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Park Drive-In, Prince George

River District Drive-In, Vancouver, BC (temporary venue)

Starlight Drive-In,  Enderby, B.C. (250) 838-6757

Twilight Drive-In, Langley, BC


PARK DRIVE-IN, Prince George

Park Drive-In is located at 9660 Raceway Road, Prince George, BC. The drive in was still open in 2017.


RIVER DISTRICT DRIVE-IN, Vancouver, BC (Temporary set up 2015)

River District Drive-in was a free public temporary nostalgia set up presented 4 times by Wesgroup starting at 7PM between July 12 and September, 2015. The show was set up on the corner of East Kent Road and Boundary, Vancouver, BC. They showed typical 1980s era drive in programming of Ferris Bueler's Day Off, Star Trek II Wrath of Khan, Stand By Me, The Outsiders.

In December, 2016 "FreshAir Cinemas' put on a for profit "Christmas show' for 4 nights at the same location 3650 East Kent Avenue South.


STARLIGHT DRIVE-IN, Enderby, B.C. (250) 838-6757

Starlight Drive-In is located at 5341 Hwy 97A, Enderby, British Columbia. The drive-in was closed after 3 bankruptcies before new owner Paul Lindquist teamed up with Randy Noonan and Brian Smith to re open the theater with Spiderman and The New Guy as the double feature.

The Starlight currently has the largest drive-in screen in North America and this could have proved problematic when 35 MM film was phased out in favor of digital at the end of 2012. The Starlight used a 1963 projector that was capable of projecting the image the long distance required to fill the large screen. An advanced new projector had been developed which is used primarily in IMAX theaters. This projector was able to do the job of projecting a digital image the long distance necessary for the Starlight screen.

The Starlight runs from the first weekend in May until late September each year. Soundtrack is accessed via the car radio.



Twilight Drive-In is located at 260th Street & Fraser Highway, Langley, BC. This drive-in attracts a lot of classic cars and hot rods. The drive-in was still open 2017.

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