V8 sponsored by Melvin Hilliard Chevrolet, Kansas City, MO driven by Don Royer with 18.6145 MPG.

The Mobil Economy Run mainly covered highway terrain but involved mountains and city traffic as well to provide a general 'overall impression' of the ultimate mileage that could be squeezed out of totally stock showroom condition cars.


OOCC GAS LOG FOR 1965 FORD Galaxie- MPG= 18.5 overall

On June 4, 1965 a Doctor in Agassiz, British Columbia purchased a new 1965 Ford Galaxie from Cherry Motors in Chilliwack. See the story on Cherry Motors in the DEALERSHIPS section of this website.

Below is the inner cover of the owner's manual. For privacy the name of the Dr. and his original signature at the bottom have been removed from the image.

The serial number 454A 65L 802842 and engine number SG 50104 do not correspond with USA VIN systems. In 1965 when the USA- Canadian Auto Alliance allowed importation of US vehicles the way was paved to introduce a universal VIN system for all Fords.

dealer cherry ford chilliwack 65 galaxie owners

The VIN seems to break down as follows:

4= V8 Galaxie

54A= 4 door Galaxie

65= 1965 model year

L= Left hand drive. Canada also manufactured vehicles destined for oversea use.

802842= Sequential unit number.

65 galaxie owners manual specs

The specifications page above reveals a 119 inch wheelbase which was identical to the Chevrolet Impala. Overall length of 210 inches and width at 77.3 inches was very close to the Impala. The popular Galaxie line competed directly with the Chevrolet Impala which reigned supreme as the king of 1960s family cars.

The Galaxie first appeared in 1959 as a model on the full size Fairlane lineup. In 1962 the Fairlane name dropped down to the intermediate bodies and Galaxie became the name of all the full size Fords. In 1962 the 500 name was applied to top line Galaxies with plusher interiors and more trim on the body.

The inside back cover contains some handwritten figures working out gas mileage.

65 galaxie owners manual calculations of MPG

Either the Doctor or a subsequent owner of the car did some mathematical calculations using mileage. 98,168.0 minus 95,858.5 is approximately 2,310 miles. This number was divided by 124 which is presumably gallons of gasoline. If the car was driven the statistical average 10,000 to 12,000 miles per year this mileage would have accrued before the mid 1970s when Canada still measured fuel in gallons. The division yields a figure of 18.5 MPG.

A second figure 98,403 minus the same starting mileage 95,858.5 equals 2,545 miles. 15 gallons were added onto the 124 gallon figure used previously for a total of 139 gallons. Dividing this figure provides a MPG average of 18.3.

If we take the one new entry (15 gallons) and divide it into the difference between the 2 highest mileage figures (235 miles) this yields 15.6 MPG over that fill up.

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